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In Judging Others Favorably, We All Benefit—No Doubt

Any improvement in the perceived state of national values will help to heal a host of other difficulties and dissolve, or at least dilute, the prevailing mood of gloom and grievance.

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Trump’s “Stolen Election” Focus Damages His Chances of 2024 Success

Nearly two and a half years ago, in the midst of the 2020 campaign, I wrote a column for USA Today that accurately predicted Trump's fate in the election and his determination to run again in 2024.

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What Makes Our Politics So Nasty?

Character assassinations intensify not when policy differences are profound, but when disagreements look petty and inconsequential

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Compromise on Abortion Isn’t Impossible. In the Long Run, It’s Inevitable

The present passion surrounding the abortion issue has produced political panic and apocalyptic rhetoric on both sides.

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Could Anything Actually Reduce the Danger of School Shootings?

In response to the horrible story of the Uvalde school shooting, both Democrats and Republicans make some valid points

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What Makes Our Politics So Nasty?

What makes our present politics so nasty, negative and intensely personal? Conventional wisdom blames ideological polarization, and the vast gap between left...

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