Kavanaugh as #MeToo Villain? An Outrageous Smear!

If Senators allow this shady maneuver to succeed, they will shift our politics from merely ugly to outrageously unjust.

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“Curled Up in a Ball of White Shame”?

A recent letter in the New York Times illustrates the destructive insanity in teaching personal guilt over "white privilege" or any other racial identity

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Trouble in Socialist Paradise

Young people in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden show a sharp recent rise in "poor mental health"

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Rushmore Lessons Could Help Trump

If President Donald Trump ever wearies of polarization and pettiness, he need only turn his gaze toward Rushmore

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Mysteries in the Mourning for John McCain

How is it that the respect and affection for the late Senator John McCain seemed so overwhelming after his recent death, but in two energetic presidential campaigns he could never get a majority to vote for him?

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