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Republican Gains in Syria Fight

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The fight over authorizing military strikes against Syria has already damaged Barack Obama’s international standing and weakened America’s global credibility, but it could bring benefits to Republicans in Congress. Like the nation at large, the GOP remains sharply divided over the right response to Syrian war crimes, but the president has already received enough Republican support to undermine his claim that his conservative opponents are hyper-partisans and obstructionists who will never cooperate.

In fact, it’s Democrats—especially the Congressional Black Caucus—who have been most outspoken against the administration’s Syria policy, exploding the toxic charge that opposition to Obama’s blunders arises from racial prejudice.

If nothing else, the Syria fight shows that Republicans aren’t just reflexive obstructionists and Obama-haters, while disagreement from the president’s fellow black Democrats shows that opposition to this president isn’t based on race.

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  1. Bruce Zittlow  •  Sep 11, 2013 at 10:29 pm

    One wonders why there even needs to be a Congressional Black Caucus. Shouldn’t it be a Congressional Every American Caucus? Let’s pass laws that put the United States in position to be the best place for anyone to live and work and raise a family. Can black Americans really have interests that are so different than, say, Methodist Americans? If everyone would simply work toward the best interests of the most people, while keeping protections for groups challenged by circumstances beyond their control, we would not need single interest caucuses designed to play one group off against another.

  2. Kay Cummins  •  Sep 12, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Obama is being unveiled as the community organizer, this time of an international community. He does not have the leadership strength to execute or define himself clearly. He is a consensus builder and an endless bureaucrat, initiating programs that expand the bureaucracy. He is losing his identity in the many, the community, unable to express himself as the one, the chief executive of our country, who represents the ideals and principles our country was founded upon.

    Putin has lifted the veil and is exploiting Obama’s empty gesturing and making a fool of him,
    accomplishing his own agenda in the process, maintaining the Russian presence in Syria and the region at large.

    Obama is a child in the international world of adults. He lives in a fantasy world of academic hypotheticals and has lost his credibility in the real world of tyrants and narcissists who put their own needs at the expense of their countrymen.

    Are we going to standby and watch as hundreds of thousands of vulnerable citizens are exploited by selfish dictators. Obama does not seem to have a problem with it, because he is doing the very same to his own people.

    • Dan  •  Sep 16, 2013 at 3:38 am

      Putin is not making Obama look like a fool to me. How is he? People say this and I think, why? Obviously most of the country does not want military strike and now it seems that not only may there not need to be one but there is likely the removal of chemical weapons – what is the problem? Furthermore, I agree when O said that the red line crossed was one of the world, the people, against WMDs, not just his own – why must people try to paint him in the corner for this instead of supporting pretty amazing diplomacy actually. I think he’s pretty sharp – and no dictator goes to congress for a chat. I just don’t see why this issue is again so much blame on O.

  3. Greg Crown  •  Sep 13, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    When you elect a president with no executive experience (public or private), few leadership qualities and a socialist agenda aimed at depressing the role of the US in world affairs, we should not be surprised at the current status vis a vis Syria. Many voters allow themselves to be swayed by views on social issues (ie gay marriage and abortion) that, in the end, actually directly affect relatively few people, while they are seemingly oblivious to the greater questions related to the economy, security and foreign relations that greatly impact us all. Wake up America!

  4. Reb Bacchus  •  Sep 13, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    I have “blood” not “skin” in this game. My daughter is a GS-14 at the DIA. She has served in that capacity in Afghanistan. Her husband is a US Marine Captian who had done several overseas tours including Iraq.

    Our President, and he will be for three more years, has put my children and grandchildren (2 & 1) at risk of losing one or both parents. Neither one has spoken on the issues, and WILL go where the C-in-C sends them. I hope he will have the same loyalty and responsibility for them. I doubt he ever thinks about their welfare.

    It is clear that too much of our President’s world view was formed in places hostile to the best interests of this country.

    I started high school in Portugal and saw some Americans like him. They thought it made them more likable to agree with negative views of the USA. They thought they were showing wisdom and gaining credibility by saying things like “Yes, the USA is Imperialist, but we’re not as bad as the other Colonialist were!”

    The really sad aspect is they thought they being “good” as opposed to “ugly” Americans. Our President has put all of us at greater risk by reducing the USAs stature in the world. As citizens we have an obligation to support the decisions of our President, to try to make them work. What I’d like to know is what he’s doing so I can be a good citizen until he rides that Democratic jackass out of town.

  5. Bob Meyer  •  Sep 14, 2013 at 2:50 am

    Medved seems to live in an alternate reality where G W Bush was a “near great president” (his words). The disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan were not the product solely of Obama’s extraordinary incompetence. His hero Bush set the stage for the fiascoes that followed.

    The constitutions of these countries enshrined sharia as the basis of their governments and provided a winner take all parliament not a bicameral legislature, divisions of power and specific delegated powers. An unlimited democracy in countries divided by religious and clan loyalties must necessarily decay into civil war as both Afghanistan and Iraq have.

    Americans have learned from their mistakes and understand that they cannot trust their national security agencies to tell the truth. They will not sacrifice the lives of their children and their wealth in a hopeless quest to make a capitalist silk purse from an Islamist sow’s ear, and least of all on the word of agencies whose policy is to lie for effect.

  6. Marshall  •  Sep 14, 2013 at 10:32 am

    I am not affected by the notion that because I do not agree with President Obama’s leadership that I am a racist. It is a weak argument and I have laughed at anyone who has suggested it to me. Straw man arguments are silly and easily called out and when called out the faces turn red don’t they?

  7. Dan  •  Sep 16, 2013 at 3:28 am

    Kudos to the president for (1) showing Syria that we mean to uphold international rights (2) consulting congress and (3) not leading with arrogance as many would have preferred in third criticism of Peyton’s involvement

  8. Dan  •  Sep 16, 2013 at 3:28 am

    Kudos to the president for (1) showing Syria that we mean to uphold international rights (2) consulting congress and (3) not leading with arrogance as many would have preferred in third criticism of Peyton’s involvement

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