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The End of “Land for Peace”

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The current conflict in Gaza should put an end, once and for all, to western pressure for “land for peace” negotiations in the Middle East. In 2005, the Israeli government withdrew all security forces, as well as forcibly removing 9,000 Jewish residents, to give Palestinians exclusive control of Gaza.


The world hoped that in ruling this enclave, Palestinians would make progress toward building their own viable, peaceful state. Instead, rocket attacks began immediately – with more than 8,000 strikes against Israeli civilians. Instead of encouraging cooperation, Israeli concessions encouraged more terror. The same sort of Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank would similarly lead to more violence, not less.


Before the conclusion of the new round of Gaza fighting, the international community must guarantee that Hamas killers will never again be allowed to launch unprovoked, random, deadly attacks against their neighbors.

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  1. Wanda Barrett  •  Dec 8, 2012 at 10:50 am

    I agree; God gave Israel to the descendants of Jacob, whose name
    was changed to Israel by God. Because of their idolatry, refusing to
    “Worship the Lord your God and Him only shalt thou serve” God allowed Assyria to take the Northern Kingdom into their country in
    captivity, and then after Babylonia conquered the Assyrians, they
    took Judah and Benjamin (called Judah) into captivity for 70 years.
    In 536 AD, God moved Cyrus ( the Mede) to let all captives go free,
    as God promised through Isaiah the prophet. According to the Old
    Testament, representatives from each tribe returned to Jerusalem.
    God restored the nation, as He said he would .

    There are 23 Arab countries for the descendants of Ishmael (half-brother of Israel) to live in; they have no claim to any part of Israel.
    God has promised to bless the nations and people who bless Israel;
    those who do not recognize the nation as the God-established
    nation it is will be judged by God. Currently, USA is on a slippery slope
    — wavering between partial support for Israel and full support of
    the Palestinans.

    God has grafted the Christians into the Jewish nation — see
    Romans 9-11. God has not replaced Israel and made USA the
    favored nation. Our treatment of Israel will determine our future.

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