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Does More Gridlock Mean Success?

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After Paul Ryan’s budget compromise passed the House with overwhelming support from both Republicans and Democrats, many Senate conservatives concentrated their efforts on an all-out fight to block the bill.

While identifying plenty of shortcomings in the bipartisan legislation, these die-hard critics never identified how defeating the budget would advance conservative principles or enhance Republican prospects—especially with another government shutdown looming within a month. If they had killed the compromise, then what? How does more gridlock mean success?

Unfortunately, some members of the GOP have become so accustomed to their status as a minority party that they associate victory with defeating proposals that they don’t like, rather than with passing proposals that they do. In the long-run, Republicans will only win if they focus their energies on bettering America, not just battering the Democrats.

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  1. HERB  •  Dec 19, 2013 at 11:31 am


  2. Ann Cunningham  •  Dec 20, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    The Republican Party needs to spell out their plans for our country on the economy, healthcare, and amnesty if we want to win in 2016.
    I would like to see ACA repealed.
    I would like large groups of people placed in groups and a rate negotiated with insurance companies across state lines. The competition will reduce the cost. Physicians, congress should negotiate with insurance companies and insurance actuarial’s regarding pre-existing conditions.
    The poor and illegals (who have applied for citizenship and have a job and pay taxes) should be included in this group and a price negotiated. Illegals that are paid under the table and don’t pay taxes should go back to Mexico.
    That cost should fall on all 51 states equally. The borders must be sealed and that cost should come from money’s given abroad, especially from our enemies and Mexico. All the pork needs to go, as well. We need a flat tax this could help with the cost. The brightest in healthcare, business, economics should all be brought to the table to resolve these issues and a real plan put on the table agreed upon by both parties.
    Medicare recipients need to be included in that reform process. I’m in that group but realize we should be included in these discussions. This is how we will resolve some very difficult decisions. If we’re going to save this country, our constitution, our way of life.
    Thanks for listening

    • jguy  •  Dec 23, 2013 at 4:10 am

      WOW,,,,I agree with the flat tax.
      This is a great statement illustrating why the teaparty unbending attitude will
      lead the republicans to utter defeat. I want my representatives to compromise
      and come to resolution rather than hold out to “get our country back.” The
      world and our country changes EVERY DAY. The beauty of the US Constitution
      is that it allows for that reflection. Unless you look out your window and see
      George Washington riding his white horse down the street you will not go back
      to the COUNTRY he envisioned……He and his cohorts legislated for change…
      brilliant. Mexican illegals are not going back to Mexico…..GET OVER IT.
      The problem with health care in america is that there are MANY MANY fine
      doctors and healthcare workers ….but there industry in association with the
      insurance industry and the legal industry puts unsustainable burden on the
      masses for that which they must have… The aca is flawed but it is
      a step that will be refined and adjusted until we will someday have a new
      social contract between Doctor and Patient….we need it for many, but not
      all, americans. THANK YOU rep Ryan et. al. for being diplomatic and
      bending……. Good points michael.

  3. Mark  •  Dec 22, 2013 at 9:24 am

    I’m having a hard time with the press ignoring the fact that the quarter they closed the government was also the quarter that GDP spiked. Everyone, in the press, was ready to blame Cruz for killing the economy, when he closed the government, but they were all wrong as can be.
    1 party government killed Detroit! I’m a wiener wanking social liberal but I felt/feel good standing alone with Cruz on that one.

  4. Derek  •  Dec 27, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    We can’t keep letting the unconstitutional acts of this administration enabled by congress go unpunished and or uncorrected. I know we need to win elections but the constitution is very clear and when the president ignores it and abuses the power of the office we need to call him out. Both Republicans and Democrats should agree on that if they don’t they are enemies of this country and should be treated as such. The go along get along has got to stop on these important violations and the clarity of what is actually happening needs to be articulated. The lies and violations of all must be exposed. That is not to say we should not compromise but lets pick our battles and educate folks on this when its happening. The anti constitutional acts must stop and the truth will set us all free.

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