A Representative Republic Beats Pure Democracy

In a representative system, legislators take into account not only the will of majorities, but passion of minorities who care most and (often) know most about an issue.

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Cinematic Enchantment, For a Change

Spielberg turns 70 this year, but he’s working at the top of his game

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Brexit: Deferred Benefits, Immediate Damage

The good things Brexit advocates promised won’t be activated for years, if at all, while the bad things that opponents warned against have struck immediately.

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Early Veep Choice Could Mainstream Trump’s Campaign

Polls show some 40% of Republicans still want another candidate for President but a reassuring veep choice before the convention could help unify the party

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Obama’s False Narrative on Terror Threat

The manipulative, partisan instinct to emphasize gun control as a defense against terrorism is another embarrassing strategy to change the subject

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Tue, Jun 28, 2016

Hour 1 GOP Benghazi Report
Hour 2 Pew poll on race and inequality in America
Hour 3 Trump Trade Speech
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