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To succeed with the most decisive group of swing voters Republicans should stop treating “moderate” as a dirty word. Since modern exit polling began in 1976, self-described moderates have comprised the biggest portion of the electorate every time; conservatives have never amounted to more than 35 percent. Republicans therefore can’t win without moderate support.

It’s also worth noting that the adjective, “moderate” carries positive connotations. Dictionary synonyms include: reasonable, temperate, judicious, steady, calm, pleasant, considered, controlled, sober, considerate, peaceable and untroubled. Antonyms—meaning the opposite of moderate—are:  biased, harsh, imbalanced, incautious, extreme, intolerable, loud, prejudiced, rough, unbearable, violent, wild, agitated, excited, excessive, extravagant, outrageous and unreasonable.

Moderation is considered a good thing in most areas of life—what you eat or drink, how you handle your money, the way you settle disputes or manage your moods.

It’s unreasonable to view moderation in politics as some sort of failing.

In fact, moderates are an essential part of any formula for winning.

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  1. DSherman  •  Dec 13, 2014 at 11:44 am

    I’m an independent who will not vote for a “moderate.” Moderates are what got us in the situation we are in now because it has allowed the far left to tug moderates further left. I vote for those who say they’re going to work to get the government back to operating withing the Constitution, and will work to reduce the size of the government and debt. This is also how the vast majority of independents I know are voting these days. I’d say that once again, Medved is clueless and exposes he is more interested in party over country!

  2. DSherman  •  Dec 13, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Here’s what Republicans need to do if they want to get elected, AND if they want to see the White House again:

  3. Clay Kemper  •  Dec 13, 2014 at 8:14 pm

    The standard political vernacular leaves the moderates in the “other” category–basically just not interested. I love the saying: “what’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?” Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care.” The point is, most people do not know or care and therefore should not be classified in the traditional catagories.

    For example, if you asked someone what they thought about the $17 trillion debt, you wouldn’t be able to discern a moderate by his answer.

    Trading Guantanamo prisoners for an American seargent who might have gone AWOL is another issue with no middle ground.

    Moderates are frankly political “leftovers”–those masses that just don’t fit. And that’s a problem. Given their enormity, they are a huge force or nonforce that need to be heard and brought into the active rolls. They can be persuaded and can become active. Don’t just point a finger at them and accuse them. They don’t know or care.

  4. Scott M  •  Jan 2, 2015 at 1:15 am

    Moderates are the people that want nothing more concrete than “for everybody to just get along.” That’s to say they have no agenda and they don’t believe in things enough to get out and organize and fight and win. They most closely resemble bored teenagers. Instead of telling mom and dad “this is my plan and this is what I want” they just answer “meh” when the responsible adults ask should we do X or Y?

    Rush is exactly right with his quip that there is a reason you can’t find the book in a library called “Great Moderates in History.”

    Moderates above all others fail to understand that there is no compromise between the genuine Left and the genuine Right. You CAN compromise is both groups want the same general outcome, but this is not what we face.Moderates and Mayberry Republicans think if we just compromise there will be peace. But The Left will not compromise. If you want any outcome other than 24/7 Leftism your only option is to fight and defeat Leftists. Modrates and the Mayberry Republicans are like trusting your security to a security guard that has no passion about who can come through the front door of the property. Moderates don’t believe in anything enough to fight so they naturally think anyone that is fighting is too passionate.

    Moderates are the problem.

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