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The Conservative Losing Streak: In Perspective

Conservatives feel understandably discouraged by the dismal results of November’s elections, but we ought to put our recent presidential losing streak in perspective.

It’s true that Republicans lost the popular vote in five of the last six contests for the White House, but in the previous six elections – 1968 through 1988 –they won five out of six. What’s more, in the six recent elections where Republican presidential nominees fared badly, the GOP won the House of Representatives most of the time – capturing four out of six contests. But during the earlier Republican White House winning streak, the GOP didn’t win the House even once—going 0-for-six in that Congressional battle.

What this means is that for 50 years, the American people didn’t choose liberalism, or conservatism. For better or worse, they’ve been selecting divided government.

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  1. From: Joe   On: December 11, 2012

    Yes, but the seniors who put Republicans in the White House 1968-1988 are dying out (literally, sad to say). This was “The Greatest Generation” that voted these Republicans into office. That was a generation with a moral compus. They grew up in households with two parents and attended schools that started the day with prayer. Those days are gone and the conservative majority along with it. It makes me sad (and scared) for the future of this country. The inmates are running the asylum!

    • From: Iron Sights   On: December 16, 2012

      Absolutely spot on. Our biggest problem in America is not the economy, joblesness, or ongoing war. Those things are much more easily fixed than our real problem which is our sick society and the willingness, of what now appears to be a majority, to accept social pathology as the norm.

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