ON SALE NOW: The American Miracle

The history of the United States displays an uncanny pattern: at moments of crisis, when odds against success seem overwhelming and disaster looks imminent, fate intervenes to provide deliverance and progress.

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American Miracles and Presidents’ Day

Throughout the Civil War and till the day of his death, Lincoln followed the approach later recommended by Bismarck: Listen for God's footsteps marching through history, then grab his coattails and hang on.

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Democrats: Doomed by Internal Contradictions

Democrats tell the voters that the government is corrupt, and slanted toward the rich and powerful, even while they seek to grow that government.

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Whatever Happened to “The Party of the Little Guy”?

Democrats have always identified themselves as “the party of the little guy,” but in 2016 they lost tens-of-millions of aggrieved, out-of-luck voters to a boisterous billionaire named Donald Trump.

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Ordinary Decency Survives—Even on the West Bank

How can a bus crash produce good news?

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Fri, Feb 17, 2017

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