Don’t Miss a Minute of the Medved Show in 2019!

On January 1st, The Michael Medved Show will go off the air in many major markets across the country, but will continue broadcasting, every day, and will be available—to MedHead subscribers—commercial free, without interruption.

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Retreating from Tech—One Special Day Every Week

To inspire a family to put down its cell phones and laptops requires something special to attract them—so focus your tech-Shabbat day on reinforcing the most precious relationships we have.

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To Hold Power, GOP Must Win State-by-State Battles

To hold the Senate and White House in 2020's upcoming battle royal, Republicans must focus on state-by-state results, not the ups and downs in national opinion polls

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Hollywood Thanks Satan for Shoddy Work

The obsession with demonizing conservatives produced this misbegotten mess, smearing a patriotic public servant who retired a decade ago

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Impeachment Dreams, National Nightmares

Democratic impeachment dreams will inevitably collide with a Constitution that makes removal of a president all but impossible

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Tue, Jan 15, 2019

Hour 1 Rep. Steve King rebuked by Congress
Hour 2 Ben Cohen, of Ben and Jerry's, discusses campaign finance reform
Hour 3 Gillette Ad Challenges Men to Shave Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’

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