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Gay Marriage: Not a Done Deal

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World Vision enjoys a well-deserved reputation as an effective, idealistic Christian relief organization, but it recently suffered an embarrassing setback in handling the same-sex marriage issue.

Protests from donors around the world forced the Seattle-based charity to back-track on a short-lived, ill-considered decision to welcome gay, married employees—even while maintaining bans on heterosexuals involved in intimate pre-marital relationships, or applicants who declined to embrace Christian teaching on the trinity.

The World Vision reversal showed many people of faith still forcefully resisting redefinition of marriage. A new AP-GfK poll carries a similar message. Only 29% “strongly favored” state laws sanctioning gay marriage, while 31% “strongly opposed.” An additional 32% either “somewhat opposed” or said they “neither favored nor opposed.” In other words, nearly two-thirds declined to back same sex marriage–despite misleading media reports of surging support.

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  1. Brian  •  Apr 1, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Actually, it pretty much is a done deal. With many countries and many States already providing sanction to marriage for non-heterosexuals the trend is towards and not away from more governments providing sanction. As to the “redefining” argument – no one person, group, ideology or religion “owns” the cultural concept of marriage, so its definition, like the practice itself is man-made and as such is subject to cultural change. For once I would like to hear how changing the definition of marriage to include non-heterosexuals changes a heterosexual’s relationship to marriage.

  2. Naime  •  Apr 2, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    Read my lips, you will never see any State that passed this into law or had some Judge ‘sanction’ it by judicial fiat abolish it any more than you will see a population call for the abolition of charterr schools once they are established as an alternative to the public schools. We will end up the same way we were when Roe vs. Wade was decided – only the Federal Goverment will recognize any marriage for purposes of the tax code, rendering State’s rights to ‘decide’ this issue pretty much moot.

  3. Alan  •  Apr 3, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    What Washington State has done is to redefine the Bible’s definition of marriage, then say to Jews and Christians who adhere to Biblical standards, “if you chose to follow the Bible’s definition in your business practices, instead of our new definition, we will persecute you via law suit, fines, destroy your business & reputation, create pain and suffering, and openly ridicule you”. G-d is just and he will vindicate many fold those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake. Washington State knows that Jews and Christians oppose this unjust violation of the first amendment, so they’ve allowed Rabbis and Pastors to be exempt from participating in an act which violates their faith and conscience. But not their parishioners. This is an insane violation of the first amendment. I know a Pastor who felt so threatened by this State law that he incurred legal fees to prepare for the day when Rabbis and Pastors are not exempt. If the Supreme Court does not invalidate this persecution of religious believers who own businesses it will be then end of the first amendment freedoms we are supposed to enjoy.

    • Brian  •  Apr 7, 2014 at 5:38 am

      Religion does not own marriage and therefore it is not the “right” of the so called religious to define or describe marriage. Don’t like that? Go build your little theocracy some place else.

      • Corry  •  Apr 8, 2014 at 12:14 am

        Actually, Brian, marriage was invented by God. He designed it, implemented it and owns the patent.

      • Louis Berard  •  Apr 13, 2014 at 1:30 am

        Any same sex couple in ANY state can find a “church” and be married. There is no law against it. What they can’t have still in most states is Government recognition of marriage. (Thank God!) Question to Gary and others: What is the purpose of the state recognizing Marriages? Answer; Marriage (real marriage,) is the basic building block of society. It is in the culture’s, and States best interest to promote and aid the fundamental building block of human civilization. That is a man and a woman, making a lifetime commitment, usually before God, and always before the community (State.) ONLY this union can produce children biologically, and impart the essential differences of a man and a woman to their children, which is ESSENTIAL for a child to become a well adjusted, productive member of society. Same sex perversion unions fail to address both of these issues, and so there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for the state to recognize this abominable type of union, one that does NOTHING for the community or the State. 2/3 of Americans still oppose this, but the courts, have unlawfully over ruled the people’s will in many states. Hollyweird, the mainstream media and leftist’s n general support it, because they want to justify their own sinful God hating lives. Hey if the perversion of a man putting his genitals in another man’s anus is approved of, then hey, my fornication, Adultery, porn viewing, drunkenness and drug taking have to be okay! Leftists never want to talk about reality. They call Homosexuals “Gay” and try to make it sound delightful. They call the evisceration of human babies in the womb “abortion.” This makes it more palatable for them to justify evil. They don’t want to talk abut the real perversion of the acts they support, because if they did, they would look foolish, and their consciences might actually bother them.

  4. Carolyn  •  Apr 11, 2014 at 1:44 am

    What will end up happening (my prediction) is the return of civil unions as the legal definition of an assortment of “marriages”. In litigation in several states are other definitions of marriage-plural marriage, filial marriage, etc. The basis for redefining marriage will be the basis that these unions will also get to call themselves “marriages”. And in doing so the term “marriage” will cease to have the kind of meaning it originally has had-a union of 2 separate and unique sources of DNA, 2 adults who can create, provide for and instruct a new generation in the continuance of society. culture and mankind. This is one of the main reasons this union is valued for the security, structure and order as a linchpin for society. THAT no-brainer fact will re-emerge from the silliness and vanity that has absorbed this narcissistic generation in a pool of selfish and myopic deconstruction.

  5. Random_acct  •  Jun 7, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    @Louis Berard @Carolyn…great points. You are spot on.

    The absurdity of using the Fourteenth Amendment as legal cover is laughable too.

    That amendment, which was passed in 1868, was explicitly addressing the post Civil War situation with regard to slaves, their offspring, and citizenship.

    The writers and supporters of that amendment would be absolutely horrified to see it used as legal justification for gay marriage.

    Twitter: @Random_acct

  6. Random_acct  •  Jun 7, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    By the way, since the leftists could not get their way via majority vote, they use leftist judges to ram through gay marriage laws. Nice work leftists.

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