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New “Birthers” Attack Cruz, Rubio and Jindal

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It looks like the birthers are back: The same misguided or unscrupulous activists who insisted that Barack Obama wasn’t eligible for the presidency because he was secretly born in Kenya, now claim that conservative champions Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz are also disqualified from the nation’s highest office.

Though both Rubio and Jindal were definitely born on US soil, their attackers say they’re ineligible because their immigrant parents hadn’t yet become naturalized citizens. As to Cruz, born in Canada to an American-born mother and Cuban national father, the activists count him out because only one parent was American.

Actually, all reputable legal scholars agree that one parent who’s a U.S. citizen, OR birth on U.S. soil, qualifies you as a “natural born citizen” under the Constitution. What higher good would be served by disqualifying people from the presidency because their parents hadn’t yet completed their naturalization?

The new “birther” fanatics show the ugliest side of contemporary fringe politics.

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  1. Marc  •  May 22, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    I believe both Piyush “Bobby” Jindal and Raphael “Ted” Cruz should be ineligible to hold the office of POTUS.

    “Bobby” Jindal’s parents came to the US from India on temporary visas. “Bobby” was born during their temporary visa period, but his parents used him as an Anchor Baby to live in America permanently. This is a clear cut case of Immigration Fraud.

    “Ted” Cruz’s holding of Dual Citizenship (American and Canadian) until recently should prohibit his from becoming President.

    • HistorianDude  •  May 28, 2015 at 8:23 pm

      Thomas Jefferson was a dual citizen of the United States and France. We were even in an undeclared state of war with his adopted nation during his Vice Presidency. The Congress (composed overwhelmingly of Framers) never once expressed the slightest tinge of discomfort regarding his dual citizenship, electing him to the Vice Presidency once and the Presidency twice. It appears that your sensitivity regarding dual citizenship was not widely shared by the founding generation.

      In actuality, at least the following US Presidents were all dual citizens; Jefferson, Madison, Arthur, Taft, Truman, Taylor, Eisenhower, FDR and JFK. Kennedy was arguably a triple. Most (though not all) were unaware that the laws of other nations also laid claim on their allegiance. But of course, to allow that to matter would render US law inferior to that of other nations, and give any other country from Brazil to Burkina Faso effective veto power over the US Presidency. This is a circumstance too absurd for serious consideration.

      There simply has never been any US statute, regulation, rule, court decision or constitutional provision that has ever declared dual citizens ineligible from the Presidency. And individual can have as many citizenships as nations are willing to give him. As long as one of them is natural born US citizenship, they are eligible.

      As to “anchor babies,” consider it an unintended consequence. There were no such things as “illegal immigrants” when the Constitution was framed, so the framers can hardly have been expected to consider prospect. If that displeases you, you should get right on that 28th Amendment to the Constitution. You will need it to change things.

    • obumtheillegalfraud  •  May 29, 2015 at 7:39 am

      Sure give a pass to them it’s ok, it’s only the law. Laws are for others to follow not the president right, as obum the illegal fraud con man voids the health care law by changing it 30 times without congress, 26 states sue now 18 states can’t even manage it.

      Three years ago Arpaio declared every record available from obum is fake. SSN from the dead guy in connecticut is fake so how many years in jail is that for IRS FRAUD while using this number since 1986? Then there is the glaring fraud of the birth certificate fake file number out of order, pixels are blacker, scribble marks all over, stamps, seals missing, no hospital has verified his mom even there. Then the selective service, but all this is online.

      Mike I used to listen to you but because you are so dense on this issue and frankly many others I turn you off as soon your music starts. You need to wake up, just because obum violates article two so obviously doesn’t set a precedent for

      jindal (oh ok they were in line waiting when he was born here so that’s ok)

      rubio (blame the government for taking 5 years to file the paperwork again it’s ok)

      cruz ( ???? sorry man if you were born in canada you think the libs are going to let that go even though your mom was a citizen and dad became one later, that is not what article two says, it says at time of birth) That’s why the senate verified mccain april 8 2008 but the question is why the senate let obum alone knowing his dad was never a citizen and knowing trying to change the wording since 2003 of that very law about 13 times.

      ben carson and allen west would be my choice maybe they can save some minorities from the liberal disease that has been spread by obum the kenyan con man!

  2. jguy  •  May 25, 2015 at 9:36 pm

    Marc….you have interesting points about both individuals eligibility but it seems to
    me that if the electorate considers these to be unfathomable positions they will
    not get through the primaries.

  3. Alex  •  May 27, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    I have no interest in the motivations of the candidates’ parents when their children were born. I just simply feel that out of a nation of over 320m people, that we don’t have enough qualified candidates to pick from a pool of whom were not only born on U.S. soil, but their parents were also. Assuming we did not have military bases on foreign soil at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, even born on a military base would not count. I hate to be so tough on this, but the security of our nation cannot be put at risk by the leadership (or lack thereof) of someone who’s loyalty lies with some nation or group or cause, other than that of the ideals of this nation. As a former police officer, I had to take a polygraph test and answer a question about whether or not I had ever belonged to any group that advocates an overthrow of the government or the Constitution. I don’t understand why the office of the most powerful person on earth shouldn’t be subject to the same entrance criteria.

    • HistorianDude  •  May 28, 2015 at 8:07 pm

      Ignoring that when the Constitution was framed the US President could hardly have been further from “the most powerful person on earth,” we have a rather clear set of “entrance criteria” in Article II of the Constitution itself. Our president must be at least 35 years old; must have lived in the US for at least 14 years; and must be a natural born US citizen. A fourth criterion was added with the 22nd Amendment, limiting any person to two terms.

      Beyond those, all other “entrance criteria” are entirely personal on the part of the voter. If you are unhappy with the criteria as provided by the Constitution and wish to apply different or “higher” standards, you have a powerful Constitutional remedy for your dissatisfaction.

      Do not vote for them.

  4. SelfSovereign  •  May 28, 2015 at 10:05 am

    Well isn’t this so rich. So, Mr. Medved, we, the surfs, are to rely on you and the neo-illuminati’s approved and “reputable legal scholars” for understanding when it comes to the plainly exclusionary clause of NBC? Because your reputable scholars are so clever only they are able to understand that the founders’ true intent for the Presidency of the newly formed and fragile government was to have an inclusive office. So inclusive, that according to your definition of “one parent who’s a U.S. citizen” qualified Sir Winston Churchill to run for the Presidency. Clearly, we’re too stupid to have figured this out.

    • HistorianDude  •  May 28, 2015 at 8:23 pm

      I believe the word you were looking for was “serfs.”

  5. charlesmountain  •  May 28, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Would Mr. Medved care to explain why every President and Vice-President not grandfathered in by Art. 2 Sec. 1 of the US Constitution were born on US soil to citizen PARENTS(2) with the exception of Arthur who clearly burned his records to hide his ineligibility…?

    • HistorianDude  •  May 28, 2015 at 6:36 pm

      Considering that we have had only 43 Presidents (ten of whom were grandfathered), and that along with Arthur, Obama was also not born to two US citizen parents., fully 6% of our non-grandfathered Presidents fail to meet that “standard.” Since about 7% of the US population are not citizens, that represents pretty much a perfect reflection of the number of native born US citizens who would not have two citizen parents.

      So, the obvious explanation is simple demographics.

      Also, FWIW, Arthur rather obviously could not have burned his records to hide his “ineligibility” since the records of his father’s naturalization were never his to burn. They still exist today.

      As usual, birthers really don’t think very hard before saying dumb stuff.

      • obumtheillegalfraud  •  May 29, 2015 at 7:55 am

        hey dude,

        obum the kenyan fraud should be in jail for treason, fraud, abuse of power, laundering, racketeering, murder, irs fraud, election fraud. Feel free to add on to the list. Birthers are only following hillary clinton the first birther who brought up the glaring fraud of obum and then was either told to shut up or given hush money. Knowing what we know of hitlery what do you think?

        read up or skim it since you know it already

        Also the tea party and birthers simply want the govt to stop spending and maybe produce a budget this year but ??? with obum the colossal liar and fraud probably not.

  6. Luz Maria  •  May 31, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    Wow, seldom does one see so many fools at one gathering.

    May God save our nation.

  7. JGUY  •  Jun 5, 2015 at 9:24 pm

    Luz, and you joined the gathering. What might that say
    about you?

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