The Miraculous Truth About Jerusalem

As a world class center of culture and technology, the truth about Jerusalem is more compelling than any of the propagandistic myths.

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Jerusalem’s Palestinians: Drawing Them In, Not Pushing Them Out

Far from pushing out Palestinians, Jerusalem's economic development and enlightened governance drew them in by the tens of thousands

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Gina Haspel: Punished for Loyal Service

In fighting this patriotic, richly qualified nominee the Democrats are placing political gamesmanship ahead of national security

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Topsy-Turvy Values Behind the Anti-Business “Head Tax”

A decent government ought to encourage beneficial behavior, while discouraging self-destructive and damaging conduct

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Korea as Key to Victory for Trump & GOP

Reduced tensions on the Korean Peninsula would be good for the world, good for America and great for embattled GOP​ candidates​ in House and Senate races​.​

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Tue, May 22, 2018

Hour 1 US Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low: What's Behind the Decline?
Hour 2 WA Post: Whites have fled the Democratic Party. Here’s how the nation got there.
Hour 3 Column: Why Are So Many Democrats Afraid of Impeachment?
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