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Radical Retelling of US History Is Not Only Damaging, But Built on Lies

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The decisive issue in Tuesday’s Virginia election, as well a probable crucial factor in the Congressional balloting a year from now, may well involve the unpopular progressive demands for a radical retelling of America’s story. Conservatives are right to decry the destructive impact of such self-hating history on our children and our future, but they should also cite the most recent numbers from the Census Bureau that expose key assumptions of “Critical Race Theory” as simply, incontestably untrue.

For instance, a central assertion of the leftist reconstruction of past and present, involves the claim that racism and white supremacy have shaped every element of our society, promoting the selfish interests of people of European ancestry through the ruthless, perpetual oppression of people of color.

If this emphasis on white privilege accurately described the essential structure of our society, how, then, could you possibly explain numbers from the United States Census Bureau that show the median income for Asians, designated as “People of Color,” significantly exceeds the earnings for “white non-Hispanic households”?

In fact, the household income for Asians (median $94,903) gives them a huge edge ($27,382) over households of all races–an advantage that exceeds the disadvantage of Black people compared to the multi-racial average.

None of this means that racism hasn’t played an important role in blocking Black success for many generations, but it doesn’t represent the only factor, or even the most important one in shaping success–unless you believe in some mysterious “Asian Supremacy” conspiracy that’s determined that Korean American doctors and Indian America software engineers will outperform everyone else in 21st Century America..

There’s another favored assumption of the woke left that’s utterly exploded by these new, easily available census numbers. Politically correct doctrine maintains that we should permanently, irrevocably divide our population between those who enjoy “white privilege” due to their pale skin and guilty European ancestry on one side and “BIPOC” (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) on the other. But as the median income numbers clearly indicate–in addition to all the other data on education, family structure, criminality and more–the Black population and the white population are far more similar to one another than Asians are to Blacks.

The idea that “People of Color” represent a coherent racial community based on their common non-white identity is a nakedly exploitative political strategy, not a meaningful sociological categorization. The purpose of that strategy is to try to arouse groups with nothing in common to join together in resentment and anger against “non-Hispanic whites,” and to hasten the ardently desired day when “People of Color” will make America a “minority majority nation” –a day that is actually meaningless, and still more than a generation away, if then, according to all demographic projections.

The effort to make America more race obsessed than ever, is not only an insane and illogical means for promoting community, progress and common purpose, but, as new numbers show, it’s also built on a fetid foundation of lies and distortions.

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