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Leftwing activists want to replace Columbus Day with “Indigenous Peoples Day” but the President of Turkey might prefer “Islamic Explorers Day.” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a delegation of Latin American Muslims that Islamic sailors discovered the New World in 1178, insisting that when Columbus arrived “the religion of Islam was already widespread.”

As evidence, he cited the great explorer’s diary in which Columbus sees a mosque while sailing near Cuba. In the passage in question, Columbus actually notes a mountain range that reminds him of Spain with “another little hill on its summit, like a graceful mosque.”

Of course, there’s not the slightest evidence, archaeological or otherwise, that a mosque ever existed in pre-Columbian Cuba, but Erdogan still offered to “rebuild” the sanctuary. His absolute power, Islamic fanaticism, anti-American extremism, and disconnection from reality make the Turkish president one of the world’s most dangerous rulers.

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  1. Don White  •  Nov 21, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    hey Michael, show me an academic study showing me that the Exodus ever occurred, and, that a large number of Jews ever were in Egypt?…… fantasy!

    • James Atkinson  •  Nov 21, 2014 at 9:54 pm

      Don, the Exodus may not have happened in an instant, and the parting of the Red Sea may indeed be a bit allegorical, however, in the eastern desert plain of Egypt there are still sites of Jewish habitation along the route of the Exodus. You should travel more.

  2. Rose F.  •  Nov 22, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    A certain group of people commonly known as Far Left liberals, who live on continents including the cold one and all people groups have some of these people of this mentality and perspective all have these traits in common:
    1) Almost everything is arbitrary to them; this includes history, the facts, i.e. truth and because this is arbitrary to them, they feel free to rewrite history and the facts all they want to support their opinions. Their opinions might not have anything to do with reality and if it is their opinion, then it is FACT.
    2) They refuse to acknowledge the inconvenient truth and anyone who points out the inconvenient truths to them has done a crime that in their eyes is worse than any other crime and worthy of death, which is one of the reasons why Stalin, Hitler and the like had so many people in their death camps.
    3) Hypocrisy, i.e. double standards
    4) Lack of logic, like making inanimate objects responsible for someone murdering others. Or the typical liberal perspective that no matter how much taxes and other unfunded mandates are increased, that magically people and businesses will still have the same amount of money/cash flow as before.
    5) Inability to do basic math – see #4
    6) Form their opinions based on emotions and then rewrite history and create “facts” to support their opinions.
    7) Although they might claim to be religious, they actually have a grocery shopping attitude towards any religion, picking and choosing what they want “to believe” and ignoring all the tenets of “their” religion that they do not want to acknowledge. Examples: all the liberal politicians like Patty Murray, John Kerry, etc. who profess to be Roman Catholic but are pro-abortion, pro same sex marriage and many other issues that the Roman Catholic religion and historic Judeo-Christianity condemn as evil and immoral. One can therefore conclude that such people are actually godless and lawless. Example, the 2012 Democratic National Convention publicly booed God. Religion is another one of those arbitrary things to them.
    8) Tend to be very vindictive and more than childish.
    9) These people are emotionally arrested people emotionally arrested at an early stage of emotional development and therefore completely lack logic and critical thinking skills.

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