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Grand Gestures Instead of a Grand Bargain

In his State of the Union address, Barack Obama offered some unexpectedly reasonable and bi-partisan language on deficits, spending, economic growth, tax reform, education, and immigration. The question for Republicans will be whether or not the president will truly offer meaningful chances for cooperation, or revert to his old strategy of dismissing and discrediting the opposition party.

The emotional highlight of his speech provided no grounds for reassurance: the presidential performance reached its passionate crescendo when Obama spoke of gun control and invoked victims of gun violence, but the only specific change he endorsed centered on the relatively uncontroversial step of enhanced background checks. To apply such fervor and intensity to a such a minor regulatory change suggests a politics of grand, empty gestures but no substance, and signals continuing gridlock when it comes to more meaningful reforms.

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  1. From: American   On: February 15, 2013

    This Harvard law community organizer has no idea how to run an economy or bring an end to U.S. foreign policy problems. All he seems good at is pushing the homosexual agenda, undermining the 2nd and 4th amendments of the Bill of Rights, rapidly increasing government welfare spending, and flooding the nation with immigrants in the worst domestic labor market since the Great Depression. He’s a loser. Americans who voted for him voted based on race and symbolism.

    Our competitors the Chinese don’t care about race and symbolism. They are busy racing to be the supreme power in the world by doing what we used to do: nationalism; Vats/Tariffs; making science, technology, math, and reading an issue of national pride rather than wallowing in ethnic studies and evolution like we are; creating good paying jobs and restricting immigration; etc…

    The Chinese are brokering deals with the Obama administration to take over U.S. natural resources, energy companies, farmland, banking, and construction as a condition to continuing to loan us trillions of dollars to hand out in welfare. We are just like Africa to them. Just another country to exploit. And our politicians are ensuring they’ll be able to do just that under secret treaties and trade agreements.

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