Nancy Reagan: A Better Era for Conservatism

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The funeral today of Nancy Reagan at age 94 reminds everyone of a better, more inspiring era of American conservatism. Yes, the Reagans both worked in Hollywood and they established themselves as popular celebrities long before they ever ran for office. But they used their celebrity status on behalf of numerous conservative causes prior to Reagan’s entry into electoral politics. He spoke out against Communist tyranny, fought socialized medicine and the growth of big government, and campaigned energetically for Goldwater before his campaign for governor in 1966.

By contrast, Donald Trump did nothing for conservative causes until his current campaign for the White House. The only grass roots political fight in which he played a prominent role involved the embarrassing and groundless challenge to Obama’s birth certificate.

Reagan discovered politics as a means to advance the issues he always cared about. Trump belatedly discovered issues as a means to advance the drive for attention that he always cared about.

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  1. Kathryn Ellison  •  Mar 11, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    Michael,Thank you for giving snippets from today's funeral honoring Mrs. Reagan . My heart is mourning a bygone era that represented courage, purpose, standing up for what is right, and motivated the average American's sense of our purpose in history. We stand for virtues that "trump" more than just higher paying jobs, higher standards of living( How many flat screens does a family need?) and taking another person's salary and distributing it to the ever present welfare bum that produces the next entitled generation "right" to someone else's money. We have become more lazy, soft, and selfish in just a coupl of we had more Reagan-like leaders, we would continue our superiority and ability to protect the world from ourselves and the ability to fight the enemies of our world. Yes, I mourn Mrs Reagan death but I also mourn the passing of an era that sadly is over. Politicians are not as much to blame as our "angry" give me, give me culture, nurtured by the left that hates this country for reasons that bewilder me.
    May the Reagan's rest in peace after a selfless job well done.
    Kathryn Ellison
    Los Angeles

    Kathryn Ellison, RN

    the best of the average America's character

  2. Mark Allred  •  Mar 11, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    I appreciate having had the Reagan's setting of the bar of honor and legitimacy high for everyone. Sadly, their legacy has not taken root. Further, I deplore having Mr. Trump sully my ballot. Unfortunately, there never is a "none of the above" option except taking the serialized and registered ballot home to my shredder, marking me as a "non-voter".

  3. Timothy Hadley  •  Mar 11, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    With due respect, I don't understand why you say "the embarrassing and groundless challenge to Obama’s birth certificate." Has Obama ever, yet to this day, showed us his real birth certificate? No. And why not? Because it contains embarrassing or even incriminating information. How could we elect someone as president when we didn't even know for sure if he was legally allowed to be president? Perhaps you know things that I don't know, Michael. Perhaps you've seen things I haven't seen. If so, maybe you can explain why Trump's challenge to his birth certificate is "embarrassing and groundless." It seems to me to be a legitimate question.

    • NetworkDr  •  Mar 12, 2016 at 8:18 pm

      As Michael has explained numerous times on his radio show, President Obama could have been born on Mars and he would still be eligible to be President because he was born of an America-born mother. Location is irrelevant due to that one small fact.

  4. JFCSR  •  Mar 13, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    A lot of us are hoping beyond hope that Donald Trump can bring us back from the brink of disaster. Is he perfect, NO, but he says he will go after the corrupt government we now have in DC. If he means what he says he can go a long way towards cleaning up the mess in DC. I am just afraid what ever any of us do it will to little to late. We have become a ME nation instead of US. I think we are all afraid of a run away government, a run away economy and for those that want to destroy our country they have done a good job. The big surprise for them is that they will go down with the rest of us.

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