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The Chinese Army Saves the World?!

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Sometimes, movie industry developments illuminate themes in world affairs. For instance, a huge moneymaker last year was a title few Americans would recognize. Wolf Warrior II earned nearly $900 million, becoming by far the biggest hit in China’s history. The story focuses on an elite unit of the Chinese Army known as the “WarWolves” who display superhuman combat abilities against arrogant American mercenaries aligned with international drug dealers.

The patriotic themes of Wolf Warrior II feature the Chinese Army as a worldwide force for good—rescuing innocent victims, healing the sick and stabilizing trouble spots in Africa and elsewhere. Wu Jing, 43, stars with scowling intensity, and he also wrote and directed—but he’s hardly an Orson Welles, or even a Jackie Chan.

Plot and dialogue are laughable, and the silly action scenes are way over the top, but Chinese audiences thrilled at the idea that their nation’s mighty military was defending decency against evil Yankee plots.

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  1. Pleeeze  •  Jan 4, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    “…Chinese audiences thrilled at the idea that their nation’s mighty military was defending decency against evil Yankee plots.”

    And the evangelicals republicans are jealous that our military / government doesn’t have this power.

    • tyrone needs counseling  •  Jan 11, 2018 at 10:36 pm

      Don't really understand what you are talking about. What power? We do have a mighty military that defends decency. Remember when we defeated communism? Remember when we defeated fascism? Remember when we freed Kuwait from Saddam's army? Remember when we toppled the taliban in Afghanistan? The ones who were destroying ancient treasures and not allowing women to be educated? Remember when we liberated 25 million people in Iraq from a brutal dictator and they got to vote for the first time?

      On another note, how difficult is it to make a coherent comment? I guess too difficult for you.

  2. Ty  •  Jan 4, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    "arrogant American mercenaries aligned with international drug dealers."

    That sounds like a plot taken from an American movie or tv show. More proof that THE LEFT hates America!

    Or that we see how others see us and not just how conservatives do. The part about China helping others in Africa was actually a sign of things to come. China is making massive investments in Africa for resource extraction and trade, they are taking the internationalist mantle of a rising world power as clowns like Trump shrink from it. If Obama did the same wide swaths of the right would be howling right now. But it seems the only country conservatives demand we are seen playing footsie with now is Israel.

    • tyrone needs counseling  •  Jan 11, 2018 at 10:42 pm

      The left does hate America. We don't need any more proof of that. It is everywhere and in almost all of their policies. There is even proof of it in your own comments. You yourself hate America. Of course you deny it because you have a bizarro definition of this county, which is not how it has never been but is a left-wing fantasy about how it could be if it were more like a Scandinavian nation and less like what it always has been.

      Yes, China is "investing" in Africa. When we did that, you clowns called it colonialism. Now that a communist country is doing it, your comrades, you seem to approve. Of course, how could China treat Africans fairly when they don't even give their citizens even the most basic rights. What China is doing will turn out to be even far worse than any Western colonialism.

      Tyrone, your comment is just more proof that you need counseling.

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