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“It’s easy for a black male to keep himself from being shot by a white cop,” the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley said on my radio show. “It’s much harder to keep from getting shot by other black men.” Riley’s point is that if you defer and don’t try to challenge a police officer he may insult you but he won’t kill you. In fact, an African-American is 60 times more likely to be killed by a fellow African American than he is by a white cop, and more whites than blacks are victims of deadly police shootings. These tragic numbers make media obsession with Ferguson, Missouri even less defensible. Police risk their lives daily to try to stop black-on-black crime that afflicts every big city. When it comes to keeping black youths from violent death, police aren’t the problem – in fact, they’re a crucial part of any solution.

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  1. Jane White  •  Aug 19, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    I had wanted to use the statistics you (I think) used in today’s broadcast but this article comes up short and it’s all I could find. I’d love to have those statistics of percentages of blacks as a total population (which I think you said was 14%), black on black crime (was it 90%), etc. Sorry, but I was at work and listening as best I could! Thanks!

  2. Justin  •  Aug 20, 2014 at 10:32 am

    Yes, I would like to see those statistics too… been looking for them and I heard them on your show yesterday!

  3. Shawn Mc  •  Aug 20, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    yes mike can you give us sites where we can pull up those stats about white cops shooting white victims

    • Nathan S.  •  Aug 23, 2014 at 5:47 am


      “Suspects,” might be a more appropriate word…..just saying

      • Marvin  •  Dec 30, 2014 at 1:02 am

        It is really sad how people forget we’re they come from, Mr. Medved they do not want you here either, smile in your face and turn their back on you ask Mayor Deblassio and he is white!!!!!! But at the end of the day you where wrong in your analogy of crime, 84% of whites kill whites, but the question is who watches the people who are human just like we are who come to work with a chip on there shoulder black or white your badge shouldn’t give you any power or extra right to do wrong, when they kill anyone,they are killing the people they are suppose to protect as well. Thou shalt not kill !!!! That’s GODS word not man, remember we all have to get judged one day!!!

  4. jguy  •  Aug 20, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    It appears to me that the majority of protesters in Ferguson are law
    abiding aggrieved citizens and a minority are criminal agitators. If
    law enforcement were to back down from the criminal element
    the law abiding aggrieved citizens as well as everyone else in that
    community will lose. The police must be law abiding and they must
    be allowed to control the streets or we will all loose….except the
    criminal thugs that are unfortunately…everywhere. If they come to
    my abode with aggressive intent they will legally join Mr. Brown
    as we are still a nation that allows citizens to protect themselves…thank

  5. Will  •  Aug 21, 2014 at 11:09 am

    Black people realize that we have a black-on-black crime problem in inner city America. There are many long standing reasons for it, … racism, job discrimination/housing discriminantion towards our parents, their parents and their parents, influx of drugs, years ago-white flight (not wanting to live near blacks), businesses leaving (not wanting to serve blacks)….etc. that served to create these crime invested communities. A lot of black youth are growing up in “hell” and people are shocked when many of them don’t act like angels!

    There are also many people and organizations working to solve the problem (communiny outreach programs, youth groups, stop the violence rally’s …etc). So I wish people would stop saying that blacks are not addressing the “real” issues in the community, we are! What we don’t need is rouge/insensitive cops adding to the problem and helping to create animosity towards them in genral in the minds of our youth. Of course their are good policemen, but there are too may like the one on relieved of duty in Ferguson who pointed the gun at protesters, saying “I will f’ing kill you”…. A lot of policemen display that nasty, condescending attitude and people in inner city America see that policeman far too often and are tired of it.

    What bothers me is that many white people seem to have no compassion for the plight of black youth growing up in inner city hell. Too many policemen seem to have no compassion also. They see most black males as “thugs” with little or no life value. It’s much easier to use deadly force in that case.

    Deadly force should be the last resort, but too many times it’s the first. The 2nd shooting in St Louis of the knife wielding man did not have to happen! I totally disagree with those who say the officers had no other choice! I’m sure there is precedent for policmen disarming an armed suspect without killing him. Those officers jumped out of the car with guns drawn, gave a few orders that were not obeyed , then shot him dead. No mace, no taser, no attempt to surround/distract the man, no real attempt to engage or calm him down (like a hostage negotiator might do). Isn’t a human life at least worth the attempt!? Deadly force was the first resort, not the last.

    As far as the Michael Brown case is concerned, if it’s true that Brown turned around with hands up, that’s it! In our country policemen are not judge, jury and executioner, correct!? So, even if Brown scuffled with and punched officer Wilson at the car, once he turned around with hands up, there should be no deadly shooting. All that needs to be determinned is if Brown’s hands were up. The robbery at the store, the alleged scuffle at the car, alleged striking of the officer are secondary considerations in determining if Mr. Wilson wrongfully used deadly force. Michael Brown could have been a mass murderer, but once he surrendered (if he did) Wilson was WRONG to use deadly force and should pay for his crime.

    • mike b  •  Aug 21, 2014 at 6:43 pm

      Dear Miss:

      Your response was so seasoned, it brought me joy internally and tears externally.


      Everyone can learn a lesson in viewpoint – and wisdom – from your loving witness.

      Thank you


    • jguy  •  Aug 21, 2014 at 10:53 pm

      so if Mr. Brown were coming back at the officer with his hands up
      after injuring the officer and attempting to get his gun….the now
      injured officer who, even if being further threatened, should do
      what? Run away? Hand him some more cigars? Tell him
      Eric Holder is his friend and he can do whatever he wants?
      Unfortunately for Mr. Brown people in the US can defend
      themselves IF they are in fear of bodily harm…..this will
      be the question….. This should not be a racial question…
      It is just a question of who is the defender of the law…and
      who is the lawless. If Mr. Brown were in fact in the process
      of surrendering to the officer then prosecute the officer to the
      fullest extent…..but it is wrong to assume the officer or Mr. Brown
      to be guilty before due process is performed.

    • Nathan S.  •  Aug 24, 2014 at 1:57 am

      Will, you have a very good insight into the plight of the inner city issues. However, your comments reflect a common naiveté toward police. Rather than debate you on what the police should have done or be doing, I would encourage you to challenge your perspective. Maybe go on a ride along, take a class on police tactics, or talk with some local officers about why they use force when other options may seem more appropriate to you. You may be surprised. There is years of experience, training, and case law that go into police tactics and use of force decisions. What may seem to you as eagerness to escalate to unnecessary levels of force, may in fact be a well thought out practice based on numerous factors. Violence never looks good. It doesn’t mean it is never appropriate or justifiable.

      Even if your perspective isn’t changed. Taking the time to learn and enter act with your local police department will probably open your eyes to who they are as people. I bet you will be impressed with the professionalism and integrity of the officers you meet.

    • Jerry Gallagher  •  Dec 7, 2014 at 1:20 pm

      negros need to join the human race.The entire country bends over backwards to help the ‘oppressed folks’ and all they do is sh…t on us;any chance (since it’s so horrible here) of returning to the ‘mother africa’? That really sounded stupid-no color T.V.,free cable,free housing .medical,food,school,freedom to run amok,free methadone,free lawyers….All ‘people of color’ would starve to death in Africa.

    • Sam  •  Dec 9, 2014 at 7:51 pm

      You are on spot with your comments. I am on the same page when it comes to having other options to calm the individual down. He could’ve been intoxicated..going through a failed marriage or maybe even lost a family member to similar situation..who ever knows until after the fact.

      About the Brown one is ever mentioning what he did after he raised his hands. Do ‘you’ even know what he did. Probably not based on your what you and many others wrote or said. He ran towards Wilson and then he shot those several shots..which I think was excessive. I wasn’t there. He was a big football player sized individual..weighing almost 280 lbs at 6’2″. He wasn’t some scrawny teenager. Plus he was high. If he complied no gunshots would ever have to be fired and if your not complying your hiding something or doing something wrong. I’m not against what your saying..I’m with you. Im tired of watching the news and somone did this and that..goodness. Cant anybody follow the rules anymore..i do..everyday when it comes to legalities.

      Ask yourself..the individuals that are shot within legal intervention are all criminals or have some sort criminal background.

  6. Will  •  Aug 22, 2014 at 8:11 am

    @ mike B,

    If your comments are addresed to me, thanks. I’m glad you found something good and uplifting in my comments.

    @jguy: No, Officer Wilson doesn’t have to run away, give more cigars or any of that IF M. Brown were coming back at the officer. However none of the main witnesses have said that Brown charged the officer. The 2 young ladies, the man (latest witness) that left his bedroom to go outside, and Brown’s friend, that was with him at the time, all say Brown was shot several feet from the officer, there was no charging or “bum rushing”.

    As you say, hopefully “due process” will determine the truth. The problem is that “process” has been shady, slow and problematic, to say the least…..body left uncovered for 1-2 hrs, body left on street for 4-5 hrs(!!!), slow to release officers name, no statement from officer (2nd hand statement from officers friend to call-in radio show doesn’t count!!), discrediting (and unrelated video in my opinion) of Brown in convenience store, officers incident report not filed til days later (apparently), incident report signed but basically blank (!!!!), very potentially biased prosecutor left on case (so far), false reports of the officers broken eye socket, already discrediting of witnesses saying they are giving conflicting reports ( when actually their stories are pretty consistent)……etc.

    Yes, assumptions should not be made about the officer, but neither should he get the “benefit of the doubt” (as he is getting in many eyes) especially with all the discrepancies in this case. My fear is that because some of the witnesses are not the most eloquent or refined of people that will make them unbelieveable in some eyes. But people tend to believe a police officer by default even though there are plenty of examples, over the years, that they can be just as criminal and corrupt as some in society. The officers are the professionals, sworn to protect and serve. They should be held to a higher standard in performing their duties.

    When those in charge of upholding the law are corrupt then the result will be chaos. That’s why officer Wilson’s story must be heard and fully scrutinized.

    • jguy  •  Aug 25, 2014 at 5:44 pm


    • Daniel in Georgia  •  Mar 9, 2015 at 2:46 am

      Maybe they didn’t testify but what about the video where, unsolicited, what sounds like an older African-American said in the background that Brown had “charged the officer”. Just like witnesses to crimes in communities victimized by gangs are almost never willing to give up anyone out of a fear of retribution, there are thugs who always want to race bait and are not above going after anyone who gives information contrary to their self serving view. Also how long are African-Americans going to persist in backing the party that fought any equality for Blacks, including such famous names as:Senator Lyndon Johnson, Senator John F, Kennedy and Representative Al Gore Sr.? While at the same time, it was the Republicans that argued for equality. and against discrimination based on the color of one’s skin, Isn’t it at all suspicious that when President Lyndon B. Johnson began is quest for the “Great Society”, that fathers in the home of Black families began a decline so drastic that even during slavery more fathers were in the home with their families? Or that with all the Government handouts, including welfare, food stamps and the like effectively made more Blacks dependent, thus keeping them right where they and leaving good jobs to Whites? Yet despite this, why do so many Blacks try to diminish Dr Benjamin Carson, who grew up with almost nothing, was told by others that he was dumb to the point that he began to believe them, simply because he believes that the Conservative view is better for all African-Americans, or worse and “Uncle Tom”? Why aren’t you using him and countless other Conservative Blacks as an role models to your kids, your family and your friends? Quit drinking the Democrats Kool-Aid and once and for all demand that their enslavement is not acceptable any more! Their rewriting history will not be tolerated by any Americans anymore. I could site dozens of examples of racist Democrats especially here in the south but you’ve either gotten my point or don’t care but at least don’t take my word for this, if you are reading this you obviously have access to the Internet, LOOK IT UP! And, for the record, I am a southerner and here in Georgia there are many Black Americans who not only live in the best sections of town without discrimination and even the Southern Baptist Church my wife attend, once referred as “the White Church” and not because of the paint color of the church, now actively asks all sinners to come to hear about Jesus and His message of love and forgiveness. But racial bias, violence and crime is alive and well in those projects that the Democrats so “generously” gave them to live. If you read,my post I thank you and appreciate you taking time to read it. God Bless, and God Bless millions of Americans who TRULY want every American to have an Equal opportunity to succeed and live the “American Dream” not by Affirmative Action that clearly conveys to many people that Blacks especially could not compete with any other American without help, thereby diminishing any achievement they make, and simply allows less qualified people to get a positions they are unqualified to possess.

  7. Sum Whyteguy  •  Aug 24, 2014 at 8:21 am

    There are more white people in American than Black people, so..duh. And Police are the solution only when they aren’t trying to get bum ranchers from playing their fees. Then they become the Federal thugs. Perspective is also not color blind.

  8. Sum Whyteguy  •  Aug 24, 2014 at 8:24 am

    PS. White people are killed by more White people. Black people are killed by more black people. Hispanic people are killed more by Hispanic people, Asian people are killed by more Asian people. Etc. You know why? Because crime tends to happen to people of similar backgrounds when they tend to live together in similar areas. So since black people are more likely to live in areas with more other black people then the potential to a crime to happen from another black person is raised, just like if the make up of the community were mostly white.

    A grown adult with honest intellectual integrity would know this fact. But that’s ok, you still got a bit of growing to do.

  9. jubiq  •  Aug 24, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    A lot of people are missing the mark. Wait, let me restate that. A lot of people who’re BEING INTENTIONALLY MISLED BY THE MEDIA, are missing the mark. This isn’t about racism, per se. Most if not all of the race talk comes from media sources and subsequently internet comments from the general public. The overwhelming majority of both of those groups have no personal tie to Ferguson. If you notice, not much race talk comes from the protesters, nor from the misguided, self destructive rioters/looters. What most of them talk about is what most of the media and internet comments don’t focus on. Which is: “why they are protesting.” Well, why ARE they protesting? The dialog that would be started by pursuing answers to that question is never the media’s focus. They’ll bring it up, but it won’t be a significant part of the report/story, and it’ll usually be within the context of some aspect of race that THEY have shown, said, suggested, implied, exaggerated, etc., which WILL be a big part of the story. The bottom line is that racism sells. That’s why situations exactly like this, which happen all over the world everyday, that have no sellable racial (or any other) aspect (ie. white on white or black on black crime) don’t usually make the news.

    All this talk about percentages and statistics (the “facts”) misses the mark. Theoretically, yes, the facts are the facts. However, that theory doesn’t account for who controls the facts, what facts are released, and how/when they’re released. If you live in an area (regardless of racial make-up) where it’s common for the police to misrepresent and/or withhold information in cases they’re involved in, then “the facts” take on a different meaning to you. Factual clarity and the mental pictures/images they create, becomes subjective to all parties involved, especially to the reporters and readers.

    Most people in America live in places where the police force is respectable (collectively speaking). And for that matter, most cops across the board are good cops, even in many high crime areas. With that being said, the fact remains that there are many areas where the police commonly go overboard, and operate in a disrespectful, dishonest, illegal, rights-infringing way. It seems like at the very least that a strong aspect of this type of situation exists in Ferguson. Why? How? Who’s accountable? What should be done? What can be done? What will be done? Why are the protesters out there? What the hell is going on in Ferguson? The media can’t focus on this. Not many care, so focusing on that aspect has no value (financially speaking). However, a racially inspired riot will polarize and hook almost everyone one way or another. There’s always enough blame to go around, but it seems as if accountability is a rare find these days. I hope they find prosperous resolve in Ferguson.

  10. Pastor Norwood  •  Aug 24, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    you wrote: African-American is 60 times more likely to be killed by a fellow African American than he is by a white cop, and more whites than blacks are victims of deadly police shootings.”


    • Jerry Gallagher  •  Dec 7, 2014 at 1:24 pm

      Lose the phoney attitude and anger and start thing like a human being-if your life sucks,change it.

  11. bhf  •  Aug 26, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    Understand and agree there is a major problem with black on black crime – as we know that occurs in every race/culture. However there is also a major problem with police response to and treatment of young Black men today – and it’s obviously getting worse. Your article makes it appear that all the fault lies in the black community. This is unfair and untrue. The statements are not only distressing but insulting. My prayers go out to all the families affected – those who have lost loved ones and the familes of the police as well.. and to you. May God be with us all.

  12. Will  •  Aug 27, 2014 at 1:10 am

    @ Nathan S,

    Thanks for your response (compliment and comments).

    I don’t think I have any “naivete'” concerning police and the work they perform. I also pride myself on always challenging my own perspective and looking at all sides of an issue. For the record I believe police officers have one of toughest, most demanding jobs on the planet. Many times they have to deal with the worst in society and have to make split second judgement calls in doing so. I believe there are plenty of “good”, caring, compassionate officers willing to give their life to protect and serve irregardless of race or creed. I also believe that they should be well paid for their efforts

    I never said, and don’t believe “violence” or extreme/deadly force is “never” appropriate by the police. I get it, they want to go home to their families too. I just believe in the case of the knife wielding man there were other options as I described.

    Not that you are saying this, but it is equally naive to believe that all officers act with professionalism and integrity. The officer I have a problem with is the one who would place a choke hold on a citizen until he draws his last breath and the other officers on the scene who let it happen without interference. Also, the officer who would beat a defenseless woman on the side of the highway, the one who profiles and harasses good law abiding citizens and any number of real police misconduct cases.

    Another problem I have is the “good” officer who knows who the bad apples are in their department, but won’t expose them. The police “code of silence” most be broken for the good of us all. There was news of one officer who did, recently, expose some bad apples but was ostracized and mistreated by other officers. That needs to stop, that “whistle blowing” officer should have been commended.

  13. Ken Seabury  •  Aug 30, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    I contend that if police officers were issued body cameras, everybody involved would have an incentive to act more civilized. It was my understanding that the Ferguson Police Department had them, but did not issue them to their officers, this was very unfortunate. There are a lot of individuals out there with serious behavioral issues which are more often than not likely to disappear when we remove the cloak of anonymity.

  14. Igmu Gleska  •  Aug 31, 2014 at 8:16 am

    @Will and @Nathan: Good insights.

  15. Will  •  Aug 31, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    @ Igmu Gleska. Thanks.

    I’d also like to expand on something I posted earlier,

    “What bothers me is that many white people seem to have no compassion for the plight of black youth growing up in inner city hell. Too many policemen seem to have no compassion also. They see most black males as thugs, with little or no life value. It’s much easier to use deadly force in that case”.

    What many see as thugs with no redeeming qualities, we see as young people who are understandably rough around the edges or even rough through and through (given the “war zone like” neighborhoods they were born into) but who have the potential to become a Judge Mathis, who was is a former gang member, convict and drug dealer. Judge Mathis is only one of the many productive members of society, of all races, who were finally turned towards a positive direction by that caring parent, aunt, uncle, church, youth group, teacher, or even police officer during their wayward youth.

    I hate to see one of those youth shot down before a real chance at redemption. If more police saw them as misguided youth with the potential for positive change, as opposed to thugs with no redeeming qualities, then maybe these shootings resulting in an untimely death would not occur as much.

    Again, I understand what a tough and demanding job police officers have, but compassion and understanding should at least be a part of there mindset while on duty and given the value of human life, any human life, deadly force should be the last resort.

  16. Levi Delos Reyes  •  Oct 6, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    For those looking for statistics here they are. Also Michael is correct on raw numbers but he does not factor in population percentages, with what data there is it shows that African Americans are nearly 3 times more likely to be shot by police. Remember that a lot of “news” shows take facts but censor or reword parts of it to fit whatever they want people to think, Politifact does well in dispelling this type of “reporting”

    • steve  •  Nov 25, 2014 at 12:29 pm

      Actually, Politifact is not a very good source. I’ve checked it many times and it slants toward the Democrat view of things.

      Politifact puts the word “fact” in its name but it censors the information it presents, such as the fact that blacks murder more people than white people.

      Politifact points out that “blacks are about three times more likely than whites to die in a confrontation with police”

      But this ignores that when police are confronting a black person they are more likely dealing with a dangerous murderous person than when they are confronting a white person.

      Remember the statistic I shared? Blacks are more murderous than white people, but they make up a small minority of the population. Is it any wonder then why police confrontations escalate into police on black person shootings. The police are dealing with young black males that are statistically wildly more murderous than other citizens, hence, they get shot back at by police.

      Medved pointed out that more whites get killed by officers than blacks, which is true. He didn’t mislead anybody. He is trying to dispel the myth that the police are out to get black people. Police are out to protect all people, regardless of skin color. The facts are that young black males, mostly poor, are very dangerous to each other. Cops, black and white and latino and whatever, make the situation better by performing their duties.

      Politifact is Politcrap!

  17. Peace & Love  •  Nov 26, 2014 at 7:38 am

    I think all people need to act like adults. If you all wake up and see the real picture they are trying to pit us all against each other;; And it’s working. Look at the facts… people are fighting about religion, race, Republicans, Democrat’s, and news. Can you think of a better way to start a world war. Then you know what comes next?? Well!! I would say MARSHALL LAW.. Then we will be back to where we started consitration camps and lost of all your rights. Instead of everyone fighting against each other, We should be fighting for each other and stop all this craziness. We are all live on the same planet why hurt or distrory one another for any reason. “””I think the kids in the 60s that wanted nothing but peace and love had the right idea””” Its sad to people can’t figure it out..

  18. John  •  Nov 28, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    The facts as borne out by the evidence .12 shots were fired, only 6 hits .That’s why officers aim for the body when confronted in a do or die, aiming for the legs is TV stuff. Brown stole some cigars and assaulted the store owner. Brown initiated a confrontation, including assaulting an officer. He was given ample opportunity to submit to arrest and GET ON THE GROUND. He was not shot with his hands in the air, according to 6 Afro-American eyewitnesses, who corroborated Wilson’s testimony, and as borne out by the blood trail. Too many listened to Dorian Johnson’s LIE, the one taught to him by his lawyer, and repeated the night of the verdict. He simply doesn’t talk that way, ghetto punks don’t talk like cops .The fact that his lawyer was mouthing verbatim, what was coming out of his mouth before catching himself was almost laughable. There is a black Department of Justice head, there is a black president. Why have neither offered to change the ‘systemic injustice’ of offering grand jury investigation to ANY police officer, black or white ? If THEY won’t do it, are they blind to the so-called problem or do they not perceive any problem ? Is there really a problem ? Are police responsible for single parent families who don’t give their children role models other than Big E or Tupac ? Brown’s mother is shacked up with a blood gang member . They wore the colors to Big Mike’s funeral . Ignorant pig cops are just as ugly and mean to whites, because they are psychopaths .Wilson is a decent cop who has been saddled with a huge financial and emotional burden..If only Big Mike had have just got on the sidewalk.

  19. Will  •  Nov 30, 2014 at 11:06 pm


    I disagree. “Wilson is a decent cop…..” How can you be so sure? You think Dorian Johnson is lying, I think there is reason to believe officer Wilson is lying. Neither of us can be sure. Wilson testified that he initially said to Brown and Johnson, “Why don’t you guys walk on the side walk”. Dorian said that Wilson said Get the “F” out of the street and I believe that is more accurate as to how some cops talk to inner city youth. I don’t buy the Officer Friendly routine of Wilson. There’s another young lady who said that Wilson cursed at her during a “macing” incident when she was just trying to clear her eye’s. She told herself that she would never forget officer Wilson’s face after he spoke to her so rudely (using the “F” word. (it;s on youtube).

    Wilson also came from the Missouri precinct that was shut down, all officers fired, due to corruption. Am I to believe he was the only pure and innocent cop, no, not buying it. I believe he is one of the rude, crude bossy, power drunk cops that too many people encounter who is now playing the officer friendly role to save his hide. Too many people believe the cops story without question.

    “6 Blacks say Browns hands were not up”. At least 4 people say his hands were up and he was not charging the officer. That’s why you have trial. Blood is found 8 feet from the officer, some say indicating that Brown charged back at the officer, well another possibility is that the blood was from when Brown ran from the car after being shot there and it dripped off him when he was 8 feet away. That’s why you have a trial

    Who Browns Mother is “shacking up with” has nothing to do with this unarmed teen being shot dead. Even the worst criminal should not be shot dead if taking a posture of surrender.

    Another reason I don’t believe Officer Wilson’s story is the shot to the top of Browns head. Both men were tall, but a shot to the top of the head, at a downward angle, indicates to me that Brown was falling and had to be almost hitting the ground, if not already there. That’s why there should have been an indictment and a trial.

    Yet another reason to question the whole affair. Officer Wilson was allowed to put his own gun into evidence (that’s just wrong!!!). Not saying he did, but he could have put Browns blood on the gun, it at least raises a question by a good trail lawyer. Also it’s been reported that Wilson’s initial story was that Brown punched him 10 times, then he changed it to 2 times before the Grand jury…..that’s a problem,…..

    I could go on with the obvious problems in this case and why there should have been a trial (the prosecutor himself, should have excused himself due to possible bias (father killed by a black man), …he obviously didn’t try for an indictment and did some “odd” things according to other professionals in the field……there should have been a trial.

    Just because a Grand Jury decided something, doesn’t make it so. Juries can be fixed, misled, ill-informed, chosen incorrectly (seen it myself)….etc. Hopefully the Federal investigation will be handled better.

    • Jerry Gallagher  •  Dec 7, 2014 at 1:27 pm

      Lose the phoney attitude and anger and start thinking like a human being-if your life sucks,change it.

    • see thru you  •  Aug 5, 2015 at 5:59 am

      well, the trail is over and everything you said way back when was proving wrong. The THUG was justifiably killed by Wilson, end of story. Live by the sword, die by it.

  20. Stanley Fosha  •  Dec 2, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    My ‘race’ is Native American, but I was adopted and raised by white parents.

    My wife is Ethiopian/Italian, raised by her own parents in Africa, Europe, and America, so she’s part blackish and part whitish. Think Beyoncé with blonde curls.

    We’re mutts. So when the Police get around to shooting us, how do we determine which statistical category our races should fall into? Is it a percentage thing? Do we need an bibliography? Is there maybe a paint chip color card they wave over our corpses?

    I’m confused. Is it color tone, genealogy, or self-stated association that determines one’s race for these ridiculous arguments?

    Whether green, purple, black, or white, the evidence is plentiful that Mike Brown was a moron. Morons are shot more often then non-morons. I don’t have the Politifact conjured statistics to prove it. But I sure hope it’s true.

  21. Will  •  Dec 2, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    @Stanley Fosha,

    “the evidence is plentiful that Mike Brown was a moron…..”

    I assume you mean the evidence is plentiful that Mike Brown punched a police officer, tried to take his gun, ran, then charged at the officer. I don’t see it that clearly. What evidence do you mean?

    The grand jury proceedings were problematic at best and purposefully manipulated at worse. For example, the main witness who said (to the grand jury) Brown charged the officer and didn’t have his hands up, initially said, a day or 2 after it happened, that he saw the incident from 100 yards away. He then changed the distance to 50-75 yards away in his grand jury testimony. He also initially said Brown and his friend were on the sidewalk, then changed it to “in the street” to the grand jury.

    Officer Wilson was allowed to book his own gun into evidence, he was allowed to drive himself to the station, it’s said that the wittnesses who disagreed with officer Wilson’s story were scrutinized more than Wilson, the jury was given a false instruction that favored Officer Wilson….etc.

    In our system even “moron’s” deserve fairness and justice too. There have been “moron’s” of all races who have turned their lives around, becoming a credit to society. Former gang member Judge Mathis comes to mind.

  22. Diane Young  •  Dec 4, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Where would we be without the authorities. There would be anarchy in our streets day and night. When a black shoots another black here, they will not cooperate with law enforcement. They protect each other. You think it is bad now. What would it be like without law. I feel bad for the officers that put their lives on the line everyday. The problem is not the law. It is that respect for authority has gone down the tubes. The parents are cocky and have attitudes, probably involved in drugs,and the poor kids are raised in that crap. If the people in Ferguson Mo. and New york were white this protesting would not be happening. It is not a police problem. Its a black problem. Everybody in this country have the same opportunity. Have respect, be decent, obey the law, get an education, and work hard and you will succeed. The problem is self pity. We all can have a sob story, but when you have two legs stuck in shit and you are to lazy to lift one leg to get out of it, its your fault. Stop blaming others! Look in the mirror, and you change!

  23. Will  •  Dec 5, 2014 at 12:41 am


    It’s more than a “Black” problem. In the early 70’s Policeman Frank Serpico exposed the NYPD as being corrupt, a majority of the officers were caught up in it. Not long ago in Missouri a whole police department had all of it’s officers fired due to corruption, Darren Wilson came from that precinct.

    The officers are partially responsible for that lack of “respect for authority” that you mentioned. As a young teenage black male years ago I had a officer address myself and a friend in a harsh manner, and we were 2 really nice guys in the neighborhood who hadn’t done a thing.

    This whole thing about “Black on Black” crime mentioned in the media is bogus and doesn’t go deep enough. It’s not Black on Black crime in the inner city it’s “inner city crime” that has always existed in America’s cities. It’s fueled by illegal drugs, just like in 1920-1933 (prohibition) the horrific inner city crime was fueled by illegal alcohol and the fight for control of it. It was white people committing that crime and killing each other (before Blacks came up from the south seeking a better life). Now that a similar situation exists today in the inner city people want to associate the crime with the color of the persons skin. That’s wrong and false.
    Black people have no more tendency towards crime as White people or any other race.

    Go to any drug infested, poverty ridden, limited job opportunity area in the world and you will find a higher crime rate, with the people of whatever race killing each other at a higher rate.

    As for how the drugs got there, google reporter “Gary Web” for that info.

    • Steve  •  Dec 5, 2014 at 10:12 pm


      You’ve done an excellent job stating your reasoning for not buying the story that is being sold as the truth. I came into this situation with an open mind unlike some of my friends who, started off with the assumption that Michael Brown was a thug. I tend to lean closer to the side that Michael Brown was in the wrong, however that’s just speculation, from the evidence I had heard. You’ve raised enough valid points I’ll be doing some more in depth looking into the incidents. I felt that it would be best if this case had gone to trial, as there was enough people claiming vastly different accounts of the events. I would like to exchange E-mails with you as you might be able to help me with a contrary opinion. It’s hard to find a person who is able to express a differing opinion, without malice, as you have.

      You can email me at
      It’s an intermediary mailbox for when it eventually gets scraped by bots I’ll give you my actual e-mail from there.

  24. Will  •  Dec 6, 2014 at 11:40 pm


    Thanks. I feel too many people start from a predisposed position based on favoritism or bias for or against one side or the other. I try not to do that, and don’t mind hearing any side of any issue.

    I’ll be in touch.

  25. Daniel Yoxtheimer  •  Jan 19, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    If police throughout the nation had a better track record of not shooting unarmed people whether they’re a minority or not they wouldn’t be getting such a bad rap. No pun intended but it’s a cop out blaming the media and accusing them of distorting facts. Police shoot children with toy guns and black individuals who are unarmed and should be culpable not praised as hero’s . the US has a warped gun culture where shooting without assessing a threat is an acceptable practice by law enforcement.

    This is typical of Michael Medved to call what’s causing a problem a solution. He’s another bag of wind contaminating the airwaves with his bile laced vitriol at every thing that counters his point of view.

  26. Amos M. Flick  •  Jun 26, 2016 at 8:46 am

    In my opinion, there are many issues that can not be solved

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