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“The Dream” vs. Nightmares – 50 Years Later

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The anniversary of 1963’s March on Washington rightly celebrated the spectacular progress of the black community. In educational outcomes, income, contributions to the culture and political influence, African-Americans have moved forward far more quickly and dramatically than the white majority.

In two areas, however, black realities have gotten much worse: family structure is far weaker, with nearly three times the rate of out-of-wedlock birth, and the crime rate – with blacks both as victims and perpetrators – has nearly doubled since 1963.

These developments undermine the traditional association of poverty and crime: the black community suffers much less from poverty, and far more from criminality, than 50 years ago. The current situation also exposes the foolish priorities of today’s black leaders: repealing stand-your-ground laws and voter ID requirements will do absolutely nothing to address the real problems of family disintegration and violent crime.

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  1. Thomas Pense  •  Sep 6, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    The advent of the welfare state and the disintegration of the family go hand in hand.
    It used to be that if an out-of-wedlock pregnancy occurred, you would get married and grow up.
    Now, not only is there no shame (leftist moral equivilence); but there is no worry! (U.ncle S.ugar will foot the bill).

  2. JGUY  •  Sep 10, 2013 at 8:01 am

    The way to solve the problems of the welfare state is obviously to limit access
    by making it hard on the massive amount of “players” in the system to continue
    gaming the welfare state. Example would be diminished ….twenty percent less…
    benefit for each additional child after number one for programs related to dependant
    children…..this would be anounced a year before it takes effect…take the profitability
    out of gaming. Hire a large group of detectives to investigate people on disability
    with the stated goal of disqualifying people. Pay a bounty for evidence leading to
    the elimination of “players” from the disability roles. God bless those who need it…
    but get rid of the gamers. We need a date to end race based affirmative action….
    it needs a sunset that might be used to bring in income based affirmative action…
    Why should the children of an afro-american doctor or other professional get
    preferential treatment over the children of a non-afro unemployed person?
    Things that were once important and needed eventually become unnecessary
    and abused….

  3. Think for yourself  •  Sep 22, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    It’s funny how you make a man not proud of himself and say you are only looking out for his own good. You put a man on welfare and give him no way out you make him angry. Then you blame it on those 1%, mission accomplished (the objective of liberals). Hard work and accountability made us now that is called unfair. Take away accountability and you have a generation that has no family morals. No family morals makes for a sad slow destruction of everything our grand parents worked for. I personally am tired of higher ups playing to the few that seam to be leading the way ( Jessie Jackson! NAACP!)! If they only tried to really fix the problem by Instilling family morals in those that looked to them, but that would take morals that they don’t have. Stop trying to feed your pockets and do some good.

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