God's Hand on America God's Hand on America God's Hand on America

DIANE MEDVED: The Significance of Seven

It’s a number with meaning across time and place, laden with psychological, spiritual and religious associations

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Is Democrat Supreme Court Frenzy Really About Timing?

Their politicization of the confirmation process makes the judiciary the target of narrow and destructive partisanship

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Cooperation Beats Confrontation in the Middle East

No accomplishment of Donald Trump’s turbulent term has drawn more fulsome, broad-based praise than the recent agreements between Israel and the Arab states of Bahrain and United Arab Emirates

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Star-Studded New Film Portrays Christianity as a Dangerous Cult

A star-studded but loathsome new Netflix film goes to extremes in its message that Christianity is a dangerous, demented cult

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The Dangers of Mixing Screen Time and Snack Time

Nothing in our screen engagement promotes feelings of contentment, or fullness

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