Avoid the “I Word”

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New revelations about the administration’s shameless distortions and epic incompetence regarding Benghazi make it clear this scandal won’t soon disappear. Some conservative commentators, and even talking heads on liberal MSNBC, have even begun to speculate about “the I word” – impeachment.

It would, however, represent a catastrophic miscalculation for Republicans to launch Congressional action focusing on the president’s role: he can’t run again, but Hillary Clinton can, unless she’s appropriately discredited for her lies and blunders on Benghazi. Moreover, there’s no chance of removing Barack Obama from office: successful impeachment would require 22 Democratic votes in the Senate, when it’s hard to imagine winning one.

Talk of impeachment would only mobilize sympathy and support for Obama—as it did for Hillary’s husband 15 years ago—and no conservative should relish repeating that process.

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  1. Brandon Bailey  •  May 14, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    It is somewhat frightening to imagine Hilary gaining more popularity in this case. If who we have in office right now is this bad, I don’t want to imagine Hilary Clinton in office and how much worse that would be. This idea that you present Michael is very revealing. It caused me to be aware of the idea that before we jump to action as a party, this must be well thought out and the democrats want us to push impeachment forward.

  2. Jeffrey R Fojtik  •  May 16, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Hello. Let me see if I got this right. Obama knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” except that it started under George W. Bush (which he was wrong about and given a pass by the liberal media). He knew nothing about the Benghazi fiasco which 4 Americans died unnecessarily. He knows nothing about the IRS abuses and he knows nothing about the DOJ and the Associated Press intrusions. But he does know about the woman from Georgetown who wants me to pay for her birth control and even has time to call her on the phone. He also knows about the gay NBA player and has time to call him on the phone. My question is, what the hell does the self proclaimed emperor do all day? Apparently he does not work according to what I am seeing.

    • Brandon Bailey  •  May 17, 2013 at 12:58 pm

      It really is quite the realization that we have a “celebrity” president, or emperor as you put it. To me it not only indicates that he is a dishonest man but that the general public voted him into office to be “cool” and never looked into the true man he is.

  3. don hylton in milwaukie oregon  •  May 16, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    I recently called your station concerning the subsidized housing situation and was not able to completely express my point of view. As I told you before I work in property management and have a first hand view of all who enjoy free rent. I have found several things that I rarely hear discussed when on this subject. The first thing I will say before going into detail is this – I believe and say often when among friends that the best way to keep a good man or woman down is to pay their rent and buy their food, they and probably several generations after them will never reach their full potential. They will never feel the satisfaction of learning and doing a job paying rent enjoying all that comes with life with out government help. I have witnessed here three types of people who enjoy free housing. one type are those who truly need it and that is those who are mentally handicapped have a real need of help. These people almost always work somewhere daily and even pay a portion of their own rent. I have one who gathers grocery carts for a local Fred Meyers and has been doing so for some fifteen years, I know another here who works for a local Mac Donald’s doing clean up and has been there for ten years and for those ten years he has shown up three hours early for his shift. There are others but you get my point the truly handicapped I do not mind helping in fact I believe God would judge a nation on those who appose helping such people The other type are those who take advantage who can work but will not work I have these types on my properties also, they do nothing to help themselves they sit home smoke pot all day and offer nothing to society. The other is the type I believe are the most dangerous to society and that is the single mother. Young girls are finding that they can leave the home have children and be provided a home groceries, day care, clothes the list is endless the only thing that is not provided is the maturity that is needed to raise a child, so more often then not the child is in trouble with the law by age twelve and will soon be housed in our prison systems for the rest of their lives. In trying to help single mothers we hurt them. My own daughter has done this and I have had to rescue my grand children from the state and I now take care of them. Those young woman who do not have responsible parents often lose their children to the state where they go into foster care become an even heavier burden. My point is except for those who truly need help we are doing great damage to the family and society. Those who are truly in need stand in a line waiting for years behind people who will never voluntarily move on to independence. One last thing let me say this out loud I have also witnessed and worked on properties where the tenants were ninety nine percent Hispanic who also enjoy free housing who mostly also work for cash and pay no rent and enjoy free food. this is a huge problem is not in any way sustainable. Don

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