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A Trump Triumph: Focusing on Brutal Gangs, Not Non-Violent Immigrants

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During the busy months of his turbulent presidency, Donald Trump deserves bi-partisan praise for some undeniable triumphs, including dramatic progress against violent gangs that threaten American families.

In mid-May, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced results of an unprecedented anti-gang crackdown, with arrests totaling nearly 1,400.

But–despite some of the administration’s own rhetoric–this achievement bore scant connection to the problem of illegal immigration: more than two-thirds of those arrested were US citizens; just one of five were undocumented immigrants eligible for deportation. These numbers help to explain the fact that all lists of the nation’s safest cities disproportionately feature communities in California and Texas with major populations of legal and undocumented immigrants.

No clear-thinking American can defend our broken immigration system, or sanction violation of our borders, but the Trump administration is absolutely right to focus on brutal gang-members–most of whom are native born–ahead of those who violate immigration rules but avoid criminal violence.

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  1. Former listener  •  May 16, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Michael Medved has officially jumped the shark. He actually jumped it sometime late last year, but he becomes more and more ridiculous every day. What are the problems with this article – (1) as the left-wing media does, Michael goes back and forth between immigrants and illegal immigrants, and mixes his arguments, his points and his statistics. Legal and illegal immigration are two very distinct issues and groups and it makes no sense to lump them together to make a point. (2) did Trump or any Trump supporter ever say we don't have a lot of crimes committed by Americans? No. So why is it a big deal that there was a gang raid and 66% (a number that could include naturalized immigrants) of the people rounded up were citizens? I know there is a lot of crime committed by Americans. That doesn't mean that immigrants are not also committing crime or that we should not be concerned about crime committed by immigrants. And the USA is 87% native born. So if 33% of the people caught up in the raid were immigrants, then it disproves Michael’s ridiculous point that immigrants commit crime at a lesser rate than citizens. Immigrants were arrested at almost 3x their incidence in the population. Also, only about 3.63% of people living in USA are illegal immigrants, and yet this gang round up resulted in 20% being illegal immigrants. So illegal immigrants were represented about 6x more than their incidence in the population. Michael, you didn’t think through your arguments when you wrote this. (3) Why is Michael saying "undocumented immigrants" rather than "illegal aliens" are at least "illegal immigrants?" I don't care what some AP, or other left-wing journalist group, says is the accepted word. Their immigration status is illegal. They are "illegal aliens." It isn't just that they don't have documents. Their presence in this country is contrary to our immigration laws, i.e. their immigration status is illegal. Being Orwellian and trying to hide the truth with word games is dishonest and a conservative, as Michael claims to be, should not play that game. (4) Those articles about the safest cities are not very credible for the points on which Michael tries to use them. (a) They don't include other serious crimes that illegal immigrants are likely to commit like identity fraud, using faked identity documents, failing to file tax returns, illegally getting welfare benefits, harboring illegal immigrants, drunk driving, drug crimes, etc. The distinction between violent crime and non-violent crime is not a good one to make when it comes to illegal immigrants. If they are committing any crime, they need to be gone, immediately. It matters little whether they stole somebody's identity or committed a violent crime. (b) many cities have suburbs that are not in the city limits but are actually part of the metro area. Those FBI statistics that compare crimes within a city limits are not accurate when you compare a city with few people living in suburbs outside the city and cities with lots of people living in suburbs outside the city. That is comparing apples and oranges. (c) the FBI actually says not to use the statistics the way that Michael is using them.

    Mr. Medved, I am more and more disappointed in you every day. You don't say what you really think and then you pretend to think things but then back pedal frequently when pushed on them.

    • Ty  •  May 18, 2017 at 12:36 pm

      Question for you. If it turned out to be the case (I said IF, so just go with it) that the immigrants that came over illegally had lower crime rates, learned the language quickly, and assimilated into the larger society even faster than those who came to ellis island in a free for all so long ago (likely your own lineage, or a portion of them), would illegal immigration still be a priority to shut down for you?

      I am not PRO illegal immigration, but my attitudes towards it are far less hostile than you and other conservatives. Why is that? I read that liberals were lower on conscientiousness , so maybe that is where it comes from. The most compelling arguments to me are those that suggest that illegal immigration puts downward pressure on low skill wages due to the mix of people that tend to cross the border illegally (this is separate and distinct from those who come on planes, which I suppose tend to be a higher skilled mix, even if they overstay visas).

      But there seems to be other agitations that assault the conservative mind.

      – Too many people from a foreign culture "infecting" the host culture, and how will they vote? They tend to vote with the LIBERALS don't they?

      -They broke the LAW !!! And since conservatives are more likely to internalize original sin (at least for OTHER groups not themselves) they blacklist anyone who has crossed illegally. This does not extend to likely far greater frequency of law breaking by themselves of course, but they are special, they are "good" people. Not like "those" people.

      -More likely to commit crimes – So if the illegal population was mostly asians with lower crime rates this increased animus would go away?

      shifting to alt right rationales :

      -This will diminish the percentage of white people making up this country, we are engaging in white genocide by allowing all these brown and black people here.

      ^ This is never explicitly stated by mainstream conservatism, however, as a liberal, when I hear conservatives touch on issues of cultural preservation and not being flooded, it does conjure up shades of this kind of sentiment in weaker form lurking in the background of their minds. You kind of wonder if this was not there undergirding their general attitudes on the topic that they would be less hostile to different cultures coming into the country. This sense and desire to preserve a christian/religious tradition, or one where the people coming in share a set of values seems ripe to be used as an excuse to turn away anyone that does not share a conservative vision of the world. I'd like common values shared as well, but American values, but conservatives treat their own values and priorities as the true definition of American values, so there is a bit of a rub there. As an example, I'd be far more wary of importing a random sample of immigrants from the middle east compared to a random sample from latin America, because in the first case there is an added perception on my part that the values from much of the Islamic world are antagonistic to American values. This does not exist for most of latin America (though since they are more left leaning, I guess that is seen as an existential threat from conservatives….)

      Actually, that last sentence is my solution to why conservatives are more hostile. And all I need do is look at Cuban Immigration policy. Conservatives were all too happy to grant asylum and a path to citizenship to those latin americans, since they were anti communist, anti castro, and tended to vote republican. When those conditions are not met, specifically the not voting republican angle, they react negatively. So pure self interest, disguised as other things.

      • Rizzo  •  May 18, 2017 at 2:43 pm

        Surprise surprise, Ty is another free-for-all, anti-law and order, leftist.


      • Former listener  •  May 18, 2017 at 3:23 pm

        Ty, you are ridiculous. You have no idea about my views on illegal immigration or anything else. All I said was that all criminal illegal immigrants need to be gone, whether they are violent criminals or just other types of criminals. My main point is that Michael Medved is dishonest on this issue. He conflates illegal and legal immigration frequently to make his arguments. He makes ridiculous comparisons by saying illegals commit less violent crime because some cities with large Hispanic populations have low violent crime rates. That is conflating Hispanics with illegal immigrants. Also, he always makes the ridiculous argument that we don't need to worry about building a wall because most illegals overstayed visas. Of course, that is non-sequitur. I see from the tone of your response you have a holier-than-thou, self-righteous attitude and don't really care about the truth. So I won't bother to respond to your comments.

  2. Rizzo  •  May 17, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    Amen brother. I NEVER listen. I only come here to intellectually, destroy leftists.
    Armed with only: facts, logic, reason and wisdom.

    They don't stand a chance! Plus, it's fun to watch them expose themselves as complete frauds.

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