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Prosecutor Highlights Big Mistake in Dems’ Impeachment Case

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Constitutional scholars Noah Feldman, a professor of law at Harvard University Law School; Pamela Karlan, co-director of the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic at Stanford University Law School; Michael Gerhardt, professor of law at University of North Carolina School of Law; and Jonathan Turley, professor of law at George Washington University Law School, testify during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the impeachment Inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., December 4, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
— By Sam Chapin, J.D.— 
When I was a prosecutor, the worst thing you could do in trial was to overplay your hand. It’s the quickest way to lose your case because juries see right through it and they penalize the prosecutor for over-charging the defendant and over-stating the degree of his criminality. I’ve been teaching trial advocacy at the UW law school for nearly 20 years and that has always been one of the most important trial axioms that I sought to embed in the students each year — never ever, under any circumstances, over-play your hand.
Watching those three law professors testify today, I had to chuckle. I’m no constitutional scholar, but it’s crystal clear none of them is — or ever was — a trial lawyer.  Of course the exception was Jonathan Turley. Neither a Trump supporter nor a Trump defender, Turley’s testimony stood out as the only intellectually honest analysis, and revealed the other three to be ideologues driven by nothing more than their revulsion of Trump.
By calling those three professors, democrats have allowed their hatred of Trump to dictate their strategy and they are over-playing their hand in the worst possible way.  The amusing part is that they’re so blinded by their biases that they’re incapable of seeing how that bias diminishes their credibility and turns off even moderate Americans.  I didn’t vote for Trump and I am no Trump fan, but I am so disgusted by the Democrats that I have become a Trump supporter. They are unwittingly pushing people like me toward Trump instead of away from him.
George Orwell is credited with saying that “there are some ideas so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them.”  We saw that today. Calling those three intellectuals to try to prove their case against Trump did nothing more than prove why the Democrats are too reckless to govern.
-Sam Chapin, J.D.
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