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Don’t Miss a Minute of the Medved Show in 2019!

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Starting on New Year’s Day, you’ll notice that The Michael Medved Show will abruptly disappear from most local radio stations.
This raises two obvious questions:

1) Is the show still broadcasting?
2) How can I find it if it’s not on my local station?

Here are direct answers to those two questions:

1) Yes, The Michael Medved Show will continue to be broadcast live every day at the regular time on a few stations around the country. We’ll be providing the same features, the same “daily dose of debate” as always, with the smartest, most independent, most freewheeling and unpredictable talk show on the radio.
2) But for most people across the United States, the only way to hear the show going forward will be through our “MedHead” subscription service, giving you commercial-free, live or on-demand access to every hour of broadcasting, plus additional podcasts providing background, extras and personal interaction. Click here to become a Medhead member today.

Here are some additional details about MedHead subscriptions:

  • Membership costs just $5 a month with an annual membership – roughly 16 cents per show
  • Eliminates over an hour of  of commercials and news updates per show
  • Also provides access to an exclusive, subscriber-only daily podcast
  • Plus additional benefits only available to Medhead members like videos, access to events, and more
Looking forward to a new year full of discussion, debate, and enlightenment,
Michael Medved
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