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The Dems Wage “War on Science”

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Democrats often try to demonize conservatives for their “war on science” but it’s the left—not the right—that consistently defies scientific evidence on gender and sexuality.
Liberals reliably ignore all studies showing men and women as fundamentally different, not just in musculature but also in brain structure. They illogically assume that over-representation of women as preschool teachers and their under-representation as combat Marines is deeply unjust.
The left also denies any element of choice in sexual orientation—ignoring evidence that a majority of those reporting same-sex experience as adolescents eventually identify as “exclusively heterosexual” as adults.
Moreover, studies show bisexuals as more numerous than either gays or lesbians, and surely those attracted to both genders exercise some degree of choice in expressing that attraction. On intimate issues concerning relationships and gender it’s the utopian left that makes war on science and reality.
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  1. Chris  •  Mar 20, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    “Nurse, he’s out of bed again.”

    Seriously, Michael, stay on the topics that you know something about. It’s a bit embarrassing when you babble on with this kind of ignorance.

    1) I could point to dozens of liberal media sites posting articles about differences between men and women. Your assertion that liberals “ignore all studies” is demonstrably false.

    Liberals tend to get upset when people point to broad, overarching studies and try to apply them to individuals. That’s bad, inaccurate, and should be avoided.

    2) How does bisexuality challenge the question of choice? Do you think that a bi-person wakes up and decides to be gay or straight?

    It’s the same thing as for straight and gay people. As they go through life, they’re sometimes attracted to men, sometimes to women, but it’s never a choice as to who and when.

    Which is true for heterosexual people as well. You don’t have a choice as to whom you are attracted. If you did, life would be really simple!

    You could choose to be attracted to the person who would financially reward you the best, and if someone didn’t love you, you could instantly stop loving them. That is, if love were a choice.

    But it isn’t. It isn’t a choice for gay, straight, or bisexuals.

    3) The fact that sexuality can shift across the spectrum as we age doesn’t challenge the idea of choice either.

    Lots of stuff you can’t control changes as we age. We men get hairier on our bodies as we age, and less hairy on our head. We don’t choose that, but it does change.

  2. Milo  •  Mar 26, 2014 at 9:54 am

    I’ve been in the military (Army — 62F) and real standards are under attack. Progs hate science, because they hate reality. Most of the Progs I meet are very angry and bitter all the time. You want to discuss issues, they scream “racist! sexist! homophobe! denier!” This is profiling for the sake of profiling, just bad faith.

    In the 1990’s they tried to insist that a “push-button” military allowed anyone anywhere, regardless of the FACT that most tasks out in the field requires significant upper-body strength. And that’s if things always goes well, which never happens. When happens, when hits the rotating blades, you do or you die, and not just you, many others who are relying on you are put at greater risk, unnecessarily.

    The Cole was bombed because PC attitudes ignored reality. The Navy was not allowed to consider the local threat conditions, and act accordingly.

    9/11 happened because the Clintonistas ignored the multitude of attacks, and tried to treat national security as irrelevant. Progs still want to treat every attack as a criminal act, not a act of war. This is madness.

    Until Progs can deal with reality as it is, there is no reason to trust them with our safety, health or welfare.

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