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Out-of-date or non-existent statistics often spur irrational conclusions about major issues. For instance, many liberals today worry about military-style assault rifles and call for a renewed ban on their sale. But government figures show only 2 percent of gun crimes involve so-called assault weapons and overall gun homicides declined an amazing 49 percent since 1993—despite expiration of the assault weapon ban.

Meanwhile, some conservatives still decry a tidal wave of illegal immigration from Mexico, even though all arrivals from that country, legal and illegal, made-up just 13 percent of all immigrants between 2010 and 2013. Immigrants from Asia outnumbered Mexicans by 3-and-a-half to one, and continue to represent the bulk of new arrivals.

A fence on the Southern border may be useful in enhancing national security, but it won’t slow the most rapidly growing group of illegals – who flock to America from India, often for high tech jobs.

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  1. Jim  •  Oct 23, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    So what? The Asians you speak of are primarily Philapinos who, in California, are taking over the “caregiver” industry, retirement home, maid service and some legit work in hospitals. The non-legit work means no licensing, no taxes paid, no workmans comp – and of course they undercut legit companies putting them out of biz. Now the SEIU thugs are in the caregiver biz by increasing licensing from a couple of hundred bucks per year to about seven grand and endless restrictions and much higher fees for “training” by CA. The Philapinos are exempt because they vote illegally, they don’t even hide their illegal status, are never fined and of course will be given amnesty in a couple of months. All overstay their visas.
    Oh, guess what, 1/3 of illegals are on welfare. So what is your point again? I’m a racist? How about no amnesty for any color, creed or ethnicity or law breaker. Nope, too difficult right? So it’s eleven million? There’s eleven million in LA county. Add to that their “legal” kids and now cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles and oh yeah,a million a year coming across won’t hurt anyone either.
    So any normal person of any color would solve this problem how Michael? You’ve already stated that you would give up. Normal people that have jobs or are unemployed or are eighth graders would enforce existing law. Wow, that was hard.

  2. Bob Schmidt  •  Oct 25, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    1) Vote fraud is overwhelmingly by native born citizens. Rare by documented aliens. Extremely rare by illegals. By falsely blaming illegals, it gives bad citizens a pass.
    2) We’re scared of Ebola. But staph types bugs kill more in hospitals than all deaths from guns and cars combined. But how much publicity does that get?
    3) Death and injury from Auto crash, recreational activity, crime, domestic violence, tragedies in the home and many other tragedies has high correlation to the same single factor: alcohol. But how often do we hear about that?
    4) A study of insurance data shows that ABS breaks greatly reduced crashes, injury and death by comparing the same drivers for vehicles that had ABS and those that didn’t. Using the same methodology, a study of the same insurance data shows no correlation between seat belts and anything.

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