Government More Feared than Business

Man walks past the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington

An eye-opening new Gallup Poll asked whether Americans considered big government or big business the greater threat to their country’s future.

Fully 72 percent said “big government”—the highest number in the 48 years the question’s been asked, and double the percentage in 1965. Naturally, 92 percent of Republicans feared “big government” more than “big business,” but 71 percent of independents agreed with them. That means the GOP should appeal to these swing voters by affirming, not compromising, on a small government agenda.

Amazingly, even Democrats saw government as more threatening than business—by a margin of 56 to 36. That means a push to shrink federal power cannot only rally the GOP base and draw independent support, but might even steal Democratic votes from an out-of-touch party self-destructively determined to expand Washington’s intrusive role.

Comments (5)

  1. From: jguy   On: December 27, 2013

    Michael, as a person who listens to the vast majority of your broadcasts I have to say
    this topic of Government vs business has always illuded me since the function and
    mission of each are normally,,,but not always…so different. Business is very good
    at doing its job for some of the people…some of the time for that which is possibly
    profitable.. thus risk. BUT government normally takes on those tasks and regulates
    and manages those things that Business would not be able to enter due to risk and
    reward. Government ideally is for, of and by THE people…not so business. It is
    for, of and by SOME or SELECTED people…as it should be. Business also does not
    have …nor should it have….the ablitly and objective to tax and spend for the

    hopeful good of the body politic…that is the job, however distorted in many cases, of
    government. One beauty of both govenment and business in this greatest land is that
    they can expand and contract as we journey through time. Thank you for all you do.

  2. From: Mark   On: December 28, 2013

    Neither government or business should be able to look in any of my “windows” without getting their heads blown off.

    • From: jguy   On: December 31, 2013

      When and if your “window world” becomes destructive and or terroristically motivated
      for boston type or 911 type activity I hope someone risks looking in your window and
      acting against your potential activity. If the limited scope of NSA antiterrorist activity
      is what it has been defined to be your window world was safe unless you were calling
      terrorist operatives outside the US … which time it takes a court order to advance.
      We need to protect our privacy and have it protected by our legal system but I have to
      wonder why some people are so concerned—-unless they are perhaps involved in some
      type of non-legal or other questionable activity. People who have nothing to hide arent
      conserned about their ability to hide…. The level of privacy in society changes as the

      internal and external threats to people…individually and collectively…fluctuates. Thus
      the ever changing response of govt and business to these issues. I hope everyone can
      stay away from our windows…..and I, probably like you, remain armed and ready to
      defend myself and my loved ones…but I cant do it alone.

  3. From: Robert   On: December 30, 2013

    With the raising of the vail on the realities of what Obamacare legislation means to the nation’s healthcare system, the NSA vast collection of metadata, the White House corruption of the IRS with the targeting of average Americans who are politically active, and the ever increasing regulatory state entering into almost every aspect of American life; is it a wonder why the nation feels this way? Michael I agree with you, there will be bite back on the progressive’s fondness for federal expansion.

    • From: Jim   On: January 3, 2014

      Robert, I think you mean veil not vail but otherwise I agree w/ your point.

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