Children, “Very Important”; Marriage? Not So Much…

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A September poll by CBS News and the New York Times revealed troubling contradictions in attitudes toward marriage and children.  Nearly 2,000 adults of all ages were asked: “For you personally, is being married either now or in the future very important, somewhat important, not very important or not at all important?” Surprisingly, a minority of women – just 47%– viewed marriage as very important. A far greater percentage – 74%– said “being a parent either now or in the future” was very important.

In other words, nearly a third of women value children more than the marital bond that provides the best way to raise those children – a sad anomaly reflected in out-of-wedlock birthrates now approaching 50%. The poll suggests that females are giving up on marriage as an institution more notably than their male counterparts; the men in the study actually considered marriage a higher priority than the women.

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  1. John Train  •  Sep 20, 2016 at 4:31 am

    You may be unaware of the key role that Sidney Blumenthal, a close advisor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, played in fathering the birther attack as well as orchestrating for Hillary Clinton a despicable and obnoxious   anti-black campaign  against Barack Obama.

    I am reproducing, below, the memo from Larry Johnson, a previous loyal Clinton supporter, documenting the campaign he initiated ,after the vigorous urging of Sidney Blumenthal, in behalf of the Clinton campaign a despicable and obnoxious   anti-black campaign  against Barack Obama.Johnson’s documentation provides
    additional corroboration of previous identification of Sydney Blumenthal by James Asher.

    Confessions of a Hillary Insider  By Larry Johnson – Friday, 16 September 2016 

    Larry Johnson, a former CIA analyst who strongly supported Clinton over Obama in the 2008 primaries and aggressively pushed the rumors of the “whitey tape,” claims that Blumenthal fed him all sorts of bareknuckle attack lines that year — the tape rumors, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and “Information concerning allegations that Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen.” 


    Confessions of a Hillary Insider
    By Larry Johnson – Friday, 16 September 2016 

    I am shocked at the audacity of Hillary Clinton to decry Donald Trump as a birther because her campaign not only pushed that item in a bid to discredit Barack Obama, but mounted a sustained campaign attack Obama on a broad array of issues. 

    How do I know? I was part of that effort and was in regular email and phone coordination with Sidney Blumenthal. Sidney was the conduit who fed damaging material to me that I subsequently posted on my blog.

    In some cases Sid Blumenthal actually provided a draft piece that I would slightly modify and publish under my name. Most of the time, however, Sid provided background information and researched material that I would use to craft pieces. How many? I am providing the links to 63 blog articles that I posted (and in one case was posted by Susan Hudgens, who assisted with the blog) between January 2008 and June 30, 2008.

    Here is simple summary of material (in writing or through a verbal briefing) that I received from Sid?
    1 Information surrounding the corrupt business relationship between Barack Obama and Tony Rezko.
    2 Information about Barack Obama’s ties to Palestinian radicals.
    3 Information concerning Barack Obama’s longstanding ties to the American terrorist, Bill Ayers.
    4 Information concerning Barack Obama’s close ties to radical clerics–i.e., Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger.
    5 Information concerning allegations that Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen.
    6 Information concerning Barack Obama being adopted by Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetoro.
    The big Kahuna of the anti-Obama dump was the allegation that Republicans had a tape of Michelle Obama in which she used the disparaging term “Whitey.” I published that after being told about the “tape” by Sid Blumenthal. (I learned a few weeks later that the story of the tape actually originated with Media Matter’s David Brock and he confirmed its existence to me in person).

    Here are the links to the articles I wrote regarding the Whitey allegation:[links to 12 separate published articles follow]  *******

    Listening to Hillary Clinton cry crocodile tears over Trump’s questioning Obama’s birth place and eligibility to be President in 2011 as a “racist” attack is the ultimate example that Hillary is cynical and dishonest. Yes, it is true that the words, “Obama is a muslim” or “Obama is not a natural born American” never passed her lips. But it is also true that that people very close to her, such as Sidney Blumenthal, were pushing those stories and trying desperately to promote those memes.

    Hillary knew about all of these lines of attack on Obama. In fact I was told by Sid on one occasion in the summer of 2008 that the Big Dog (Bill of course) was very pleased with the pieces going up at NoQuarterUSA and thought they were helping Hillary.

    Here is one more irony–the Birth Certificate issue was not pushed hot and heavy by Sid to me. Yet I was “credited” (or blamed) by lefties at Daily Kos and the King of Right Wing Media, Rush Limbaugh, as the originator of the birther claim.

    Here’s what Rush said about me on air on 7 April 2011:

    The original claim that Obama was not legally qualified to be president was started by Democrat operatives, which is one of the things that made me suspicious about it. The claim got started by a guy named Larry Johnson, who’s been a spokesman for the Democrat Party. 

    If you search the blog during that timeframe you will see there were at least 8 other people who were also Hillary supporters writing pieces attacking Obama. These included Pat Racimora, Susan Hudgens, Pagan Power, Lisa B and others.
    I also note that Susan Hudgens was in email contact with Sid as well. He fed her material and she wrote it up. I cannot comment on other aspects of the Hillary Clinton information operation against Barack Obama. I can only comment about my dealings with Sid and the pieces we crafted and posted at NoQuarter.

    Let me leave you with one anecdote. Sometime in February of 2008 I got an excited call from Sid and then the link to a video. He said it showed Barack Obama smoking marijuana. I checked it out and quickly determined that it was a hoax. I don’t recall at this time where it came from, but it was clear that it was not some old tape of Barack doing Puff the Magic Dragon.

    As I have gone back and reviewed the material I put up on NoQuarter at the time I only regret getting played on the Whitey Tape. The rest of the information was on target–Barack Obama, by virtue of his associations and friendships, was a terrible choice to be President. I can say now, with the benefit of 8 years of hindsight, that my concerns about his incompetence and ignorance have been confirmed and validated.

    That said, I cannot stomach Hillary pretending like she had no role in attack Barack Obama on a host of issues that many would consider “racist” if pursued by Donald Trump or any other Republican.


  2. John Train  •  Sep 20, 2016 at 4:44 am

    I was appalled at the false and malicious attacks made  against John McCain and then 4 years later against Mitt Romney by the Democrats as one of their techniques to win elections. Now, the same   tactics are being employed wholesale against Donald Trump. My personal experience with those who know Donald Trump very well  in New York state unequivocally that he is not a racist, he is not  a bigot.

     My main concern is Iran.  Until one year ago I had first-hand on the ground knowledge of what their nuclear and missile programs were doing. They are actively developing an electromagnetic pulse attack capability. They are rapidly developing intercontinental missile delivery capabilities. They are actively working on developing war heads capable of carrying nuclear weapons. They have established missile, nuclear and other relationships with North Korea. Iran is  now in position to use their hard currency to purchase these capabilities from North Korea,.[ NK has been a willing seller.]

      A vote for Hillary continues  this Iranian thrust to domination of the Middle East and subordination of US interests in South America, Africa  etc.  Your image and voice are now being used in the Clinton campaign. Thus, you have  become a tool which will help destroy my country, my family, and the state of Israel.

    What should   responsible  Republicans do to preserve the United States of America and the Republican Party? Surround Trump with competent people and with useful policy ideas  that can prevail  for the good of the country.


     If Trump is elected is likely that the house and the Senate will remain Republican. Both House and Senate would have responsible Republican leadership. To get something through Republicans would have to be united and gain Democratic votes. This means that there is a reasonable chance of control of an unreasonable Donald Trump while there is no chance of control of an unreasonable Hillary Clinton.

    A president brings in approximately 3000 appointees. Instead of fighting Trump, the intellectual wing of the Republican Party should do exactly what they did when they strongly  influenced Trump's  possible  Supreme Court appointee list.  This pool should be flooded with qualified people who are  sympathetic and supportive of basic Republican aims. 

    If  Trump wins then he will face  the opposition of  most Democrats and some Republicans. There is likelihood that the Republicans will maintain control of the Senate and of the house. This would place the Senate leadership in the house leadership in a bargaining position  in regard to any White House initiatives. This is a much better position for the country and for the conservatives.  Conversely in a Clinton White House conservatives   would win nothing and probably lose from the positions that they previously gained.

    • AARON SCHULTZ  •  Sep 23, 2016 at 3:13 pm

      Hmmm. This seems a little off topic.

  3. Audrey  •  Sep 22, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    I don't think John should be allowed to comment; John, you are off topic here; this is a place to comment on Women thinking marriage is not important when raising children.

  4. Dexter L. Wilson  •  Sep 23, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Last year Ms. Shaunti Feldhahn completed a study on marriage and came out with a book called "The Good News About Marriage". The lie that we have been under for the last 50 years by the APA both of them, that 50% of all marriages end in divorce has been the cause for our children not to get married. Her study revealed that nationally only 31% of marriages end in divorce and that for Christians less than 20 % end in divorce. One pastor went back to contact some 100+ marriages that he had performed and found for his marriages there were less than 10%. So do not believe the statistical info produced by groups of psychiatrists and psychologists who capitulated to the LGBTQ and stated these were loving relationships and were normal. Hello, there is something wrong the APA's, and not with marriage.

  5. John  •  Sep 23, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Marriage….love…..having a baby……it's easy to say, "You must be married before sex." But we KNOW that doesn't always happen….and God won't kill you if you do. We have to be realistic. And, many people don't even believe that there is a "God who punishes you if you transgress". And, many great people have lived and are alive today whose parents were NOT married. "It's a piece of paper"… some people say….it's better for the person with the least amount of money so that if the parents divorce that person will receive HALF of the assets. Does having TWO parents present in a household benefit a child? Usually…but not always. BUT THE FACT IS THAT A CHILD CAN HAVE A PERFECTLY FINE BEGINNING IF THE PARENTS AREN'T MARRIED…it all depends on the situation…no BLANKET statement can be made….that "always" this or that. Thus, it's better to look at the question of "marriage or no marriage" case by case…rather than made "law" that "marriage is ALWAYS better". It's just common sense.

    • Kpar  •  Sep 24, 2016 at 3:12 pm

      John, one does not have to make a case by case determination. All one needs to do is look at the statistics. The best indicator of a child growing up in poverty (presumably a "less than ideal situation") is if that child is living in a single parent household.

      If that child is growing up in a household with two parents who are married to each other, is is very likely that he will succeed in life, or at least have a decent shot at it. This is a better indicator than race or social position ever were. Michael has made this case over and over on his radio show

  6. AARON SCHULTZ  •  Sep 23, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    I get where John is going here. An unhealthy marriage is sometimes a worse environment than a functioning single parent household. A hetero couple can create a worse environment than same sex couple. We should be slow to make laws regarding such things.

    This picture above can be interpreted as women saying no to an institution that has been hijacked by abusive controlling men. Sadly this has been true in too many cases throughout history.

    However, I can't think of a better environment for raising children than the biblical model for marriage. Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church (the kind of love that is willing to die for them). To many people get hung up on the wives submit to your husband part. It's a partnership with a clearly defined tie breaker if a need arrises. It's seldom needed in a loving relationship. Love is the key. The greatest spiritual gift is love.

    Just because the ideal model is unattainable does't mean it's an invalid model or an unworthy goal. If it's such a terrible institution why is the LGBT community so intent on the right to have it.

    My point here is that even a disfunctional marriage is usually better than a single parent household for raising children. Not always, but usually. Laws won't solve the problem, but love will. I'm pretty sure that's the point of the whole new testament.

    • Kpar  •  Sep 24, 2016 at 3:03 pm

      Nicely said, Aaron. Still, I think your comment "the ideal model is unattainable" is unnecessarily pessimistic. I recall some left-wing commenters deriding the old TV show "Leave It To Beaver" for being unrealistic and saying it "damaged the culture" by portraying a stable, loving household as beyond the realm of possibility (OK, reality check, my mom never wore pearls while engaged in housework!). It was clearly something to strive for.

      Your statement about "doesn't mean it's an invalid model or an unworthy goal" tells me that you get it. Too bad the folks who are for gay marriage, but apparently against heterosexual marriage don't…

  7. Party of One  •  Sep 26, 2016 at 9:17 am

    Michael keeps overselling marriage as a path to success. Men supposedly become better earners once married. It's just as likely that men women consider marriage material are already showing some earning potential with their drive, and other personal qualities; and if a man can't cut it financially after getting married then divorce is more likely, which means there is a self-selecting process involved. Money is one of most important reasons why couples divorce, along with sex, which is why Dennis Prager keeps urging his married female listeners to drop the "tired" excuses and engage in love-making more, which they actually will find energizing. Kids can be a problem for marriages; the divorce rate is higher among parents of children with severe disabilities than those with healthier children. The highest amount of letters on a topic the original "Dear Abby" ever received was from people complaining about a column she had written about having kids….all regretting having kids in the first place and would not if they had to do it over again.

    As for marriage's effect on kids, it certainly can be positive as long as the kid doesn't have to be the "parent" to a father who might be late to work because of overimbibing the night before, a role I often had to play. It also depends on how you define success. If making it into the top 20% of income earners is the standard, then Michael himself is the exception that proves the rule that social position does count a lot: 80% OF THOSE IN THE TOP 20% OF INCOME EARNERS COME FROM FAMILIES THAT ARE IN THE TOP 20%, according to the Pew Research Foundation. This explains why the Trump kids & Chelsea Clinton are doing so well financially, despite the somewhat dysfunctional nature of their parents' marriages.

  8. Dee W.  •  Sep 29, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    Stands to reason – this is why public opinion shifted on same-sex marriage – because more people think marriage itself is not important – so who cares about protecting how it is defined?

  9. Robert Rouillard  •  Sep 30, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Michael does this make sense? Wish I had written down the site I copied this from and it read like this, a statement made by his literary agent, no name.
    “But it’s a fact that he boasted about it. (See image of his bio used by his literary agent to get a contract for his first book.)
    “Barrack Obama, the first African-American president of Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American Anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister; he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor fro business International corporation. He served as a project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in black ad White.”

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