A Protest Without Purpose

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Columnist Maureen Dowd has coined a useful description of the left’s hysterical over-reaction to Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration, calling it “Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder”.

Determined to protest his presidency before it even begins, a group of activists secured commitments from more than 200,000 women who plan to march on Washington to express their rage at Trump taking power. Unlike other great Washington protests– for Civil Rights, against the Vietnam War, for the cause of Human Life – this one has no discernible goal. It’s not aimed at a policy, but at a person – and that person has been duly elected to the nation’s highest office.

A protest without purpose is a pathetic exercise – displaying unfocused, paralyzing anger and allowing participants to wallow in their perceived victimhood. The prospect of hundreds of thousands of zombies marching to the Capitol with no goal in mind, only makes the left even more irrelevant, not more powerful.

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  1. Bernadette  •  Jan 11, 2017 at 10:33 am

    Yesterday Michael made an appalling comment that was worthy of a certificate of Sophistry from Trump University: he dismissed Trump's remark about grabbing women's private parts because after all, as Trump said, the women "allow it". So unless the women who have complained about Trump's behavior were wearing iron chastity belts to deflect his gropes, they're wallowing in "perceived victimhood"? It wasn't long ago that M was disqualifying Trump from the presidency because some of his wealth came from gambling-related investments, showing a lack of character (although M has no problem with Sheldon Adelson bankrolling Republican campaigns even though almost all his wealth comes from Las Vegas casino-related investments). Now M is whining that the Rockettes are dragging their legs (er, feet) about celebrating at Trumpolini's Inaugaral; hey, don't they know Kellyanne Conway will have the Grabber-in-chief on his best behavior? Oh that's right, the Rockettes are worried not about being grabbed but being "objectified" — not in their tasteful leg-thrusting manner, but as an accomplice of sorts to Trump's boorish behavior. It seems to me the Rockettes are the real cultural conservatives. Anyway, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be there to impart a "Godly" aura to the proceedings.

    It's understandable Trump's vindictive polarizing manner makes cultural liberals reluctant to perform. And let's not forget most Trumpbillies will not be able to attend the ceremonies; they will have to view vicariously thru C&W performers. Who needs the Hollywood left? There's always Ted Nugent and Tia Tequila to represent real Americans. Maybe the Trumps can imprint their own unique culture on the festivities in a personal way that would acceptable to mainstream Americans…Melania trump reportedly has some dancing abilities….how about a tasteful, fully clothed pole dance to proclaim a kindler, gentler less crass Trump culture to help the 1st lady erase those images of being handcuffed to a bed?

    • Jim  •  Jan 13, 2017 at 5:02 pm


      And yet, he's still a better alternative to Hillary. The Left's is confused and irrationally fearful because they, as is natural to Leftism, wish to elect benevolent dictators, as we've seen in the behavior of President Obama, so they project those motives onto those on the non-Left. So, they assume that, no doubt, Trump will dictate that there be laws permitting women to unwillingly have their genitals grabbed, and they assume that THIS (and a host of other ill intentions) must be what motivated Trump voters. The Left also tends to speak as if they didn't understand the basics of American civics, whereby separation of powers and rule of law are honored. One more: the Left doesn't understand that casting one's vote is primarily for the sake of the likely OUTCOMES that a candidate will help bring about–it's not about the person. Voting decisions should be done on the basis of a cost-benefit analysis. Donald Trump has personal issues, but they're utterly trivial compared to the likely benefits that will arise due to his election. But even if not much good is done during his presidency, it's certain–CERTAIN–to be the case that it's better than if Hillary were in office. The likely Supreme Court nominees alone are worth 8 years of Trump over Hillary.

    • Jim  •  Jan 13, 2017 at 5:05 pm

      The Left. They have good intentions, but they're not among our brighter minds.

    • Susan  •  Jan 13, 2017 at 7:12 pm

      Wow Bernadette, if only we all could be as sophisticated and righteous as you. The millions of "Trumpbillies" really need someone like you to save them from the depths of their stupidity and naivete.
      You may think that country music and Ted Nugent are disgusting the same way that many of these "Trumpbillies" feel that destroying an unborn life is also disgusting. You also might want to find a nice high mountain to live on for the next few years, because while I did not cast my ballot for Mr. Trump either, he is our president and my fellow Americans wanted it that way. It is time to trust that there is a higher power that knows what he is doing. (and I'm going out on a limb here- you probably have a problem with both "higher power" and "he" )

    • Sjohnson  •  Jan 13, 2017 at 9:26 pm

      Of all you have said I can't believe that you wrote it,and that it looks like you have been deceived by the media that has been proven to lie but you believe all ,maybe you need to step,out of your cage(box) and look to other news sources before you say something

  2. Robert West  •  Jan 13, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    The major news providers have abandoned their primary function (to provide accurate and unbiased news) to assume a one-sided political objective. I am not and never have been a Trump supporter, but I am troubled by the near absolute devotion of today's major news sources to national issues from the viewpoint of Hollywood. They are, for the most part, of course, owned by Hollywood TV companies. A democracy cannot survive if this unholy alliance is allowed to continue. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we can no longer trust the media to accurately and completely report the news.

  3. Igor Ocash  •  Jan 13, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    The left plays into the Republican's hands with their insipid protests. Republicans can contrast the complete cooperation they exhibited when 0-bama, aka "Zero", took office: confirmed a bunch of his cabinet nominees on inauguration day, no protests, calm and quiet in D.C. except for whatever trouble was caused by the two million Dems that descended on the Capital to stage their gloatfest. …and look at the result: 8 Years of the Worst POTUS Ever. Maybe the right should have marched and rioted.

    Let them demonstrate, but bust them relentlessly if they break the law.

    We need to be understanding. One of the few things the left does consistently right is to obstruct the smooth transition of power.

  4. troon62  •  Jan 13, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    I concur with Michael's views. How often have we heard from the Left that Obama never had a chance to be a successful president because the Right was determined to defeat him from day one? The hysterics since Trump's victory merely presage the Left's vengeful objective of delegitimizing Trump's presidency before it even begins.
    This silly march is confirmation of their intent. Pathetic.

  5. NetworkDr  •  Jan 14, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    As I mentioned to Mr. Medved via email, this protest may actually help the Trump presidency by imparting a small, though not insignificant, economic boost to the system as thousands of protesters board chartered buses, automobiles and airplanes to get to DC. Additionally, thousands more meals will be consumed around the DC area than normally expected and that should help local food businesses. Hotels will benefit as well.
    Let the protests begin and let them continue for a full four years. I treat them like gnats that, while annoying, are easy to ignore and scorn.

  6. Susan  •  Jan 14, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Trump's private, ancient comment about sycophant women allowing someone famous to grope them in their most private parts, is a commentary about the wanton ambitions of THAT type of woman. He was astonished at them. "Groupies," like the ancient camp followers, desperately want an "in" with a popular rock band, for instance, and they'll do ANYTHING to get "in."

    As a woman, I understand Trump's point, and fully appreciate it.

  7. Rizzo  •  Jan 17, 2017 at 10:45 am

    A Protest Without Purpose…
    This headline can't help but remind me of our confused little friend, Nani.

    • jim bird  •  Jan 18, 2017 at 11:54 pm

      You're the reason I continue to read Michael's columns along with your commentaries. It's nice to know there are still Americans like you around. I voted for Trump, even though it's meaningless to do so in California, and was happily amazed by the election results. Every day Trump does multiple things right and it's absolutely exhilarating. The dems are totally deranged and completely unhinged as well as mentally unstable preaching their filth and hatred to millennials and any other drones and anarchists that come along. My two favorite countries are America (now) and Italy, especially Florence, the birthplace of America. You embody both. Thank you my friend.

      • Rizzo  •  Jan 20, 2017 at 9:52 am

        Thanks Jim Bird. I appreciate your kind comments. But, I must say, there are plenty of sane voices here…. Henry I'm looking at you!
        We must continue to push-back against not only the stupidity of the left, but also the propaganda of the phony conservatives, like Nani.
        Today is starting to feel more like the America I have always known.

  8. Bernadette  •  Jan 24, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Before this column fades into the archives I'm going to comment on some of the comments about my initial post. I can understand that conservatives overall prefer the Donald to Hillary; but if Hillary had the kind of business relationships with Russia that Trump and some of his advisors had (and may still have — maybe why Trump won't release his tax returns), would conservatives be so accepting of it? If Hillary had won, there would be calls for impeachment for being to friendly with the Russians. I have conservative friends & acquaintances who think Hillary would have been tougher on Putin. And by the way, my liberal friends and acquaintances are not fearful that any laws allowing groping of women are going to be passed…but they do think trump's comments about women and other things raise a serious question about whether he has the character and discipline to handle the serious duties of the Presidency.

    More to the point of my original comments, there are some who seem to think that this is all just media bias or that some of the media reports about him were just made up. There's no doubt the media generally favored Hillary over Trump and would have over any Republican; but it's Trump himself who has said these things. Here's a quote from his own book, "The Art of The Comeback":
    "If I told the real stories about my experience with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best seller."
    Trump has given interviews and even gone on the Howard Stern show bragging about his sexual exploits. If Bill Clinton had done the same, conservative media would never let us forget about it. When it became known that Clinton had been associating with the wealthy Jeffrey Epstein until Epstein was convicted of sex with underage minors, conservative media eagerly reported it, even though none of the minors claimed Clinton was involved. Not long afterward it became known Trump had a 15-year friendship with Epstein (Trump had bragged about his friendship in a New York Magazine interview several years before Epstein was prosecuted) and was a frequent visitor to his N.Y. mansion, and there was a claim that Trump had sex with a minor. Left-wing websites eagerly reported this (not so much the "establishment" media), while conservative media dragged their feet until some conservative opponents of Trump started bringing it up on the "comments" section of some right-wing websites. National Review Online in an article by Dan McLaughlin dated 6-21-2016 mentioned that Epstein in court testimony took the 5th, 6th and 14th amendments in refusing to answer the question: "Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?". Teen-age females who participated in a beauty contest owned by Trump complained to the media that he walked into their dressing room without warning, some of them totally undressed; Trump himself reported bragged about this, because he was the "owner".

    And then there's the photographs. It was the New York Post, which is not known for any liberal bias, that 1st published the nude photo of Melania Trump handcuffed to a bedpost, which became the subject of a controversial political ad in the Utah primary. Many have seen the creepy photo Trump posed for with his 15-year-old daughter sitting on his knee, something appropriate only with a small child or a spouse. There's also the March 1990 Playboy cover showing Trump in formal dress except for his Tuxedo, which is the only piece of clothing the female model next to him is wearing. Next to Trump's head are the words "Nice magazine, want to sell it?". Fewer know that Trump was in a soft-porn Playboy video called "Centerfold", thankfully fully-clothed and not doing anything sexual. Maybe Michael could ask Diane what psychological reason might explain why Trump likes to be fashionably dressed up in the presence of naked young women, in case this could somehow affect national security; or maybe it's just another moral failing of his.

  9. DAN B.  •  Jan 30, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    I will not accept an invitation to confrontation is whey I very seldom join conversations on media.
    Election morning I was shocked that Trump, had won !!! I was also so completely relieved that Hillary had been defeated.
    Why did I feel this way?? To find out read a book about the Clinton's by former FBI Agent Gary Aldrich, " UNLIMITED ACCESS".
    Read this book, make your decision on what took place. This book was was not influenced by current politics, can't blame any of the current media hypes.

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