ON SALE NOW: The American Miracle

The history of the United States displays an uncanny pattern: at moments of crisis, when odds against success seem overwhelming and disaster looks imminent, fate intervenes to provide deliverance and progress.

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Exaggerating Bad News on Racism, Anti-Semitism

Why is it that we perceive more prejudice, more racial and religious conflict, when real-life progress is obvious and undeniable?

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Losing Ground in the “Happiness Rankings”

The U.S. has been sinking in the rankings since they began in 2012

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Commitment Over Feeling Can Save, Enhance Marriage

Saving a family doesn’t mean accepting unhappiness, but it does require determined effort to improve spousal connections.

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Tue, Mar 28, 2017

Hour 1 Rep. Maxine Waters questions patriotism of Trump supporters
Hour 2 EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on Trump's Energy Independence Executive Order
Hour 3 WA Post article: I gave up TV, then qualified for Olympic marathon trials and got my PhD
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