An Island of Sanity Amidst Insane Violence

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In Israel, elite security personnel recently broke up a Palestinian terrorist cell planning devastating attacks on Jerusalem’s popular Mamilla Mall. This fashionable shopping arcade near the Old City regularly boasts festive, diverse crowds—secular, ultra Orthodox and Arab Muslims together—so the plans for coordinated bomb attacks demonstrate Islamist eagerness to murder their own.

Israel’s success in stopping the plot highlights the Jewish state’s status as an island of sanity and security in a turbulent Arab ocean of insane violence. While neighbors like Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and even Turkey suffer massive bloodshed and instability, big cities in Israel remain among the world’s safest. Even counting terrorist incidents, they have murder rates far lower than in major American cities.

Government can’t do everything, but effective and decisive measures can help promote the safety of the populace.

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  1. Karen  •  Sep 7, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Dear Mr. Medved:

    I just had the displeasure of reading a textbook by Berkley college professor, Jerry Diller, on cultural diversity. I, personally, found the textbook to be offensive and insulting to every race and ethnicity in this country outside of his college campus office and classroom. In fact, he labels certain groups as “White Privilege” yet tells people not to stereotype and label people. Moreover, since I have blond hair and blue eyes and being of British Isles decent, after reading his textbook, I went to bed and made sure I hated myself for being so pale.

    Have you had the privilege of either reading his textbook or having Mr. Diller on your show? Additionally, my husband does listen to your radio show and did try to find something on cultural diversity that you mentioned; however, he did not find any references of Mr. Diller.

    I would find it interesting to actually hear his responses on what is actually happening in Israel, your real views of Jews in America, as compared to his distortions, and his derogatory remarks against what he labels as Christian “White Privilege”. Obviously, this guy has no clue that America was founded upon oppression of white people’s religion and this country was actually discovered by a Spaniard.

    In addition, please read the textbook especially the part where Mr. Diller interviews himself in chapter 15. Furthermore, if you were to interview yourself, as he did, how would your responses differ from his?

    Thank you very much for considering my requests.

    Karen L. Tremain

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