Bloomberg Candidacy Could Bring Chaos – And Shocking Surprises

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If Michael Bloomberg runs for president as an independent, he won’t win the White House but he could provoke a Constitutional crisis. The former New York City mayor could plausibly win three or more states – say, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania – which would deny either the Republican or Democratic candidate a majority, if the two parties otherwise carry the same states they did in 2012.

Under the Twelfth Amendment, the choice then goes to the House, where the GOP maintains firm control. But what if the Republican candidate – say, Donald Trump – is rejected by many GOP House members as unacceptable? If just a third of states abstain from voting, then the presidency is vacated and the Vice President-elect becomes president. And how is that VP chosen? By a vote of the closely divided Senate – which might choose the Republican nominee, the Democratic nominee, or the Bloomberg-Independent candidate.

Fasten your seatbelts: the chaotic surprises in months to come could be disturbing – and thrilling.

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  1. Virginia  •  Feb 1, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    Even before we know Iowa's results, a life-long informed observer of elections like myself can tell you there are some things to be sure of: there are solid reasons why most of the candidates will not be President. Santorum, Carson, seriously…?There's no support for another Bush presidency, Rubio will finish him off in the Florida primary.

    Some are puzzled by the lack of support for Carly Fiorina; the problem is she's too wall street, a female Romney. She eliminated as many jobs as she created, and many of the new jobs were overseas or for HI-B imported workers. She then left HP with a $44-million golden parachute and failed to get H-P in synch with smartphone technology. She tries to humanize her image by discussing her fight against breast cancer; she relied on her husband's health insurance even though she didn't have to. Few can identify with her.

    Rand Paul is not loudly militaristic enough for the base; Christie is, but has baggage ( will there be an attack ad showing him hugging Obama after N.J. received federal aid for Hurricane Sandy?). Cruz will hang around with all the $$ his wife ( who works for Goldman Sachs) helps raise for him, but how many Hispanics identify with him?; he's basically an angry white guy candidate. Rubio sounds conservative enough, and looks slightly Hispanic, he will emerge as the front-runner at some point; will the party base forgive him for flip-flopping on immigration? SuperPacs have plenty of $$ to attack a candidate on an issue all the way thru the final primary. Rubio & Cruz have the " generational change" element that Obama had against McCain, and both should slug it out with Trump to the end. Kasich not exciting enough.

    Trump is a boorish clod, whose ascendancy reveals the disturbing impact of "reality TV"; it's ok with many on the right to call Rosie O'Donnell a pig, but making references to Megan Kelly's menstrual periods & saying McCain was not a war hero… can any "values" conservative defend this guy to their kids? What Trump does get is that many of the voters that Reagan brought into the Republican party like gov't programs that benefit them — "keep your hands off my Medicare". They see themselves as victims of endless exports of American jobs overseas and don't really believe the other candidates will really get control of the immigration problem. He's the republican version of 1968's George Wallace, a white Ben Carson who does not have enough gravitas to win a 2-way race for the Presidency.

    The real surprise will be on the Democratic side: NEITHER BERNIE SANDERS (NOT EVEN A DEM PARTY MEMBER) NOR HILLARY CLINTON ( NOT LOVED BY THE BASE LIKE BILL WAS, TOO MUCH BAGGAGE FROM THE PAST) WILL WIN THE NOMINATION. O'Malley seems a lightweight, and will have "Baltimore problems". If Bloomberg threatens to run, the Democrats, who are much more pragmatic than the GOP, will try to head him off by turning to N.Y. Gov. Cuomo.

  2. Jonas  •  Feb 2, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Trump lost me once he used democrat-bully like attacks on Ted Cruz. I cant stand that and it made me research Trump recent support to amnesty, Canadian style health care, abortion. Risky. He likely is saying what we want to hear. Between Rubio and Jeb, I would prefer the latter. I believe Ted Cruz is a patriot, mature and he has experience fighting the establishment. Rubio has nothing to offer than Cruz or Bush dont have. At least Bush has the executive experience.

    • Averien  •  Feb 2, 2016 at 9:30 pm

      Rubio most certainly has something to offer that Cruz and Bush don't have– he has the charisma that Bush lacks, the sanity that Cruz lacks, and the ability to win a general election that neither of them has.

  3. debbie  •  Feb 10, 2016 at 1:58 am

    Fabulous reporting. While everyone else is explaining the obvious. You give us something to REALLY consider. Thanks Michael

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