Both Candidates Hide Health Concerns

Many Americans feel desperately dissatisfied with their choices in this presidential campaign, but they may take some comfort in the thought that serious health issues could yet sideline one, or both, of the major party contenders.

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Michael’s New Book: The American Miracle

The history of the United States displays an uncanny pattern: at moments of crisis, when odds against success seem overwhelming and disaster looks imminent, fate intervenes to provide deliverance and progress.

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Should Government Block “Fat Shaming”?

Complaints about EU bureaucrats interfering with every aspect of British life helped spark the recent Brexit vote in the UK. But English officials are even more intrusive – and more ridiculous – at home.

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Character Still Counts

Unfortunately, both current candidates face big questions about integrity and character

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Rep. Gowdy GRILLS FBI Director Comey On Hillary Clinton Emails

Trey Gowdy GRILLS James Comey On Hillary Clinton Emails

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Fri, Jul 22, 2016

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