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The GOP’s Challenge: The Unspeakable “C-Word”

California continues to look like a one-party fiefdom where GOP candidates are doomed to play the role of also-rans in any statewide competition

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An Inconvenient Truth: It’s Not Really That Close

Over the past half century, nine presidential candidates won the Presidency with a smaller percentage of the popular vote than Biden received this year

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Election Numbers Make “Faith-Based Civil War” Less Likely Than Before

There’s reason to feel reassured that faith-based differences have become less dangerous in shaping the polarization that afflicts our present politics

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Tue, Nov 24, 2020

Hour 1 Column: Our Political System Is Unfair. Liberals Need to Just Deal With It
Hour 2 Seattle City Council passes 2021 budget, and 18% cuts to police
Hour 3 Florida Holocaust centre hosts George Floyd exhibit, sparking outrage

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