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“Black Conservative”: No Contradiction in Terms

Conventional wisdom insists African Americans must automatically identify as progressive, or even radical, to be true to their racial identity

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“Defund the Police” Contradicts Liberal Dream of Gun Control

If the left is serious about reducing the presence of firearms in our big cities, then crippling police departments is exactly the wrong way to do it

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Is Racism the Sole Cause of Homelessness?

Yes, America is dealing with a toxic legacy of racism, but it’s destructive to frame all problems in racial terms

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“National Pride” Falls to All-Time Low

Older Americans can recall days that stirred their pride – like epochal victory in the Cold War – while the new generation focuses on our present polarization, a paralyzing pandemic, and racial unrest

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Statues May Be Debatable, But Vandalism Isn’t

Rule of law, and orderly consensus must prevail in coming to terms with America’s past—and our future

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