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Liberal Hypocrisy on Guns, Suicide

In pushing for dramatic new federal action, gun control advocates often mislead the public with the term “gun deaths.” They do so by citing statistics including not only murders committed with firearms, but also including the much greater number of suicides.


Actually, the great majority of more than 30,000 annual gun deaths – nearly two thirds of all those fatalities – occur when people deliberately kill themselves. Counting 19,000 additional  suicides by pills, jumping from bridges, slicing wrists and so forth, the number murdering themselves is nearly five times higher than the number killed in firearms homicides. Yet many of the same liberal true believers who say they want to save lives by curbing gun ownership also endorse assisted suicide – providing unwitting encouragement to a culture of self-slaughter that already claims far too many victims. 

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  1. From: ken pobloske   On: December 28, 2012

    I think that we should ban knives because people are killed and injured with knives, ooh and people who eat to much get fat and often develop debilitating desies, perhaps we should ban spoons.

  2. From: William   On: December 28, 2012

    A fantastically stupid observation, Michael, regardless of one’s 2nd Amendment position.

    Assisted suicide would require sound mind, a painful terminal illness with no hope of recovery and short life expectancy, as well as at least two doctors signing an assessment.

    Anyone who has watched a loved one go through months of pointless and unbearable suffering that only gets worse as they get closer to the end, understands why the option should be available. There’s simply no justification of denying it — providing that one follows the requirements above.

    But suicide with a gun allows for it to be done without those safeguards, and without reflection or careful consideration. It’s immediate.

    • From: Andrew   On: December 30, 2012

      Ah and of course there is no other way to commit suicide with reflection right? Oh wait there’s pills and booze, ropes, fatal jumps, knives, car exhaust, and so on shall we have a ban on all these other things as well?

      • From: BADKarma   On: December 31, 2012

        Andrew, how DARE you bring that ookie-booboo “logic” thing to bear!

      • From: William   On: January 3, 2013

        I think you’re missing the point — I wasn’t responding to the 2nd amendment issue part of it.

        I find his comparison of medically condoned and merciful assisted suicide to a situation of someone who is simply depressed blowing his or her brains out with a gun completely ridiculous.

        They are not the same thing.

  3. From: Gary in Preskitt   On: January 1, 2013

    Dear Michael,
    Love you show. As a conservative Christian and father, I was deeply grieved with Sandy Hook and the why of it.
    A old indian analogy simplifies the answer. We all are born with good and bad in us. The good is a white wolf the bad is a black wolf. If you feed the white wolf he grows stronger and can defeat the black wolf. The oposite happens when you feed the black wolf. Christ put my black wolf on a chain that gets shorter each year.

    • From: Juan   On: January 11, 2013

      Kane wrote: Cahill needs to explain. Certainly if what an emlpeyoe of the Commonwealth makes is public then I would have to think their retirement is as well.Well, no, aren’t there privacy issues here? Most of the time, we find out these things when reporters probe an issue or officials leak in an issue. But officials aren’t obligated to leak anything. Was Cahill, who seems to know fading into the sunset, supposed to dime him out to Howie Carr? Maybe no one in Cahill’s office gave it a second look because it isn’t really anyone’s business although it would have made for a juicy political story right before the election.

  4. From: Eugene G. Praegitzer, Sr   On: January 2, 2013

    I believe American’s Second Amendment rights are very important to our survival as a free Republic. Countries around the world are cognizant of the huge threat the Americans pose to any invading country. Many Americans might not realize what a formidable force a ninety million person armed force poses, notwithstanding weapons’ superiority of the potential enemy, to any who wish us harm, including our own Government. The less informed Americans perhaps take freedom for granted because they might not have studied history to learn the bloody sacrifice those who came before us made for the cause of freedom.

    • From: TJ   On: January 16, 2013

      The issue isn’t the 2nd Amendment. The issue is about control. The 2nd amendment is the last bastion of freedom from control. Over 200 years ago our father’s father agreed that if we join forces as one nation, these will be guaranteed (basic) rights and not subject to question. If we, as “one nation” allow this freedom to be taken from us, whats to stop the radical left/right from taking our other “basic” rights?

  5. From: JILLIAN ENGLAND   On: January 2, 2013

    Assisted suicide is an unnecessary legal fallacy. People have been doing it for a very long time regardless of official approval for ‘special cases’ of illness. No one needs (or wants for that matter) official government approval.

    What it is however is a moral corruption of the medical profession. Does anyone remember the Hippocratic oath anymore?

    It is also a corruption of the legal system where we allow an alternate cause of death to be listed on death certificates instead of the actual cause, ‘suicide’.

    It also allows insurance companies to be cheated by forcing them to cover ‘suicide’ caused deaths.

    At a deeper societal level it is very destructive to the value of life, as is abortion, another but closely related topic.

    In the end we must ask ourselves a question; “Are we a society that loves life and celebrates it in every way or … ?”

  6. From: Victor McGough   On: January 3, 2013

    I think wse should ban autos, trucks and suv’s. American motorist kill over 88 people a day, aroung 55,000 each year.

    When I lived in San Diego, a man killed his wife and her lover by beating trhem to death with a frozen tuna. Let’s ban frozen fish.

  7. From: Kevin Hirst   On: January 3, 2013

    Guns cause crime like matches cause Arson.

  8. From: Ray Davidson   On: January 4, 2013

    I was sickened, but not surprised when Sen. Feinstein used the pile of dead little bodies as a podium to garner emotional support for her latest attempt to disarm ordinary Americans. What did surprise me was the willingness of some conservatives, including you Michael Medved, to compromise our already over infringed 2A rights. You don’t see the need for high capacity magazines? Well, low capacity mags are quickly and easily changed out buy someone shooting up an unarmed crowd, but when a good guy is defending his family and the bad guy has high cap mags, it becomes an issue. How about letting me decide what kind of gun and how many rounds I need. There is nothing new about Liberal Hypocrisy, or weak knee conservatives selling out their brethren and sisteren. I urge you to think your position through. Compromise only brings incremental loss of freedom, and we have too much of that already.

  9. From: Joe   On: January 26, 2013

    Is it irony or hypocrisy when liberals are helping make a world I don’t want to live in, thus encouraging suicide which, were I to commit suicide, would certainly be performed with a gun.

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