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Hillary’s Dubious Popular Vote Victory: Just One State

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Defeated, desperate Democrats try to console themselves by emphasizing that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 1.5 million, but this fact hardly suggests a national preference for liberal policies or personalities. Hillary’s advantage was based entirely on a single state, which is why she lost the Electoral College so decisively.

Without California—where she won overwhelmingly—she lost the other 49 states and the District of Columbia by more than a million votes!

If you leave out both California and New York, Trump swept the rest of the country by 3 million votes, carrying 30 of the 50 states. Democrats won’t be able to compete in future presidential elections with most of their votes and power concentrated in a few wealthy states on the two coasts.

Winning New York City by an overwhelming margin won’t help if you lose Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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  1. santosh mohanty  •  Nov 22, 2016 at 3:21 am

    Michael, Please read Thomas Sowell's book re. Housing Boom and Bust. then you might like to call him once on your show.

  2. Ty  •  Nov 24, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Just one state… that happens to be the most populous state in the union. I know conservatives VASTLY favor empty patches of DIRT over actual human beings, the party of land over human beings. But as a liberal I still happen to think that being able to convince more people that liberal ideas are better is a higher goal, wherever they are, than convincing fewer people that are so spread out they rarely encounter others first hand they disagree with.

    For all the talk of a liberal bubble, it's CONSERVATIVES that are far more likely to live in isolated hamlets, less diversity of races, but more than that, less diversity of INDUSTRY !!!!!!!

    You know which places have more diverse industries? Cities !!!!!!! You know, where the majority of LIBERALS live! And because liberals are smart enough to tend to move to and live in cities vs some isolated small town that is more reliant on fewer industries, we live and contribute directly from more dynamic economies than conservatives do on average.

    How about a thank you conservatives? Thank all the liberals for being here, for populating the cities that are the true engines of the nation. I know, we matter less because we choose not to spread out as much and live in the dirt patches of the nation, and because of that, our views and votes matter less because apparently, we are less important human beings, but we still matter.

    • Jimbo  •  Nov 29, 2016 at 2:30 pm

      There are a few things you fail to understand (1) daily commuting from outside of cities to work in the city is very common. I'd guess most of those are conservatives, who can't vote in the city elections. (2) The workforce of a city is not necessarily the same as the population of the city. For example, black people tend to vote democrat but also have a much higher unemployment rate. So the workforce in the city may be more conservative even though the population leans more liberal because there are more liberals out of work. (3) Working remotely is becoming very common, so many employees of companies in the city may live outside the city. (4) Many conservatives who live in rural areas are probably retired people who worked in the city and then retired to a rural area for a higher quality of life.

      I don't know why you think diversity of industries makes cities somehow better. Yes, if you have more companies, you will have more diverse industries. Why does this matter at all? Where would you expect the companies to be? Where there are no employees?

      What is your obsession with racial diversity? It doesn't seem relevant to this article, but yet you had to bring it up. Why are you liberals obsessed with race? But your point isn't even correct. In Texas many small cities have very large black and Hispanic populations. And I am sure that much of the south has cities with a large black populations.

      And conservatives don't think liberal people are less important. Conservatives think liberal peoples' ideas are less true.

      Are you ever correct?

  3. Franco  •  Nov 25, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Yes…. Liberals, THANK YOU. Thank you for staying home and not voting for the most corrupt candidate in US history.
    And yes, thank you for living in close-spaced, shit-holes, where poverty, homelessness and poverty can remain consolidated in tiny patches of dirt… And speaking of dirt, you libtards blend-in so well with your surroundings.

    • Ty  •  Nov 27, 2016 at 1:36 pm

      Keep living in the sticks. Rural poverty is worse than poverty in the cities, there is less of a chance to move up and get help because of those empty non diverse societies conservatives are so fond of populating. So continue to suffer. Note, most of the talk radio host/elites don't live out in the sticks, THEY chose to live in cities and areas near cities, in other words, CIVILIZATION.

      As for the future, Trump is far more Corrupt than Hillary could ever hope to be, he just never had political power. You yokels gave it to him. Congratulations. He even said he might not take a salary, but I think it's a great trade. Especially when he can choose to locate his operation in Trump tower and generate millions in revenue per year.

      But at least Trump knows he can count on deceit filled conservatives like you and Dennis Prager, to look the other way and ignore anything below board that Trump does. Everything wrong and filled with malice, is sourced on the left, everything good and noble comes from the right. It's such a trash child like way to look at the world. Welcome to modern conservatism. Now replaced with populism.

      David Frum, which most of you HATE, said it best back in 2010 when talking about the source of power of conservatism.

      More uneducated working class whites only party, excelsior is the game, ever higher are your margins with that group, while college educated whites leave to where? The democratic party. Keep being smug, you got a stay of execution, the numbers long term are still against you, and the cities will continue to grow faster than the rural areas, as the less dumb people in the rural areas of conservative states get an effing clue and move the hell out to where the jobs are.

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