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Democrats campaign on the slogan “America needs a raise!” but their bid to hike the minimum wage would hurt the chances of income growth for the middle class.

Nearly 80 percent of all workers already get more than $10.10 an hour, so a government mandated boost for those earning less, would do nothing for the great majority of workers. With business required to increase payments to new-hires and part-timers—the majority of minimum wagers—it means less money for salary boosts for more experienced, productive workers. Government mandates to lift minimum the minimum wage focus on employees who are the least deserving of higher pay, ignoring those who’ve toiled for years.

They also hurt the neediest people in the economy: the chronically unemployed. A worker who can’t find a job at $7.25 will have an even harder time getting work when every job must pay at least $10.10.

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  1. Bob Schmidt  •  Oct 25, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    Compare workers: Chris is street smart; dropped out of high school; reads at 3d grade level; shows up undependably to cut meat. When he doesn’t show up the meat isn’t fresh and the store loses customers. How much is Chris worth? What should he be paid?
    Guadalupe is 3 months in the US; completed 8th grade and reads at 8th grade level in Spanish; English vocabulary is small. He does the same work as Chris and has perfect attendance.
    Val is a HS senior still in school and does the same work partime 4am-8am each day before going to school. Perfect attendance at both work and school.
    All 3 do the same good quality work when they show up. Who should decide how much each is worth and how much each should be paid? The central government? Local government? Corporate headquarters? Immediate supervisor?
    Hint: Chris was my roomate.

  2. Brian  •  Oct 26, 2014 at 10:21 am

    Minimum wage laws do not determine the absolute value of any employees contribution to an employers business value. It is simply a floor to protect citizens from being exploited, particularly in difficult economic times.

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