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Pro-Lifers Can Celebrate Progress


Pro-Life activists can celebrate astonishing progress toward their most important goal: reducing the number of pregnancies that are terminated by abortion. The latest figures show the abortion rate has fallen to its lowest level in more than 30 years. Statistics indicate 17 abortions per 1,000 women of child-bearing age, down from a peak of 29 per 1000 in 1981. In other words the rate has been cut nearly in half.

Researchers associated with Planned Parenthood say tougher regulations in many states contributed to this decline but the most important change involves public attitudes. Carole Joffe of the University of California says the pro-life movement “has been very successful at stigmatizing abortion” and this has driven the long-term downward trend.

Whatever the frustrations of politics and the legal system, those fighting to protect the unborn have influenced the nation in a profound and positive manner.

Comments (3)

  1. From: Audrey   On: February 24, 2014

    We need to celebrate our progress. With the advent of ultrasound and advances in saving very premature children, the truth is becoming clear–a pregnant woman is not carrying some sort of anonymous fetal matter but a living human. Positive messages about life will advance our cause more than anger and frustration. Emphasize the life of the child and we will win, and always remember, abortion has two victims: one dead, and one wounded. Treat the wounded with compassion and we will heal this society.

  2. From: Charla Shamhart   On: March 1, 2014

    I wish we could say that all of the abortion clinics closures is all due to a rising consciousness about the sanctity of life, however, I believe that an additional factor is the high rate of infertility, not only in the US, but in the world. The number of fertility clinics have taken the place of the abortion clinics as infertile couples struggle to achieve pregnancy, often in vain. But good news is welcome regarding closure of the butcher shops.

  3. From: Bob   On: April 5, 2014

    Future generations will look upon this era as one characterized by severe moral blindness and a willingness to lie to achieve a desired “moral” goal. I was in college when the abortion rights movement began; at that time the push for abortion was considered necessary to relieve women who were pregnant from incest and/or rape – a position one can sympathize with. However, that is not what happened. The NARAL began touting the “large” number of illegal abortions and death statistics that were shocking. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the early members of NARAL, later said that the “statistics” were wholly fictitious, but were never challenged by the media. The whole thing was a put up job.

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