Putting Personality Above Policy

Arguments over Trump's personality may boost ratings and political fund-raising but they're ultimately pointless and polarizing.

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Public Opinion, Obamacare & GOP Reform

If the GOP made clear that their proposals provide individuals with more choices, and give the states more discretion to shape their own policies, their reforms would win much broader popular support.

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Trump’s Surprising Coalition: Not Just “Deplorables”

The Trump coalition was far more varied and complex than simplistic analysis and conventional wisdom suggest

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Dr. DIANE MEDVED: The Three Divorce Magnets

Even the best marriages are subject to forces in our pro-divorce culture that exert pressure toward dissatisfaction.

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Demonizing, Dehumanizing the Opposition

The idea that disagreements over health care, taxes, and foreign policy are enough to justify violent assault is repugnant and profoundly un-American.

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Fri, Jun 23, 2017

Hour 1 Pew poll: Public Has Criticisms of Both Parties
Hour 2 Gov. Walker on the GOP healthcare reform plans
Hour 3 Movie review of Transformers: The Last Knight
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Putting Personality Above Policy

Leaders of both political parties and the most prominent voices in media, all make the same mistake that poisons our politics: concentrating on the...

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