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Partisanship Trumps Policy in Reacting to North Korea

Yes, Trump true-believers can sometimes embarrass themselves by claiming the president can do no wrong, but his die-hard critics damage our politics by insisting that he can do no right.

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7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE: Hijacked by Political Correctness

The new film distorts history in a shameless effort to make brutal terrorists look sympathetic

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“Lessons Learned” on Oscar Night?

Oscar winners frequently alluded to the scandal and made sanctimonious pledges to crack down on wrong-doers

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Hollywood’s Glaring Hypocrisy

Producers and stars vehemently denounce exploitative sexuality, at the same time that acclaimed projects center on just this sort of eroticism

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Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in 39 States

A new Gallup Poll offers encouragement and challenges for Republicans

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