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Two Numbers Can Keep Thanksgiving Straight

Thanksgiving feasts should make a significant comeback in 2021, after more than five years of restrictions and distractions that undermined the grateful spirit of the holiday.

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Character Is Never Irrelevant

Nearly all the glowing tributes for the late Colin Powell included wistful references to the promising presidential campaign he passed up in 1996

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Radical Retelling of US History Is Not Only Damaging, But Built on Lies

The effort to make America more race obsessed than ever, is not only an insane and illogical means for promoting community, progress and common purpose, but, as new numbers show, it’s also built on a fetid foundation of lies and distortions.

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Presidential Prospects for ’24: Can Anyone Actually Win This Thing?

It's much easier to compile a list of possible contenders who can't win the grand prize than it is to name those who could

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Mon, Nov 29, 2021

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Junk Food and Irate Parents

BY DIANE MEDVED — On a town-wide internet forum, a polite but passionate battle brewed some time ago, sparked by a mom who posted her disdain that our...

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