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Police display improvised petrol bombs at the Bamburi police station, which were found when they raided Masjid Swafaa mosque in the Kisauni area of the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa November 19, 2014. REUTERS/Joseph Okanga

Islamic extremists in Kenya complain about harsh treatment from the government, even as they perpetrate horrific attacks that make such discrimination logical and necessary. In late November, militants fired on a bus with bullets and rocket propelled grenades. They then separated non-Muslim passengers and forced them to lie on the ground, face down. If they couldn’t—or wouldn’t—recite the Shahada (a proclamation of Islamic faith) the victims received gunshots in the head. Nineteen men and nine women died in the attack, seventeen of them teachers traveling home for Christmas break.

The AP cited a report from the International Crisis Group saying Muslim militants were responding to “official discrimination and marginalization” on the part of the Kenyan government, including seizure of weapons and explosives from mosques. But how could the terrorists of Al-Shabab expect that they could reduce their so-called “marginalization” by perpetrating more than 135 deadly attacks since 2011?

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  1. MOHAMADOU  •  Nov 24, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Islam urges Muslims to enjoin good and to forbid evil. Whether it be by Boko Haram, Al Shabab or any other groups (regardless of their religious affiliation), the killing of innocent people (especially children and women is WRONG AND EVIL). I don’t care what anybody says. However, as a Muslim and an African I am often surprised by the double-standard. I have heard no news media organization (liberal or otherwise) cover the butchering of Muslims in the Central-African Republic. Muslims were killed by the thousands… I guess it was Ok because they are all terrorists. I would just like to remember those who are willing to learn that more 90 % of the population of Gambia, Mali,Niger and Senegal is Muslim. Christians are a minority. If Islam preached killing the so called “infidels”, why are they still living peacefully in those countries?

  2. Bruce Zittlow  •  Nov 25, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    I’d like to know where in the world the Christian or Jewish fundamentalist militants are that are doing all this destruction around the world. Many times the term ‘fundamentalist’ is given an equivalency, as if there is no distinction between those of the Christian kind and those of the Muslim kind. Typically in Christianity the more fundamental or evangelical one becomes the more caring and loving one is. You might start a hospital or a homeless shelter. The icons of these people are likely to be a Billy Graham or a Mother Theresa. The worst that an ardent independent fundamental Baptist has ever done to me is to give me a piece of gospel literature.

    So where are the great Islamic humanitarians? Where are the merciful examples that Muslims are to follow? We all know the names of the most prominent Islamists today. They have this in common; they are famous or infamous for extremism and terrorism.

    No, there is a significant distinction between those in the Judeo-Christian world who take their religion seriously, and those in the Muslim world who want to follow their religion avidly.

    • MourningDemocracy  •  Nov 26, 2014 at 7:59 pm

      Bruce, you almost hit the nail on the head. There is no difference between Islamic fundamentalists and Christian fundamentalists in their loyal adherence to their underlying doctrines. Islamic fundamentalists are the true Muslims just as Christian fundamentalists are true Christians. The difference lies in the doctrine to which they are obedient.

      Liberals have cast so-called moderate Muslims as peace loving and the real Muslims, while the fundamentalist label as radical and even terrorist, is applied to fundamental Christians because they stand in the way of abortion and other violations of the Bible, so that Christians may recoil at the thought of being a “fundamentalist” and give up their core beliefs.

      Like the word “conservative” the word “fundamentalist” should never be used as a noun. They are adjectives and should only be used as a noun when there is no ambiguity about its context.

      To fully explore this issue you ought to read my book The Immensa Hypothesis and you will understand the root causes for many of the violence taking place today, as it has been in history.

      I was on the Rush Limbaugh program recently and Rush headlined me on his facebook and web pages.

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