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Liberal activists in Seattle have persuaded a city council majority to establish “Indigenous Peoples Day” to replace the Columbus Day holiday. At the same time, local columnist Kelton Sears hopes to change the state flag to remove the image of George Washington at its center, because Washington owned slaves and once fought Indians.


When he was a guest on my radio show, I made the point that the Father of our country arranged to free his slaves upon his death and fought those Indians who joined the French in efforts to wipe out English settlements during the French and Indian War. Most importantly, Sears couldn’t answer how an impoverished child on a reservation, or an abused, poorly- educated black teen in the inner city, would benefit from silly symbolic strikes against long-dead heroes.


Though progressives claim they want to inspire hope, their real aim is imposing guilt – and re-enforcing a sense of grudge and victimhood.

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  1. Raymond Takashi Swenson  •  Sep 14, 2014 at 1:08 am

    In the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, there is a monument to George Washington’s positive relations with many Indian tribes, dating to his time as a young surveyor on the Ohio frontier. Even his Indian opponents respected him because of his courage in battle. People who presume to pass judgment on him two hundred years later are exposing their own egomania, which should be condemned.

    As Thomas Flexner said in hius biography of Washington, he was the “Indispensable Man”. Without his personal character, skills and resources, the Revolutionary War would have been quickly lost, and America a victim of the colonialism and imperialism which progressives so fundamentally condemn.

    • American  •  Sep 14, 2014 at 4:56 pm

      It’s amazing how rapid the decline of Western Civilization is occurring under the oversight of the regressive left. In Sweden, for example, merely sharing the complete history of Islam will land one in jail.

      For example, if an educator dares to share the historical fact that 150 million Africans were enslaved by Muslims and that most of the male population of the close to 30 million African slaves transported to the Middle East were castrated which is why there are so few Africans in Islamic Middle Eastern countries today despite so many of them transported there.

      That’s just an example but it serves the purpose of this discussion. If a public educator were to explain that historical fact in a leftist country like Sweden; they would be fired and imprisoned. A private citizen would be jailed.

      The truth isn’t important to the left, their ideology is and they will use the government as an instrument of persecution against anyone who fails to align with it if they possibly can.

      Calling a liberal progressive is as mistaken as calling Hitler a Christian, but the left fail on both accounts.

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