The Real Reason the South Left the Union

While individuals who fought for the Confederacy may have been decent and even noble, no one should pretend the Confederate cause was honorable

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Confronting the Truth Behind the Monument Debates

Suggesting that the Confederate cause had nothing to do with slavery or racism is ignorant and irresponsible

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A Monumental Decision: Not Federal, and Not About Feelings

Angry debates over Confederate monuments often involve a series of misunderstandings about the underlying issues

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The Overhyped “Dangerous Divisions”

On substantive questions of policy, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and leftists, are hardly as polarized as the most hysterical voices in the media love to suggest.  

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Drawing the Line on the Confederate Monuments

Lee could be honored appropriately for his post-war role as peacemaker and college president, but it's wrong to hail him for waging needless war in defense of slavery

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