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Secrets of the Suicide Explosion

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New statistics show a disturbing, unexpected milestone: for the first time, more Americans died of suicide than traffic accidents. Among baby boomers, suicide soared at unprecedented rates: up 50 percent for males in just 20 years, with the middle-aged replacing teens and the elderly as most likely to kill themselves.

In terms of gun deaths, Americans are nearly twice as likely to die by their own hand than in murderous assaults by others. Dealing with this problem demands more attention to mental health issues – not more firearm regulations. Though official analysis never raised the issue, it’s also appropriate to question current drives for “assisted suicide.” If major segments of society seek to remove the stigma from taking your own life, it’s not surprising that more people – especially fashionable baby boomers – seize that dreadful choice.

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  1. Keith Boe  •  May 24, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    As American society has grown more Darwinist (the nothingness and mistake of life) and has lost it’s Christian/religious roots that this would be expected, along with suicide via mass murder. How sad and tragic.

  2. Mike Warden  •  May 26, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    A fact that has disappeared over the last few years is that the number of “baby boomers” who have been laid off is rising. As companies looked at ways to cut their costs, they found that laying off older workers was good way to reduce their payroll and benefits costs. The fact that many of these older workers had earned higher incomes and accrued benefits like both their vacation time and sick leave caused companies to target them more.

    Of course, many of these “baby boomers” were in their peak earning years, readying for a future retirement, and had dedicated most of their career to often even one or two firms. This “loyalty” was rewarded with downsizing, and thus often displacing them in trying to now compete with younger people for the same limited number of jobs.

    Having gone through this scenario, I know how discouraging and depressing it is to folks. Your sense of personal identity from your work and accomplishments becomes destroyed. Could this be a major factor into help spur this increase in suicide? I would not at all be surprised. Luckily, with the help of anti-depressants, I was never tempeted to do this.

    • Glenda Webb  •  May 27, 2013 at 7:05 am

      Ironic that you say you’re taking anti-depressants because that seems to be THE common link in the high-profile cases of murder and murder/suicide. Almost without exception, these people were either on or coming off of some sort of anti-depressant medication or psychotropic drug.

    • JGUY  •  Jun 4, 2013 at 6:24 am

      So your an aging BabyBoomer…..Lose your job due to computerization or your society shipping work to the country you were tasked against if you were in the military…that being
      China. You lose your health care benefit along with your job at the time of life when you
      will be needing care. The mass of your society seems adament to internetize….thus big-brotherize EVERYTHING. In this scenerio suicide seems like a possible plus. If you, like me,
      have a pretty stable job and like many highend entertainer talk show personalities, have
      been financiallyl successful then suicide would seem less than sane. All depends on your
      position in life in my opinion.

  3. Exogenous  •  May 31, 2013 at 6:09 am

    “Assisted Suicide” involves elderly people with painful terminal illnesses, a convenient “boogeyman” Michael wants to blame instead the real causes, one of which Mike above mentions. Conservative social-darwinist economics equals plutocracy & is highly arbitrary: win the Powerball lottery, you’ll pay some taxes. But if you’re lucky enough to be a Walmart Heir, no taxes! (the tax burden is shifted to the rest of us who didn’t win the hereditary lottery). And you’ll never hear the word “marginal tax rate” when Michael talks about the rate the rich pay (I’ve talked to low-income Medheads at church meetings who think the rich pay that high rate on the whole income!) Michael competes ably, but he doesn’t worry about being outsourced or being replaced by an illegal immigrant work crew with an English speaking foreman which drives down wages & helps reduce any social restraint on the Gordon Gekkos in charge, who only care about the “greatest country on God’s green earth” as it affects their self-absorbed interests. It’s actually WHITE middle-age men who are most likely to end it all, probably because they are highly informed & no longer have any illusions about the system and how expendable they are. The US is ranked 6th in the latest happiness ratings — behind “socialist” European countries, where Satan, not God is supposed to be in charge.

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