DIANE MEDVED: Class Reunion and Lives Well-Led

It’s the ongoing childlike sense of wonder at each day’s opportunity that propels us with energy to new discoveries. And it’s appreciation for having had the chances we did—and grabbing them-- that brings the satisfaction of achievement.

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Minor Parties Play the Wild Card

What changes more significantly from election to election is the vote for minor party candidates, which soared to 6% in 2016, more than triple their combined percentage in 2008 and 2012

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Democrats Continue to Alienate the White Working Class

With Democrats lurching leftward toward reparations, Medicare for all and a Green New Deal, they seem ready to repeat their mistake by nominating a radical ideologue with scant chance of victory

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Time to Choose the Green NUCLEAR Deal

Instead of the radical and oppressive Green New Deal, Republicans should begin promoting a smart, practical Green Nuclear Deal, and sweep the election on that basis

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Minor Parties Play the Wild Card

The five presidential elections of the 21st Century have established a clear pattern of close battles between evenly matched parties – a pattern charismatic...

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