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Could Anything Actually Reduce the Danger of School Shootings?

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A law enforcement personnel works at the scene of a mass shooting in Robb Elementary School, in Uvalde, Texas, U.S., May 25, 2022. REUTERS/Nuri Vallbona

In response to the horrible story of the Uvalde school shooting, both Democrats and Republicans make some valid points.

Democrats express a normal, inevitable human instinct to try to cope with the fear and suffering that such incidents provoke. Republicans caution that more gun control would do little take weapons out of the hands of crooks and crazies.

But there is one reform, already in place in 19 states, that my friend David French advocates and explains in his powerful column (linked below) on behalf of ‘Red Flag Laws’.

Pass and Enforce Red Flag Laws. Now.

We know they can save lives.

By David French


I was intending to write about the Georgia Republican primary, but then—just as I was walking back to my hotel—I saw the horrific news out of Uvalde, Texas. Another school shooting. Another elementary school. This time at least 18 children are dead, along with three adults. God have mercy on our broken nation and redeem our broken culture…Click here to read the full column at The Dispatch


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