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Patriot Days: November 8th—AND 9th

Patriots of every perspective have two big days coming up

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The Great Unmentionable

The nation carries a crushing debt burden of more than 20 trillion dollars, and current trends would only enlarge that debt over the next decade.

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Sounding the Alarm on Maternal Death Rate

What accounts for this tragic trend?

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New Discoveries Show Israel’s Pre-Biblical Importance

This very small corner of planet earth was hugely important long before the events described in the Old and New Testaments.

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Sitting Out the Election? A Disastrous Mistake!

Low GOP turnout could bring disastrous consequences for worthy Republican candidates struggling to maintain majorities in the Senate and House.

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Thu, Oct 27, 2016

Hour 1 Gov. Pence
Hour 2 Pew: One-in-Five U.S. Adults Were Raised in Interfaith Homes
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Piggy bank drowning in debt - savings to risk

The Great Unmentionable

At the end of a bitter presidential campaign, there’s little discussion by either candidate of perhaps the gravest threat to our national security and...

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