Hidden Tax Hikes in Trade War Threat

Both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have broken with the 70-year consensus on free trade.

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The “Self-Funding Billionaire” Scam

Those who backed Trump because of his business “genius” and his independence from Wall Street money should reconsider the misleading nature of his whole campaign.

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Keep Uncle Sam Out of Student Bathrooms

Of all Barack Obama’s reckless policy initiatives, none has shown more contempt for common sense and rule of law than the new bullying on transgender bathrooms.

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Most Important Racial Gap Closing, Not Growing

Recent figures on life expectancy bring good news for all those who care about racial justice and equal opportunity.

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How Trump Became an American Idol

Whenever pundits or politicos blast Trump as un-presidential or childish, he gains support from backers who use his unconventional success to mock the system.

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Wed, May 25, 2016

Hour 1 Do we need a third and fourth presidential candidate?
Hour 2 New Study: A Third of Millennials Now Live With Their Parents
Hour 3 Column: Why Is Clinton Disliked?
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