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Super Bowl ads are sometimes memorable and original but one of the oddest this year came from Chrysler’s Jeep Renegade. It used “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land,” with the original lyrics, but from the second verse on they dropped familiar American imagery and substituted gauzy pictures of China, Brazil, Japan and Australia.

The tag line, showing the car, declared “The World is a Gift. Play Responsibly.” This anti-nationalist approach – that no land belongs to anyone in particular, is the opposite of Woody Guthrie’s original version. He wrote the song in 1940 as a leftwing, nationalist answer to “God Bless America” and penned the chorus line, “God blessed America for me.” By 2015, a big American corporation dismisses the idea of our people viewing our homeland as a unique gift, with any special sense of blessing or belonging. How sad.

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  1. Caylor Nuth  •  Feb 5, 2015 at 7:52 pm

    This add, though beautifully filmed, struck me as odd and propaganda- like. It insinuates that all lands are for anyone who squats there. I disagree. Countries are made up of boundaries, sovereignty, customs and laws. You have a birthright or legal immigration right to be considered a citizen of a country. All countries have been built with histories of lost treasure, and sweat and are not open for just anyone who decides “all lands were made for you and me”. Wouldn’t it be magical if we could just decide that this year Germany, Spain, France, Greece, etc. is” made for me”, and show up on its borders expecting to be welcomed into its social structure with nothing other than our wish to live in their land and to partake in all of their country’s benefits. This would result in massive migrations of people to all of the freedom loving nations of the world and would be socially unsustainable. So, commercials such as this one sound beautiful and attract uninformed people who live in a fairyland but are not realistic. “Grown ups” should notice that this is a soft sell of communistic or one world government ideas to our youth.

  2. JGUY  •  Feb 5, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    In the US people come here and buy property soon after arriving…whatever their particular immigration status. Foreign
    corporations can and do own businesses and property in the
    US to the best of my recollection…..whilst in many parts of
    the world such transactions are not available for non-citizens…. It seems to
    me that what is being said is….”This land can be your land—–but it’s a one way
    street.” It may be that we are selling the country to people who have very non-AMERICAN
    views one piece at a time. This seems very unwise to me.

    • S johnson  •  Feb 6, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      Jguy is right our country is as far as I know the only one that allows anyone to buy property and the ad did show those other countries I don’t think non natives can buy use this song is an insult and a prop for the push towards global ideas.

  3. Jim and Julie  •  Feb 9, 2015 at 12:13 am

    This is NOT “your land/my land” in any way, per the commercial. I have zero interest in buying a new GM (Government Motors) car or truck let alone any “Chrysler Corporation product owned by others than AMERICANS. FWI – Ford did not take a single dime from the taxpayers (US) and they should be supported and become our number one manufacturer.

  4. Jan Ciprys  •  Feb 9, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    Michael,I wish you G-d speed recovery.

    Jan Ciprys

  5. MikeA  •  Mar 9, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Caylor Nuth wrote:

    “It insinuates that all lands are for anyone who squats there.”


    “Countries are made up of boundaries, sovereignty, customs and laws.”


    “All countries have been built with histories of lost treasure, and sweat and are not open for just anyone who decides “all lands were made for you and me”.

    Actually, human history shows that national borders change all the time. A global map from 5 years ago looks different in some areas than it does today. Heck, a 200 year old political map of North America is almost unrecognizable compared with today, and 100% different only 400 years ago. That’s not a long time.

    Historically speaking, the human record on this subject is clear:

    Clans who have the military might to gain and keep a given plot of land have the right to do so, even if it means killing or otherwise driving off non-clan members.

    Indeed, the history of your own country, the United States, is one in which European immigrants and their descendants used superior firepower to kill or drive off the people who had been here for many centuries before them.

    So, contrary to your view, all land is up for grabs, or as you put it, “for anyone who squats there”. However, squatting cannot happen unless two things exist: 1) those who wish to squat belong to a society that has a strong desire to do so, and 2) that society has a military and organizational will capable of backing up that desire. Again, this is precisely how the borders of the United States of America came to be what they are.

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