Election is Crucial, Beyond Presidential Choice

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Many conservatives feel discouraged at the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president of the United States but that doesn’t mean we should lose interest in the crucial election this November. Important Senate races in ten different states will impact our future security and prosperity, no matter who is elected to the White House.

If Hillary wins, a Republican Senate will be essential in stopping the most radical aspects of her progressive agenda, and blocking the nomination of any strident, leftist ideologues to the Supreme Court. If Trump wins, conscientious conservative voices will be necessary in the Senate to implement responsible free market reforms and to reshape the free-spending, big government, authoritarian elements of Trumpism.

Either way, Senators like Toomey in Pennsylvania, Johnson in Wisconsin, Portman in Ohio, Ayotte in New Hampshire, McCain in Arizona, Kirk in Illinois, plus open seat races in Florida and Nevada, will determine the survival of conservative ideals on Capitol Hill.


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  1. Jim Bird  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 11:47 am

    Who cares? The GOP would still give up on every issue to the Leftists with 100% majorities in the House, Senate and the White House. They are simply too afraid of the Left for some incomprehensible reason that easily 1/3 of the Party base no longer cares about knowing the reasons why. They will never change. They will never get the massive Republican majorities that the normal people gave the Party in the last three elections. This had to be the GOP's plan. No Party could be that deaf, blind and such dumb-asses. Let us all reach across the aisle with crossed arms and sing "We Shall Overcome" and "Coome Bye Yahooes" to the GOP.

  2. Jim Bird  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    Ref – GOP Standard Procedure or
    Why we no longer vote.

    Conservative Lindsay Graham (televised Senate committee hearing) about being disappointed at another one (of hundreds) of Obama's atrocities: "…….. I voted for the confirmations of Sotomeyor and Kagen as a gesture of goodwill, across the aisle, thinking you would reciprocate in a future Republican administration or some more current legislation but ……."
    Disgustingly sad but standard everyday procedure for the establishment. This is the norm now and the base out here in the wastelands have zero say-so in the political process. What do the GOP zeros do all day? Are they interested in stuff other than themselves? Politicians appropriate money from me – why not de-appropriate revenue enhancements? Why not have a Federal voter ID card so illegals and George Soros cannot continue stuffing ballot boxes? These are very simple problems to solve, along with thousands of other political problems. They can be solved in the private sector in one day – Why? How? They solve problems everyday. The business of government is to cause problems everyday, solve nothing and destroy the private sector by taxation for the problems politicians create. The Great Unwashed out here are getting very very pissed about the end times for the Republic. Why? We pay for these crimes that are used to destroy us, the Lower, and especially the Middle class, who produces all of the Upper class success people.
    The Democrats are the Government and anyway they can destroy the private sector so they can be the Ruling Class for the 99% is fair game. The Republicans are frightened feckless empty-suit cowards who go along with the status quo trying to figure out what's wrong with Republicans and "….why don't democrats like us…?" Syndrome.
    So, Michael what do we troglodytes out here, outside the Beltway, do now? Nothing? Same ole stuff? Keep voting? Do we need a transformational new government? So many, many, many things to talk, and talk, and talk endlessly about! Why is America forced to follow the ways of the latest doctor in charge? Why are we forced to not follow the constitution and our founding principles? Why does "rule of law" not apply to democrat leadership?
    I must be asking extremely stupid questions because these questions never come up anywhere in "news media" never, hmmm? These are the ONLY questions though that come up when speaking with family, friends and co-workers. I must be traveling in very ignorant circles then. Yep, that must be it. I'll start searching for smart persons who can tell what to think.

  3. samantha  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Only reason I will vote for any Republican is if they promise to help Pres Trump. If not, who needs them or any other member of establishment, including Medved.

  4. Eric  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Dear RINO-ved – you SUCK! You and Lindsay Girlyman and the rest of the spineless do-nothing RINO's are part of the problem, not the solution. Since you are unfit to lead, then either follow or get out of the way.

    • S johnson  •  Jun 3, 2016 at 6:27 pm

      Medved is not able to listen to anyone but himself,he won't address the problem, picks which parts of the constitution he will support,says nothing about the treason going on.and continues to tell us we have a choice ,sure the person that his private party picks.that is no choice.
      Short of getting myself in trouble I am calling you out Medved to answer the question of why you support treason and the other lies .you are a Dem. Planted in the GOP and a coward.
      For all you Medved supporters try looking at the info available that shows what is going on.

      • Kevin Kleinhans  •  Jun 7, 2016 at 12:24 pm

        I agree, all the voices on right wing radio need to get behind Trump, or move their shows to left wing radio stations, where there rantings will be appreciated. The primary is over. Trump not my pick either, but he is all we have. Their constant bashing of him on the radio is turning voters away to hillary. They say they don't know anything about him. Lie! They should know that his picks for the supreme court, which he has listed, are far better. He said that he is going to replace obama care. They know that he will clean up a lot of waste in the government. That is why the dino's hate him. I believe he will improve the economy, and will protect us by building the wall.
        Remember, nobody liked Reagan at first either.

  5. Nani  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    Once upon a time, "real" conservatives elected tea party members who was supposed to change the government. But nothing really happened. Why? Because those running under that banner lied and betrayed the voters? No, because they got in there and LEARNED that change isn't all that easy.

    Some where along the line, conservatives HAVE TO grow up and learn patience. After 8 years of seeing what a one man, one party rule looks and feels like, we STILL want politicians in office that will represent ONE party, ONE ideology. They rail and complain and ask how one man can break the rules and the law. Yet they WANT the same, only for their side.

    So what can we do? Create a new party. One that will offer the voters something better than the Liberals. And politicians that will represent ALL of their constituents once elected. Honestly, how many elections have to be lost and how much do we have to give up before we get that the first name of this nation is UNITED? That is more than our strength, it is the base that allows us to survive. And no, compromise is NOT a dirty word. You compromise at your work, your marriage, your relationships. Compromise is NOT a diluting of one's principles and values; it is RESPECTING others. Compromise allows one to make an offer and come to a mutual solution.

    • Jim Bird  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 7:10 pm

      No Nani. The new blood in the GOP over the last 3 election cycles barely got a couple of committee seats. In addition, they were constantly denigrated by Boehner, Mitch, McCain and a bunch of other old guys about needing to wait their turns. In other words the old guard GOP'ers, like all govt. workers, are promoted by seniority instead of ability. The new guys were put there to save the Republic by millions of voters on the front lines watching the demolition of America, not by a bunch of inside-the-Beltway demigod Republicans trying to promote Marxism which is what the Republican Party stands for these days.
      Your pie-in-the-sky polyannish view of the Party has left the building, flew the coop and continue to move around DC incognito. They simply cowered in the corner with the other cockroaches while Obama fundamentally dismantled the greatest nation in the history of the world. If the RNC has not been able to figure that out in the last 6 years, never ever listening to their constituency, then they are either too stupid to continue the Party or they have cut deals with the Marists across the aisle to help dismantled the former greatest country on God's green Earth.

      • Nani  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 9:52 pm

        Jim, the tea party had their chance to change things; a whole bunch of promises were made and they did what the talk show mafia–and Obama–does, they blamed someone else for not getting it done.

        That's how the game goes right? A politician or outsider promises to change the country or bring it back 30 years to the Reagan years and if he/she fails it's always someone else fault. It's Obama's fault that Obamacare couldn't be turned over. The GOP's fault that the shut down didn't work. Boehner & Mitch is to blame that the conservative agenda couldn't become the ideology of the land. It's the GOP's and Bush's and everyone and anyone that the illegals weren't rounded up and shipped out. It's the SCOTUS' fault that religion is under attack.

        I thought the hallmark of conservatism was that WE took responsibility for what we do and say. As long as you don't hold the people who made the promises to you accountable, the system will never change. And Jim, the people who made the promises were not politicians. They were the talk show mafia and Fox pundits who KNEW better. They should have told you that we are NOT a nation of conservatives or Cruz would have beat Trump. The religious right and the illegal immigration issue does NOT have the clout or Obama would never have been re-elected. Smaller government and less spending is NOT a priority with a population that depends on social programs like Social Security, Food Stamps, and programs created to balance the inequality of the past.

        THIS is reality Jim. I am sorry. Unless conservatives get this, this nation WILL be a one party country and it won't be one whose ideology you agree with.

      • Nani  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 10:10 pm

        Jim, let us say you are correct. Well, the Republican party is no more and thanks to Trump will be toxic for generations. Ok, so now what? There will be no one to be angry with any more. No one to blame. Sure Hillary or Trump will go on blaming the GOP and/or Bush. It'll be all their fault. Everyone will agree because there will be no one to say differently. But the blaming Mitch, Ryan, and anyone "establishment" will get OLD.

        Everyone and anyone who wants to get elected will do as they do in Blue Hawaii and run as a Democrat. There will be no opposing party offering other ways of governing, thinking, believing. No one will listen to conservative radio or watch Fox as all has been discredited.

        Now what?

    • Rizzo  •  Jun 3, 2016 at 12:47 pm

      "They rail and complain and ask how one man can break the rules and the law. Yet they WANT the same, only for their side."
      – Who has advocated for breaking the law? Just another strawman argument… Completely ridiculous and absurd!
      We want congress to not surrender the power of the purse.
      We want each branch to stand up for its Constitutional obligations.
      We demand our elected politicians to promote the rule of law.
      These are just a few of the basics, but I don't suspect you understand any of that.

    • S johnson  •  Jun 3, 2016 at 6:31 pm

      Hey. Nani news flash …both parties are the same.and both are private organizations ,so you have no choice.

      • Jim Bird  •  Jun 6, 2016 at 2:58 am

        Well stated Rizzo. Why doesn't the GOP talk like their electorate? They are not even on the same planet with us when it comes to saving the Republic. They snort and roll their eyes about our fears BUT WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT WITH OUR DIRE PREDICTIONS. The GOP is clueless or corrupt – they never do or say anything that is correct. Honest to God Michael, what does the RNC/GOP do for a living, what is their purpose in Congress?

      • Nani  •  Jun 7, 2016 at 2:59 pm

        S johnson. Ok, both parties are the same. NOW WHAT?? Who's going to even try and hold the Liberal's feet to the fire, hold government spending, stop the Liberal agenda? Libertarians hold about 3% of the voters, why do you think they joined the Republican party and pretended to be the base?

        Again, NOW WHAT?

  6. jack  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 11:10 pm

    Unless we stop the bleeding somehow, America will be drained dry and blow away in the wind. While some of the thoughts here are true, how can anyone think that Trump will be worst than Hillary or Obama for America! That I don't see, but because Obama and company did not do any damage on his own, their is huge crossing of party lines with the Democratic and Republican leaders in Washington and across the nation to allow executive orders and lawlessness to run this great nation of ours to places it has never been or supported without due representation. Seven years is enough of failure touted as successes without facts or logic. Look for great LIES in the coming months to combat returning to American values again through economics to foreign policy.

  7. 11th Gen American  •  Jun 2, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    Shockingly few Democrats serving in Congress work for the benefit of the American people. Most are only interested in flooding in immigrants who are guaranteed to vote for Democrats when made citizens (and even before then). That includes Muslims. Many Republican members of Congress genuinely vote on behalf of the American people, but a whole slew of them work for special interests who want lots of cheap foreigners and illegal aliens they can hire instead of Americans. For your edification, I have listed their names.
    The grades are a reflection of how they have voted on immigration issues impacting American workers. Any members of Congress with a C- or lower grade should NOT be re-elected. They should be replaced!

    C- (8% of peer group)
    Graves, Sam (Rep. – 6th) R – MO 45%
    Hartzler, Vicky (Rep. – 4th) R – MO 45%
    Johnson, William (Rep. – 6th) R – OH 45%
    Crenshaw, Ander (Rep. – 4th) R – FL 44%
    Duffy, Sean (Rep. – 7th) R – WI 44%
    Guthrie, Brett (Rep. – 2nd) R – KY 44%
    Hoeven, John (Sen.) R – ND 44%
    Lankford, James (Sen.) R – OK 44%
    Messer, Luke (Rep. – 6th) R – IN 44%
    Rigell, Scott (Rep. – 2nd) R – VA 44%
    Roberts, Pat (Sen.) R – KS 44%
    Rooney, Tom (Rep. – 17th) R – FL 44%
    Thornberry, Mac (Rep. – 13th) R – TX 44%
    Wagner, Ann (Rep. – 2nd) R – MO 44%
    Woodall, Rob (Rep. – 7th) R – GA 44%
    Flake, Jeff (Sen.) R – AZ 42%
    McCain, John (Sen.) R – AZ 42% ZIt's incredible he was allowed to run for POTUS in 2008!
    Collins, Chris (Rep. – 27th) R – NY 40%
    Meehan, Patrick (Rep. – 7th) R – PA 39%
    Barrasso, John (Sen.) R – WY 38% This RINO heads up an important Senate Committee! He shouldn't!
    Scalise, Steve (Rep. – 1st) R – LA 38%
    Thompson, Glenn (Rep. – 5th) R – PA 38%
    Smith, Christopher (Rep. – 4th) R – NJ 37%
    Young, Don (Rep. – at large) R – AK 37%

    D+ (2% of peer group)
    Donovan, Daniel (Rep. – 11th) R – NY 35%
    Renacci, James (Rep. – 16th) R – OH 35%
    Ribble, Reid (Rep. – 8th) R – WI 35%
    Benishek, Daniel (Rep. – 1st) R – MI 33%
    Knight, Steve (Rep. – 25th) R – CA 33%
    Miller, Candice (Rep. – 10th) R – MI 33%
    Roskam, Peter (Rep. – 6th) R – IL 32%

    D (11% of peer group)
    Bost, Mike (Rep. – 12th) R – IL 30%
    Comstock, Barbara (Rep. – 10th) R – VA 30%
    Fitzpatrick, Michael (Rep. – 8th) R – PA 30%
    Luetkemeyer, Blaine (Rep. – 3rd) R – MO 30%
    McHenry, Patrick (Rep. – 10th) R – NC 30%
    Pitts, Joseph (Rep. – 16th) R – PA 30%
    Turner, Michael (Rep. – 10th) R – OH 30%
    McSally, Martha (Rep. – 2nd) R – AZ 29%
    Collins, Susan (Sen.) R – ME 28% This female senator definitely needs to be replaced!
    Hatch, Orrin (Sen.) R – UT 28%
    Jolly, David (Rep. – 13th) R – FL 28%
    Barr, Andy (Rep. – 6th) R – KY 27%
    Bucshon, Larry (Rep. – 8th) R – IN 27%
    Cole, Tom (Rep. – 4th) R – OK 27%
    Herrera Beutler, Jaime (Rep. – 3rd) R – WA 27%
    Hill, French (Rep. – 2nd) R – AR 27%
    Mullin, Markwayne (Rep. – 2nd) R – OK 27%
    Reed, Tom (Rep. – 23rd) R – NY 27%
    Walberg, Tim (Rep. – 7th) R – MI 27%
    Wenstrup, Brad (Rep. – 2nd) R – OH 27%
    Alexander, Lamar (Sen.) R – TN 26%
    Coats, Daniel (Sen.) R – IN 26%
    Cochran, Thad (Sen.) R – MS 26%
    Corker, Bob (Sen.) R – TN 26% Donald Trump gave consideration to him as VP choice? Never!
    Murkowski, Lisa (Sen.) R – AK 26% The citizens of Alaska need to replace this woman ASAP!
    Nunes, Devin (Rep. – 22nd) R – CA 26%
    Rounds, Mike (Sen.) R – SD 26%
    Costello, Ryan (Rep. – 6th) R – PA 25%
    Kinzinger, Adam (Rep. – 16th) R – IL 25%
    McConnell, Mitch (Sen.) R – KY 25% This is the Republican leader in the Senate? Unbelievable!
    Hanna, Richard (Rep. – 22nd) R – NY 23%
    Ayotte, Kelly (Sen.) R – NH 21%
    Cornyn, John (Sen.) R – TX 21%
    Pearce, Steve (Rep. – 2nd) R – NM 21%

    D- (1% of peer group)
    Kirk, Mark (Sen.) R – IL 18%
    Valadao, David (Rep. – 21st) R – CA 17%
    Granger, Kay (Rep. – 12th) R – TX 16%

    F (10% of peer group)
    Gardner, Cory (Sen.) R – CO 15%
    Kline, John (Rep. – 2nd) R – MN 15%
    Moolenaar, John (Rep. – 4th) R – MI 15%
    Brooks, Susan (Rep. – 5th) R – IN 13%
    Davis, Rodney (Rep. – 13th) R – IL 13%
    Frelinghuysen, Rodney (Rep. – 11th) R – NJ 13%
    McCarthy, Kevin (Rep. – 23rd) R – CA 13% This is one of the RINO leaders in the House? EEK!
    McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (Rep. – 5th) R – WA 13% This Eastern Washington woman shames our state!
    Murphy, Tim (Rep. – 18th) R – PA 13%
    Noem, Kristi (Rep. – at large) R – SD 13%
    Paulsen, Erik (Rep. – 3rd) R – MN 13%
    Rogers, Harold (Rep. – 5th) R – KY 13%
    Royce, Ed (Rep. – 39th) R – CA 13%
    Ryan, Paul (Rep. – 1st) R – WI 13%
    Simpson, Mike (Rep. – 2nd) R – ID 13%
    Stefanik, Elise (Rep. – 21st) R – NY 13%
    Tiberi, Pat (Rep. – 12th) R – OH 13%
    Walden, Greg (Rep. – 2nd) R – OR 13%
    Heller, Dean (Sen.) R – NV 12%
    Hurd, William (Rep. – 23rd) R – TX 12%
    Gibson, Christopher (Rep. – 19th) R – NY 10%
    Katko, John (Rep. – 24th) R – NY 10%
    King, Peter (Rep. – 2nd) R – NY 10% This POS is a media mouthpiece for the GOP? EEK!
    LoBiondo, Frank (Rep. – 2nd) R – NJ 10%
    MacArthur, Tom (Rep. – 3rd) R – NJ 10%
    Coffman, Mike (Rep. – 6th) R – CO 8%
    Dent, Charles (Rep. – 15th) R – PA 8%
    Reichert, Dave (Rep. – 8th) R – WA 8% This "renouned" former Sheriff has an F on immigration? EEK!
    Upton, Fred (Rep. – 6th) R – MI 8%

    F- (2% of peer group)
    Graham, Lindsey (Sen.) R – SC 3% This liberal POS ran for the GOP nomination? EEK!
    Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (Rep. – 27th) R – FL 1%
    Curbelo, Carlos (Rep. – 26th) R – FL 0%
    Denham, Jeff (Rep. – 10th) R – CA 0%
    Diaz-Balart, Mario (Rep. – 25th) R – FL 0%
    Dold, Robert (Rep. – 10th) R – IL 0%
    Radewagen, Aumua (Sen.) R – 0%

  8. Jim Bird  •  Jun 3, 2016 at 1:35 am

    Nani, you talk like Michael which is talking in circles getting nowhere except the next election cycle so he can describe how our nominee lost the election by saying one wrong word as he claims Romney did. Trump says millions of words wrongly but it doesn't bother him in the slightest. Democrats constantly spew filth, lies and hatred on a daily basis but Republicans are the lowest forms of life on the planet according to them. They pay no price for their total disregard for the law and the constitution. Republicans are FED UP with the damn Nazis you want to make nice with – OBAMA HAS GIVEN NUKES TO IRAN AND HILLARY WILL DO THE WITH CUBA ON HER FIRST DAY IN OFFICE. They both belong in prison. But you want to talk the same old tired out reach-across-the-aisle BS. That's all the GOP does anymore except when they're in hiding. There "talking" heads and "non-talking" heads do nothing but talk occasionally in public or not at all. The Party, at best, is boring, incredibly scared of who knows what and totally irrelevant
    Soros and his media minions have been working diligently for the past few years rigging key precincts, with all those unvetted Obama illegals, in Ohio, Florida, N. Carolina and Texas. The GOP must win ALL of those states in every Presidential election in order to win the White House – English Translation: America is a one-Party corrupt and soon to be Banana Republic now. There's nothing to talk about now Nani, and the GOP, with the exception of the new guys, stopped talking 7 years ago when BO was first elected. You can keep on voting and hope-and-changing but it's a totally useless endeavor in my humble opinion.

    • Nani  •  Jun 4, 2016 at 2:55 pm

      Jim, you have me wrong. I do NOT advocate reaching across the aisle; as I said before I have difficulty tolerated the bullying of the Left. I AM advocating reaching out to those in the middle because reality is that this nation is neither Left nor Right. If it was, all the politicians would be running as Socialist or Libertarian; Cruz would have been our nominee and Obama would never have been re-elected. I am advocating a really simple idea: you cannot change anything unless you win and you can't win if you ignore the people with the real power, the MIDDLE. Does that mean we give up our ideals and values? Absolutely not; but it does mean that we give the voters SOMETHING they want. For years, we have been acting like Sunday School preachers who keep trying to tell the voter what they need and SHOULD believe. We have zero respect for THEIR ideas and feelings. Worst, instead of explaining WHY they should join us, we tell them what is wrong with our party!

      Jim, let me tell you where I am coming from. My background is in marketing. For years the conservative media has been TELLING the voter what is wrong with the GOP. ONE NEVER, EVER tells your potential customer what is wrong with YOUR product; your competitor is all too willing to do that.

      So like you, I am angry with the way things have gone. I too hate the way conservatives fold when hit with political correctness. But I DO get it. I understand the power of the press. Think back when Bush was running for a second term. People like Laura Ingraham blasted the MSM for attacking a war time president, only to do so when Bush could no longer run again. I too wish the Republican congress would use the power of the purse; but I also know that the MSM would hammer them to kingdom come and the conservative press would be the first to bring out the pitch forks because the politician isn't perfect. You want them to fight back, then HAVE their back. We had a chance Jim. If the conservative media with the help of social media pushed the conservative message instead of how the GOP is failing, we might have given the middle, the real power behind politics, a reason to CHOOSE conservative. If they had taken half the time to explain WHY our way is better and that we support all rights, including and the most important of all, the right to disagree without losing one's job or standing in society, we may have turned the Liberal tide. Instead we have proven every accusation correct. We appear intolerant and racist and sexist and plain ugly.

      Jim, we've HAD our anger and we've pointed our fingers in blame. The GOP is no more and will likely be toxic for at least a generation. NOW WHAT? I get your disgust and desire to just chock it all up. But you wouldn't be on this forum if you didn't care. Eventually, someone will create another party because for love of this nation, they will not be able to just watch it be ruled by Liberals. You and I will look into it and probably join. All we can do is hope that the new party will have learned not to trust those who tell you that loyalty is brainwashing. Loyalty is the first lesson you learn as a child. It is the thing that allows a group of people to accomplish a shared goal. Without it, all other principles become meaningless.

    • Nani  •  Jun 5, 2016 at 2:40 pm

      Jim, sorry I realized I never did answer why Obama and Trump gets away with things.

      Simple, THE MEDIA.

      Imagine if you will if Trump had been (as he should have) DISMISSED and attacked for calling McCain a loser because he was a POW. Instead the media (both Left and Right) found it amusing that the guy had the gall to say such a thing. Fox should have frozen him out after the way he treated one of their own. The media has more than allowed Trump to get away with his bullying and racism, they have encouraged it as it makes wonderful entertainment and ratings.

      The MSM worships Obama because, let us be frank, the color of his skin. And they will cover and promote all things liberal.

      This is why I keep telling you people that you cannot expect the GOP to fight when they are going up against not just the MSM but the conservative media who demand perfection in the least perfect of people. The only time we actually had a chance was when the conservative media was backing conservatives, then the voter had at least TWO SIDES, TWO CHOICES.

      I kept hoping as we lost presidential election after election that the conservative media would finally realize that they are killing the party that they hang their livelihood on or that the listeners/viewers would finally get it but they never did and here we are.

  9. Rizzo  •  Jun 3, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Isn't Nani clever? She keeps repeating a meaningless term like "talk show mafia".

  10. Nani  •  Jun 5, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    To all those intent on blaming the GOP and all things Republican. Again I ask, what now? Thanks to Trump, there is no more VIABLE Republican party. Conservatives will be toxic for at least a generation. There will be no one to be angry with, no one to demand that they fight or do something, no one to hold accountable to YOUR ideology. The politicians will no longer care what you say, most importantly the media will ignore you.

    You will NOT stop Obamacare.

    You will NOT get rid of Mexicans, legal or not.

    You will NOT stop political correctness or privileges based on the color of a person's skin.

    You will NOT protect your constitutional rights.

    You will NOT stop the attacks on religion.

    You will NOT have smaller government, lower our debt, or stop pork barrel deals.

    You will NOT rebuild the military.

    You will NOT control entitlements.

    You will NOT stop another Obama or Hillary or an out and out Socialist from moving this country completely Left.

    You will NOT because you have given up.

    • Jim Bird  •  Jun 6, 2016 at 1:06 pm

      Nani, for Pete's sake, this is a school of red herrings! The world has changed. There is no more doing the same old RNC empty suit gibberish. They have been forced into doing something productive against the Marxists or going Chapter 7.

      Just learned this morning that John Kerry and Ben Rhoades "scrubbed" the Iran Nuke deal. Lois Lerner of plead-the-fifth IRS fame scrubbed all her records too along with Hillary. And what do my eyes see this morning but Rhoades making a speech to journalists apologizing about America's Hiroshima atrocity! GEE WHIZ MICHAEL WOULD YOU, AT LEAST ONCE, SPEAK ABOUT WHY AMERICANS SHOULD NOT BE SCARED, ANGRY, DISTURBED ABOUT THE DIRECTION OF THE COUNTRY. Do you get the irony here Michael? This is America's darkest hour the RNC will have no Republican running for President for the first time in American history. Job well done.

      This is one 1/1,000,000,000,000 of Nixon's and Petrayes' crimes. Any comment!

      • Nani  •  Jun 6, 2016 at 3:26 pm

        Again Jim, NOW WHAT? What do YOU want to do? I agree, it IS the Republican's darkest hour and you've had your rant and pointing fingers. NOW WHAT?

        Without a conservative media or social media willing to back their politicians instead of holding them to impossible standards (you talk about a world that has changed, what you want either existed 30 years ago or not at all), there will be NO viable conservative party.

        As I said, you can go on being angry but Jim, the GOP is no longer viable. Even if every single politician and every conservative pundit agreed that it was ALL the fault of the Republican party, do you actually believe anyone would want to run as a Republican again, that Hispanics and Minorities would WANT to join the GOP, or that any of the middle would find something to support in a party that burnt itself down?

        All this bashing of the GOP has accomplished something really momentous Jim, the DESTRUCTION of the Republican party. Again, NOW WHAT? We can agree on what should have happened to Obama and Hillary but that is in the past, NOW WHAT? The old GOP didn't hold their feet to the fire, again, that is in the past. NOW WHAT?

        With the destruction of the GOP, exactly who are we expecting to fight against the Liberal agenda? All this bashing is like insisting on stroking the fire that is burning our house down and not realizing that we will have NO WHERE to live. I get that the house is a lost cause and must fall, but I am intent that when the house is rebuilt, we make sure the fire ants (the talk show mafia and conservative media) is eradicated.

  11. Carolyn Acheson  •  Jun 6, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    We must go all out to elect our fine Republican Senate candidates. If Trump is elected, he's only one-third of the government and can become a mere figurehead. Except for the President's ability to run the military, of course. Scary.

  12. Dan  •  Jun 7, 2016 at 11:37 am

    I am 60 years old and have always voted republican. Not sure I can this time. Won't be voting democrat either.
    The choice this year is unbearable. Donald Trump is an embarrassment and not fit to be president.
    The republican party needs to put forth a new candidate for us to be able to vote on or they will be forever shamed for not standing up and pushing this disgraceful and unstable man out of the way. The party needs to show some fortitude and get this guy out of the way. There were many other respectable men who were much more capable and admirable who would have been great choices. Someone needs to stop this train before it becomes a final train wreck for the party.
    Send a few more agitators at Trump …he is so easily offended …. maybe we will get lucky and he will self implode.

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