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Hollywood Calls Congress Crazy?

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Actor Sean Penn says the final solution for “Tea Party influence on Congress” would be “committing them by executive order” to insane asylums. The two-time Oscar winner told CNN that he felt compassion for leaders like Ted Cruz because “he’s my American brother” but that “we should take care of him” and deal with his “mental health problem.”

The movie star may have been attempting a twisted form of humor, but his remarks invoked uncomfortable associations for those familiar with twentieth century history. The Soviet Union and other Communist states regularly punished dissidents by declaring them insane and torturing them in mental hospitals; thousands who dared question Stalinism suffered in this way.

Meanwhile, Sean Penn’s life-long-immersion in Hollywood – not a community celebrated for its mental health or stability – hardly qualifies him for judging the sanity of conscientious conservatives.

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  1. Jayson Vein  •  Oct 30, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    Really, any number of statements made by Sean Penn, or his actions in the last 10 years would be enough to just throw out the o’l —– > Pot n’ Kettle saying.

    Just sayin.

  2. Kathleen  •  Nov 1, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    I should listen to Sean Penn why?

  3. Tim  •  Nov 2, 2013 at 5:02 am

    Isn’t mental instability a prerequisite to Hollywood stardom…. It appears, like so many in fame from Hollywerd, that you must mentally live in an alternate universe for most of your life. It brings out the deep thespian from within…I guess… You live in a happyplace and only visit the bad USA when you absolutely have too. You only come back…once in a while, spew a few inaudible mumblings and return… Very few fool their industry and pass their mental entry exam, but those that do are considered appreciated by our masses, but still not revered. Does Shawn have a high school diploma. Illiteracy, seems to compliment these unique ideologues.

  4. Jerry P.  •  Nov 2, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Mr. Penn would be best served if he spent his time walking around Times Square and Rodeo Drive wearing nothing but a sandwich board that reads: “Better I Keep My Mouth Shut and Be Thought a Fool, than to Open It and Remove All Doubt!”

    Sean, you might want to give serious thought to remaining within the confines of your own make-believe workplace where you actuallly get paid for pretending to be something you’re obviously not: a reasoned, well-informed citizen with a modicum of intelligence and understanding about what it takes to restore this country’s greatness and revisit the values and ethics that made it EXCEPTIONAL.

    OOPS! I’m sorry. I almost forgot. You don’t want America to be great or exceptional! You’d rather we became just like Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Venezuela, or any of a hundred different THIRD WORLD countries where everybody depends on the government to control every aspect of their lives. You’re right in tune with Obama’s bovine excrement re: “You can’t make it on your own,” and “You didn’t build that!

    The point is, Sean, you don’t have CLUE ONE about any of the subjects you choose to pontificate about. So do us all a favor and stick to what you CAN handle which are the scripts somebody else writes for you. Just hang with the makeup artists and wardrobe people who can at least make you appear to be believable and avoid talking about anything that really matters. My suspicion is you very likely need help dressing yourself in the morning, and probably several reminders on how to put one foot in front of the other before leavining the house every morning.

    Thanks for stopping by, Sean. Now go back to your dressing room, sit down and SHUT UP!!

  5. Mary Denise  •  Nov 5, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    I love watching movies. I can not remember one movie of his. I do know that if you are lucky enough to make one great movie which I would call a classic like “To kill a mockingbird” you should thank your lucky stars. He is entitled to his opinion. He thinks because he is a movie star he is a big deal. NOT anymore! Oh yes I saw him in a tv movie called Gangsta ? he played Mickey Cohen. Check it out, it is is filmed in Los Angeles in the 40’s. Josh Brolan
    is pretty good. I hate to say this but since Mr Medved does not watch television I think
    he is missing out on some good television movies. Now I am in for it!

  6. Tom  •  Nov 5, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Madonna dubbed him “…the coolest guy in the universe.” He definitely has his own chapter,paragraph, and code in the DSM-IV, codes of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Unsure if it was before or after his fling with M. Apparently since M, he has a difficult time in holding on to any meaningful relationship. Based on his past, present (and probably future), it’s hard for a logical-minded person to assess and determine any meaningful sound coming from his mouth. He should take his money and create his own little world on his own little island to satisfy his urge to love and be loved with someone to his liking. He may excel in his own little world of 2.

  7. jguy  •  Nov 20, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    gotta love sean as an actor……dead man walking…etc….and as a humanitarian in haiti…but
    as a political commentator….Sean…let’s stick with Michael – and Micheals alter ego before
    he turned Right…..they make a good combination.

  8. T.Ruth  •  Nov 25, 2013 at 10:03 am

    “conscientious conservatives”… Ann Coulter? Both Penn & Cruz might benefit from some time in the proverbial “nutbin”. Penn could reflect on his obsession with Hugo Chavez & why he once tied up Madonna to a chair(she had to call police to be untied); Cruz, a strange type whose first question to a fellow female law student acquaintance was about her LSAT score, could introspect about why he pointlessly brought the gov’t to a halt just in time to help elect 3 deomocrats to statewide office in Virginia. Given the extreme polarization of U.S. politics, it’s downright heartwarming that Penn thinks Cruz is still one of the “family”. Penn’s humor may be twisted, at least I’m pretty sure it’s just humor.
    Coulter is not so inclusive; forget the mental wards & FEMA camps — she wants liberals DEAD. A number of years ago Al Hunt, a moderate pundit who used to be a panelist on FoxNewsWatch, wrote a column in the Wall St. Journal about Coulter’s “humor”:
    She said then-Supreme Court Justice Stevens “should be poisoned”.
    She said “the wrong Lincoln had been shot” –referring to then-SenLincoln Chafee
    She wrote a column — which Hunt noted was a new milestone for viciousness —
    ridiculing the quadraplegic injuries of then-Sen Max Cleland of Georgia because they weren’t incurred in direct combat; she actually seemed offended that Cleland tragically picked up a hand grenade that had fallen out of a crate –not realizing it was live– as he was delivering supplies to a firebase (A few days later the base did come under attack). This column was included in the 1st edition of a subsequent book she wrote, but the publisher insisted that it not be included in subsequent editions, as the complaints grew. It was around this time that she was also terminated at National Review Online. She’s never apologized for any of this; she thinks she’s being funny. If you think this is sort of “ancient history”, just this past year Coulter said Sen. McCain’s daughter — who is also a pundit– should be “offed”.
    Meanwhile, as “JFK week” was concluding I was wondering why Mark Lane — who recently came out with “Last Word”, his final book on the JFK assassination — never gets invited on this show. Then I remembered: during the height of the Vietnam War, Lane made some accusations of U.S. atrocities that were proven to be false. I remember MM calling him a liar; MM doesn’t mention that a few years after Lane made those false statements, HE RETRACTED THEM AND APOLOGIZED. Maybe MM is not aware of this?
    Anyway, in Tennessee some people have very recent “uncomfortable associations”.
    Several years ago a gunman murdered some people at a Unitarian church in Knoxville because he “detested” liberals; when the police came to his house, they found right-wing books
    with the words “liberals” and “treason” both in the title of these books. This is why I turn the radio/TV off whenever Ann Coulter comes on.

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