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Gay Marriage Issue Actually Helps GOP

Conventional wisdom argues that opposition to gay marriage hurt Republicans in the recent election cycle, but nothing in the numbers suggests that this is true.

In the four liberal states where advocates for same-sex marriage won their victories, the redefinition of marriage proved much less popular than Barack Obama. In Maryland, for instance, Obama cruised to victory with 62 percent of the vote, but same-sex marriage squeaked by with just 52 percent. In other words, more than one out of six of Obama supporters voted with Republicans, not their fellow Democrats, against same sex marriage.
In Maryland, Maine, Washington and Minnesota, opposition to gay marriage averaged more than 48% but Romney averaged only 41%. In other words, traditional marriage is more popular than the GOP itself – providing a way to win over new votes, not to lose them.

Comments (4)

  1. From: Robbie Little   On: December 20, 2012

    Yeah right! Mitt Romney lost because the Republicans are against anybody who isn’t white, heterosexual and male. After awhile the people they’re against outnumber the people they’re for.

    • From: Alex   On: March 21, 2014

      You have been fed this talking point many times haven’t you. “Republicans are racist, sexist, bigots, rich, white, etc.” This is a very tired point that wasn’t true when the democrats proposed and still isn’t true now. “I am a republican so therefore I must be a racist,” is bigotry and slander in and of itself. The Democrats (or at least some of them) have shoved this “Republicans are Evil” bull so far down your throat, it might take you a solid decade to realize it was never true. At least not to the scope that the democrats would like you to believe. “All republicans are sexists and racists!” Really? All? Every last one? This might come as a shock but there are democrats that are racist. So stop with this “Republicans are against anybody who isn’t white, heterosexual and male,” nonsense. That talking point that I am sure you think is from your own free thought is a tired slick marketing campaign that democrats have been implementing for the past decade. You are just a prime example that the plan is working. That’s politics.

  2. From: Joel   On: December 28, 2012

    Umm hello… Are you so stupid as to ignore the trends taking place and only see elections in a vacuum?

    Your side has already lost the culture war. Even Newt Gingrich knows that in 2014, several more states will have marriage equality including a few states that amended their constitution.

    If your party is so ignorant as to write off all the blue and blue/leaning states, I have news for you. Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico are not far off. Swing states.

    Keep promoting your Al Qaeda beliefs. America has turned a nice hard left to look away from you people and your 1950s worldview. You’re on the ass-end of history my friend. The Millennial Generation has overwhelmingly moved on and you can’t win us back.

    Bigotry lost.

    • From: Alex   On: March 21, 2014

      Well this opinion is from left field, pun intended. I love how you refer to yourself as some collective school of thought. “ can’t win us back.” You might want to come to the realization that your views might be farther left from center then you would like to believe. You aren’t part of some revolution. You are not reliving the glory days of the civil right movement. As long as you refer to others as the “Al Qaeda” of America, you will find your self very much alone in your belief. One thing that is definitely a difference between the Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans will hold to their convictions even at the lose of an election, where as Democrats will chameleon themselves to whatever position in order to get votes. That’s politics.

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