Science Exposes Manipulative Lies about a “Latino” Race

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Scientists recently released the largest ever genetic study of the American public, casting new light on misleading current methods of racial classification. Data from 160,000 participants show that people who identify as African-American possess genes that were 73% African, but 24% European, or “white.” Meanwhile, self-described “Latinos” had DNA that was only 18% Native American, but 65% European. In other words, the concept of a separate “Latino” or “Hispanic” race is a fiction: Latinos are a smaller percentage “Amer-Indian” by genetic inheritance
than African-Americans are “white” by their DNA.

No wonder the census bureau shows that half of  Hispanics classify themselves as “white” by race. This identification will intensify, with up to 30% of all Latino marriages now involving unions with “white Anglos.” The effort to label people as a separate race based on linguistic ancestry is a dishonest form of political manipulation to encourage division, dependency and a sense of victimhood.

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  1. Howard  •  Jan 2, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    Finally! How was the Hispanic race ever invented, anyhow. I have a young relative with a Spanish surname, but no exposure to Spanish culture. Although she is surrounded by rules forbidding “profiling”, the official presumptions are astounding. That includes translators being present at school meetings, offering Spanish language forms at government offices, and solicitations to apply for welfare. And her only language is English. No matter. Officially she is Latin.

  2. Moora  •  Jan 5, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    I have a friend who was born and raised in Argentina. When she moved to Georgia a few years ago, she registered to vote and ticked the box on the form marked “Hispanic.” She was denied that identification because – – it was explained to her – – she’s a blue-eyed blonde. She didn’t ask for anything more or different than anyone else got, but she wanted to be counted as part of that population.

    Since then, I’ve heard more and more (not from this friend) about how “scientists discovered” that Latins are a separate race. I didn’t think it was so, I’m glad to see proof. By the way, I use the term Latin because my friend, mentioned above, said that she and her other Latin friends prefer it to Latino or Hispanic.

  3. Rick Schubert  •  Jan 6, 2015 at 9:15 am

    I fully support the movement to stop using the word “race” and start using the word “pigmentation”. There is no such thing as race among humans, and since pigmentation is about as relevant as height, what does that leave us? It leaves us an end to political manipulation by division and perceived victimhood.

  4. BJ Williams  •  Jan 17, 2015 at 9:35 am

    This labeling originated a long time ago in Latin America, where Columbus Day is marked as “Dia de la Raza” (Day of the Race). The term stems from the mixing of European and Native American bloodlines to form a new mixed (mestizo) “race”. It’s not a manipulative lie, but an attempt to deal with the meeting and mixing of cultures and bloodlines from the Old and New Worlds.

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