Attacks on John Wayne Show the Distance We’ve Traveled

There's a positive side to the nasty controversy that's erupted over 1971 comments by legendary movie star John Wayne

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Believing Lies About Murder Rates and Causes

Progressives claim that more guns in private hands are to blame for more murders, but the truth is that murder went down while gun ownership went up.

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10 Reasons to Become a Medhead Member Today

Pretty amazing deal for just 16 cents a day, right?

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Leftist Racism Poisons Immigration Debate

AOC's attempt to give Latino migrants special, favorable status is just as wrong-headed as treating them more harshly based on nations of origin.

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Democratic Push for Late-Term Abortion is Repulsive and Suicidal

Democrats across the country seem insanely determined to pursue a repulsive political strategy to expand access to late term abortions, despite overwhelming opposition to the gruesome practice

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Hour 1 Trump rips Andrew McCabe's new book
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