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A Hamas militant displays a mortar shell as he celebrates what the militants say was a victory over Israel, in front of a destroyed house in the Shejaia neighborhood east of Gaza City

Leaders of Hamas repeatedly describe the situation in Gaza as “genocide” and compare Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Hitler. These inflammatory charges ignore both dictionary and legal definitions of “genocide,” which international law describes as brutal acts “with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such.”

The rapid, consistent growth of Gaza population, especially during 38 years under Israeli control, shows no evidence of such genocidal intent. The strip boasted 368,000 residents when Israel took over in 1967, and 1.4 million residents when Israel pulled out in 2005. This growth reflected a high birth rate, as well as dramatic improvements in health care and life expectancy. During the Holocaust, Hitler harmed his war effort by devoting military resources to the murder of Jewish civilians, while Israelis have restricted their war efforts by devoting their military resources and tactics to spare Palestinian civilians.

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  1. From: Ken Seabury   On: August 30, 2014

    The Israelis are not in an enviable position. How does a nation’s military react when the enemy stores rockets and other weapons in homes, hospitals, schools, houses of worship, etc.? I suspect that this is why Hamas has such high civilian casualties as a result of going to war with Israel.

    I am grateful for the fact that the Israelis had the foresight to build and deploy the Iron Dome Missile Defense system to minimize Israeli civilian casualties, and would shudder to think about what would have happened had they not gone ahead with this. Like it or not, Israel is here to stay, despite its neighbors repeated attempts to destroy that robust, virile nation since 1948.

    • From: Wael Samarah   On: September 30, 2014

      Ken Seabury- I do apologize but it sickens me when I hear a person talk like this when you live in the information age, you have so many tools at your disposal to reveal the truth. Instead you have chosen to do zero research and just listen to fox news which as most of the nation knows is a joke. Hamas only exists because of the occupation that hasn’t ended for 40+ years and the oppression that has come with the occupation. Under international law, the people being occupied have the right to fight the occupiers and this is not even a debate…The international court which is the highest court on earth has ruled that any land Israel is in outside of the 1948 borders is occupied land as it is Illegal according to international law to acquire land through means of war. I have seen the IDF brutality on innocent civilians during times of peace such as random night raids on civilian homes inside GAZA (Palestinian territory) and arresting 8 year old kids without charges and torturing kids. Go research “Breaking the Silence” its a orginization of Refusniks, which are former IDF soldiers that refuse to continue to fight for Israel due to the crimes against humanity that they have had to commit. When discussing rockets being fired into Israel, dont just say stop firing them…you have to ask the question why are they being fired? Stop defending the terrorist apartheid state of Israel and do some scholarly research. Look at the international court rulings, look at what human rights organizations whom are on the ground there seeing it unfold in person. Also you mention Hamas places rockets near civilian areas…have you seen Gaza? Gaza is the second most densely populated area in the world…more densely populated then Manhatten, everywhere is a civilian area. If you want peace then the occupation and oppression and the illegal settlements have to stop and the borders need to be opened. Thats the recipe for peace in the region. God gave you a brain Ken, I suggest you attempt to use it. Peace to you and peace to all humanity.

      • From: Scott Corona   On: March 15, 2015

        Wael, Im uncertain which is greater.. your ignorance or your bigotry. Lets start with your ignorance. The occupation of Gaza ended a decade ago. The so-called Palestinians living there had every opportunity to turn Gaza into an oasis. They had an agricultural base which Israel had gifted upon their departure to the 67 borders, and Hamas destroyed the green houses and neglected the fields. Hamas then kidnapped and murdered several Israeli soldiers and created a charter which pledged for the destruction of Israel and the murder of its Jewish inhabitants… thus forcing Israel to impose a blockade with the help of Egypt… an Arab nation that also recognizes the warlike inclinations of Hamas. Gaza was a test and if the people living there had passed the test, then Judea/Samaria would have been next. However, Gazans failed the test and has since shown the world that a willful intent to destroy your neighbor, is not a foundation upon which any national identity should ever be built. Now, as for Human rights violations by way of rocket attacks …. here is a suggestion… stop firing rockets first and stop hiding weapons in schools and hospitals… incidents which even baffles the UN, being that the weapons were being hidden in UN schools. Also, when Gaza received 300 million dollars in aid to build an infrastructure, that was not supposed to be used to build tunnels whose sole purpose was not for smuggling goods, but for staging an underground invasion of Israel. And now lets move onto apartheid. Once again… ignorance or bigotry? Try this… define apartheid, and then by whatever definition y9u can muster, tell me what Arab nation surrounding Israel extends more liberty to its ethnic minorities than does Israel … and when you realize that no such nation exists… tell me how much time you spend on the internet complaining about the apartheid of those Arabs nations. Ill wager its no time at all… at which point your ignorance becomes nothing but bigotry by way of your hatred for Israel and Zionists in general… of which almost all Jewish happen to be … so there you have it . You are ignorant and a Jew hater.

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