A Turn Toward Common Sense?

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For most Americans, Presidents’ Day counts as a trivial holiday but this year it looks as if Donald Trump made the most of the occasion. Perhaps he saw results of new historian polls and noted that the five all-time greats shared common characteristics. Lincoln, Washington, FDR, Theodore Roosevelt and Eisenhower all made a priority of finding allies in the pursuit of their governing agenda. They displayed determination and optimism rather than erratic plunges into apocalyptic gloom.

President Trump channeled that positive spirit in his speech before a joint session of Congress, emphasizing aspiration over anger, cooperation over confrontation. Even the president’s blue tie—in place of his customary red—signaled a cooler, calmer message.

Yes: it’s just one speech, but an enormous television audience helped President Trump refocus his administration on a coherent program of common sense, conservative reform. His GOP colleagues should feel relieved, while Democrats struggle to cope with a new Trump who’d rather make deals than wage twitter-wars.

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  1. Vernon Hurlbert  •  Mar 1, 2017 at 11:48 pm


  2. Jim Bird  •  Mar 3, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    As nicely as I can put it, I agree with Vernon, but on your program yesterday you said "…..why not have a full investigation on Session's involvement…." and something to the effect of "expand it to something bigger like we did …."! Seriously Michael, why are you and a few other Republican congressmen including Chaffetz (!) and the usual suspects, trying to undermine Trump. Why can you not criticize what Obama and the dems are doing right now on a daily basis? Trump saved the Republican Party and now you want to continue the denigration.
    I am floored and flabbergasted by the so called Right. WE KNOW THAT A 2-PARTY SYSTEM IS NECESSARY. BUT YOU THINK I'M STUPID AND THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED TRUMP ARE STUPID. If you and your ilk, who must be far removed from the little people out here outside the beltway, want to continue with the business-as-usual appeasement games of ignoring the obvious, then you can kiss the Party goodby. I don't think you guys care. Actually you don't by your actions. It's your endless regurgitated words, without the slightest force of will behind them, that is so annoying. Trump does what he says he will do, period. He follows the law and the constitution and is transparent on a daily basis. What else needs to be said. Grow up.

  3. Susan  •  Mar 3, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Faint praise, indeed. No matter. I stopped listening to you the moment you first opposed and mocked Donald Trump, the candidate. He's proven to be OUTSTANDING as our American president! I'm immensely proud of his hard work, honesty, and phenomenal judgment in the face of a hopelessly corrupt media and even slimy, treacherous RINOS like John McCain and others.

  4. june van farowe  •  Mar 4, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    The reasons you had criticism of Trump were valid. But you came back and you are hopeful. So am I. But you must continue to speak of stupid things he says…. it is a matter of truth in advertising. That is why I listen. We already have one-sided people and I don't join them. Thanks michael

    • Jim Bird  •  Mar 4, 2017 at 7:24 pm

      I put my faith in actions, what people do. Endless talking and broken promises are the advertising standards by which politicians and pundits operate as a general rule. Trump's actions have greatly surprised me. I did not vote for him but I will for the rest of his life and/or mine. He keeps his promises for the good of all people except the bad guys.
      The Democrats have turned into vicious thugs instead of just thugs. They are terrified of Trump simply because he is honest, transparent, keeps his promises and is a good person who loves this country and the little guy. I had bought into what some Republicans were saying negatively about him. They were wrong and so was I. And Michael was leading the parade of anti-Trumpers!
      When both parties are Trump haters AND he becomes President by a good margin, you know the government is corrupt and can't be trusted (nor 80% of the media and most of Academia).

  5. R.A. Davis  •  Mar 4, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    After all he has given up for us and the jackals and the head jackal, Obama doing nothing but creating havoc if they can for him and all we do is criticize him.??!! That's rich. We need to support our president in everything we can.

  6. Jim Bird  •  Mar 5, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    So Obama bugged Trump Towers, Republicans pressured Sessions to recuse himself so the Obama thugs can continue running the State Department and the GOP lap dog never-Trumper's are complicit doing what they always do – hiding.
    Let's see, hmmm – Trump saves the Republican Party, is honest and transparent, does exactly what he promises for working folks first and foremost and a hundred other good things for the world BUT HE GETS NO SUPPORT FROM A LARGE NUMBER OF GOP CONGRESSMEN???
    Goodby Republican Party-you feckless cowering traitors. You are no longer worth condemning, following or listening to your inane lies.

  7. Bernadette  •  Mar 13, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    As Michael pointed out Trump has provided no evidence to support his claim. Trump is the least honest and transparent President in my lifetime. While he is no more a Hitler than Obama or Bush were, he can be best compared to Juan Peron, a crass demagogue who also went out of his way to offend and polarize. But The U.S. has a different form of government than Argentina. And Trump is only "sort of" conservative who will prove to be more Rino than the Trumpliban hard-core are expecting…..he'll make some court appointments that will make cons happy but his Cabinet appts. are being made on the basis of personal loyalty requiring the ability to live with his constant tweeted distortions and lies. Which is why Trump has made so few nominations and appts….., it's not Democrats holding things up, many qualified people simply aren't interested in associating with him….. Sessions recused himself because there was an obvious conflict of interest, and what does that have to do with "Obama thugs" at the State Dept? Ford Motors already had decided to move back some jobs to the U.S. because Mexican workers didn't have the high-tech skills for the new robotized machinery (which requires less workers!), yet Trump tries to take credit. During the campaign a muslim-American named Khan spoke at the Democratic convention about his son who died as a U.S. soldier; Trump said that wouldn't have happened if HE was President. Trump changed a drone-strike to kill terrorists into a much more expensive & difficult operation to capture terrorists so he could one-up the Obama administration (which had originally planned the drone strike). The result was dead U.S. soldiers, a $75 million aircraft lost along with another $25 million and no useful information obtained. It will be up to the military advisors to restrain his impulsiveness while tries to take credit for anything good that happens.

    • Jim Bird  •  Mar 13, 2017 at 10:23 pm

      Bernadette Dohrn, are you and Bill still co-habituating?

  8. Bernadette  •  Mar 20, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Democrats are "thugs" and Republicans are "traitors"? Project much? You're incendiary comments indicate you're the one that has a lot more in common with Bernadette Dohrn than I do. "Co-habituating"? Is that where you simultaneously channel Ann Coulter and Alex Jones, which you seem to be doing? I think you mean "co-habitate", which Ann Coulter might be in some need of but no conservative male seems interested in having a long-term relationship with the blonde "bomb-thrower". How about making some relevant comments about what I posted, at least like the fact that I left out the word "he" before "tries to take credit for anything good that happens". Seriously, what does Sessions' recusal have to do with the State Dept.?

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