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Not All Screen Time Is Created Equal

An important new study from the American Medical Association makes the point that children hurt their school performance not by the total hours they spend in “screen time” but by the kind of screens they choose to watch

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Don’t Blame Trump for the Loathsome “Joker”

The president’s critics blame him for a lot, but a tortured effort to connect Trump to “Joker” is as loathsome and irresponsible as the film itself

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Democrats Elevate Their Least Likable Leaders

The impeachment pursuit elevates some of the Democrats’ least appealing proponents to positions of pre-eminenc

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The Real Party of Inequality

While Democrats campaign as the party of equality, the state-by-state numbers show their policies actually promote the biggest gaps between rich and poor

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Impeachment Push Promotes Pence

In the midst of their feverish impeachment fantasies, progressives should consider the ultimate consequences

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