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As Religious Affiliation Declines, Why Do Believers Still Control Congress?

Even for non-believers, there’s still a deep-seated tendency to respect that dwindling segment of the community that shows the discipline and commitment to fill the pews every week.

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Social Media ‘Friends’ and the Pandemic of Loneliness

Social media communications can’t replace long-term, nourishing bonds, but they can swallow up the attention and time investment required to sustain them

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Providence and The Prophet: The Meaning of Martin Luther King

Michael’s history program highlights the excitement, exaltation and searing tragedy in King’s incomparably consequential 39 years – along with King’s 10 years of eerie premonitions of his own premature death


“Status Signaling” Can Damage Your Life

When I mentioned status signaling to the dozen guests at our Shabbat table, everyone started complaining at once

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