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Government Knows Best on Guns—and Everything

The passionate push for gun control demonstrates the liberal compulsion to tell others how to live. Callers to my radio show insist “there’s no reason to own assault weapons” or “a gun in the house will more likely kill a family member than an intruder.”

If these arguments make sense to you, you’re free to avoid guns altogether. But if the family next door feels safer with guns, or enjoys collecting them, why try to control what they keep inside their home? If they’re decent folks with no history of violence or mental illness, you have no right to impose your visceral distaste for fire-arms on them.

The left nourishes the foolish idea that government makes better decisions than you do—on how to invest money you earn, what insurance to buy, and how to educate your kids or protect your family.

Comments (3)

  1. From: ChrisB   On: January 22, 2013

    I’m tired of being treated like a child by a gov’t 1) which by history and creation has no right to do so, and 2) has over and over (and over and over) again demonstrated that they lack the trait of responsible decision making which they transfer to me and by such make the argument for usurping my rights.

    There are two ways to amend the Constitution. Congress may pass and submit to the several states a proposal, or a Constitutional Convention may be held, passing its proposals to the states. Although the latter route could address a wider scope of (modern) ills brought by those who bastardized the original, it would also be open to (and a magnet for) those who wish to craft a more “progressive” document. I understand why the original convention was held in relative secrecy… Would love to return the original concepts of natural law, liberty, and individual rights to our civil fabric. {sigh}

  2. From: ben U.   On: January 24, 2013

    you think the tax rates are going up now, you think 40% is alot ?? wait till they disarm us.

  3. From: Marcia   On: January 25, 2013

    a major problem with crime has come about because of fatherless families and drug induced mothers. More people have been killed by illegally obtained guns than by law abiding citizens with legally owned weapons. I don’t understand why Obama can’t see the problem or more importantly admit to the problem…is it that he can’t face the fact that he is also a statistic of a broken family…a child if a fatherless home…someone out to release his hurt on the world for the pain this has inflicted on him? Take care of the guns in your brothers’ hands
    before you try to take revenge on law abiding people that only want to protect their families and those who have fought and died for and earned the privilege of our second amendment. Lord hear our prayer that you will soften the hearts of this administration and seek their hearts to hear God’s word…heal them Lord and take away the pain that causes them to want to destroy a nation, families and forbid us our constitutional freedoms. We will continue to pray for our world for they can take away our rights and freedom but they can’t take away our faith in God…God Bless America!

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