Dramatic Reverse in the Border Flow

Despite alarmist rhetoric from politicians and activists, the flow of Mexican illegal immigrants across the southern border isn’t surging.

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New Discovery Authenticates Biblical Text

Forty-six years ago Israeli archaeologists discovered a charred lump of parchment in the ark of an ancient synagogue near the Dead Sea.

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Children, “Very Important”; Marriage? Not So Much…

Nearly a third of women value children more than the marital bond that provides the best way to raise those children

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The New Deal with Israel

Long-term commitment to a nation that battles at the front lines against terrorism in the Middle East involves a prudent bargain for US policy makers.

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A Celebration of Everyday Heroism

SULLY arrives in the midst of a sullen season when the nation needs reminders of just that sort of dignity and decency.

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Wed, Sep 28, 2016

Hour 1 Larry Kudlow on Trump's tax plan
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