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Senator Rand Paul passionately decries the “militarization” of American police departments, but this initiative won’t work in terms of either policy or politics. Changes in policing since 2001, including more sophisticated equipment and better body armor, have occurred at the same time that crime rates continue to plummet: violent incidents went down more than 25% in the last 12 years, producing the lowest violent crime rate since 1970. Moreover, police continue to enjoy huge public support. A new Gallup Poll shows 53% expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the police – ranking law enforcement third, behind only the military and small business on a list of institutions, where Congress, by the way, finishes dead last. Senator Paul may hope to make political hay with youthful left-leaning voters by criticizing police and the military, but he should realize he’s going against two of the most popular, successful segments of American life.

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  1. From: John D. Fiat   On: August 21, 2014

    So according to Medved, a town of only 20,000 resident sneeds tanks and MRAPS? The “militarization” of the police is not true and is just a libertarian joke? Hey Michael, have you ever heard of Posse Comitatus? Well, it’s being completely ignored and thrown out the window. And it sounds to me like you like that, but I guarantee you that one day you won’t. Perhaps you will change your view after the police shove a gun in your kid’s face (at that fancy Jewish warmonger indoctrination camp that you call his private school).

  2. From: Nathan S.   On: August 23, 2014

    It’s unfortunate some media outlets don’t get all the information out and try to create a countrevoursy to sell ads. The reality is the Police lack funds to buy necessary equipment. They turn to the military because military equipment can be modified for civilian use. For example a grenade launcher can be modified into a 40mm less leathal gun (large rubber bullet) or an armored vehicle can be stripped out and be used to deploy a SWAT team. The equipment police have been receiving from military outlets has been used with great success to save police officers lives and the lives of the public. Just this week LAPD swat officers engaged a suspect with a SKS riffle. Their armored vehicle took several rounds. Let’s not forget our police are members of the community too. They are our fathers, out sisters, and our friends. They deserve the best equipment to keep them safe. This may even include bigger guns. Look what happened in LA when the police were under armed during the north Hollywood bank shoot out. A tragic example of what happens when our police are under equipped.

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