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Hanukkah Affirms History Over Fantasy

Until Islamic extremists recognize the region's actual history and drop the ridiculous fantasy of "Temple Denial," there can be no progress—and no peace.

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What All the Abusers and Harassers Have in Common

Current headlines should force the left to acknowledge an obvious point that they have long preferred to ignore: men and women are profoundly, unmistakably, undeniably different. 

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“Old-Fashioned” Rules No Longer Look So Bad

Vice President Mike Pence provoked derision and mockery for his purportedly prudish avoidance of private business dinners with women without the participation of his wife.

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On Jerusalem: Denying Reality, Ignoring History

The only times in 3,000 years of history that Jerusalem has been capital of a country, that nation has been a Jewish state

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Impeachment Obsession Could Damage America & Destroy Democrats

If they take control of the chamber a year from now, it’s a virtual certainty that angry Democrats would manufacture an impeachment crisis to paralyze the country.

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Wed, Dec 13, 2017

Hour 1 Trump on the tax bill and Alabama election, plus Jonah Goldberg
Hour 2 Alabama Rep. Byrne on the Alabama election results
Hour 3 Pew poll: Americans Say Religious Aspects of Christmas Are Declining in Public Life
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