The Wrong Argument for Immigration Reform

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Republicans make a terrible mistake when they argue for immigration reform as a matter of GOP survival. First, it’s questionable that support for a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants will automatically win support from Hispanic voters, though it’s undeniably true that past anti-immigrant rhetoric from some conservatives has damaged the party with Latinos.

But it would damage the party even more if Republicans changed positions solely out of political expediency. The reason to back immigration reform is that it’s right – and necessary – not that it’s necessarily good politics.

As the party of Americanization – uniting people on values, not dividing them by race– Republicans should recognize that you can’t expect undocumented residents to embrace American identity if they’re blocked from ever gaining legal status. It should never be easy to earn citizenship, but it shouldn’t be impossible either.

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  1. Jesse Boykin  •  Feb 1, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Amnesty is the right thing to do. By the U.S. not sealing its border with Mexico and previous policy that allowed amnesty, the U.S. became an attractive nuisance attracting the downtrodden from Mexico. Put up Israeli styled fencing sealing the border and do the right thing, provide all illegal aliens with a path to citizenship, and leave their kids alone!

    • John D. Fiat  •  Jun 2, 2013 at 6:08 pm

      Huh? So you are one of those people that say “we can’t split up their families!” I say, why not? The illegal immigrants themselves are the ones that left their original family in Mexico (Guatemala, etc.) in the first place. And how about when judges sentence criminal parents (citizens or not) to lengthy prison stays? Are they not splitting up their families too? Sure they are. But in the United States we assume that getting a murderer (or other dangerous criminal) off the streets is more important than worrying about his children missing him (and his great parenting skills, lol). And being that half of these parasites will end up in jail anyway (probably 90% if they were all caught committing their crimes), what’s the difference between an immigration judge splitting up their families and a criminal judge doing it? There is only one major difference. Money. If we have to house the criminals in prison here it’s going to be much more expensive for the U.S. taxpayer. Plus, we need to end birthright citizenship because it is the root of the illegal immigrant problem. And to get rid of a weed you need to get it by the root! But you are right about one thing, we should leave their kids alone. Alone in Mexico where they’re not our problem!

    • Luke  •  Aug 17, 2016 at 9:37 am

      Amnesty is out of the question. We currently have a chain immigration policy (vs. skills based). Between 11-30 million people (mostly poor, uneducated, unskilled, non-English speaking) will be able to bring an exponential number of the same. This is a disastrous economic and social solution that will change this country forever.

  2. leesmith  •  Feb 1, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    What Medved does not get is that the Democrats don’t need a deal. The Republicans, on the other hand, especially the consultant class, and the frightened congressmen, have made it very clear that they are desparate for a deal. The President and the Dems know that if immigration reform fails, for any reason, the Republicans are going to get the blame. The Republican elites are terrified of that possibility and the Dems know it.
    The Dems will never agree to strict border enforcement first because they don’t believe in it. They see it as a racist attempt to keep Mexican people from coming here.
    They will never agree to a long road to citizenship because the very reason they want those people here is because they see them as a large, reliable source of Democratic votes. I can’t believe Medved is so simple minded that he does not see this.
    If there is a bill, it will include what the Democrats want it to include. Anything else will be a ruse intended to fool the Republican base.

  3. JGUY  •  Feb 6, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    Immigration dilemma will never be solved in a “fair” manner. The children of illegals who were allowed to stay by the President were spared because as the President said it is “the right thing
    to do.” It was not the “legal” thing to do…..since they are not legal citizens but punishing them
    due to the illegalities of the parents could cause one to ask whether a convicted murderer should
    have his children in the next cell… I dont believe I could force people to stay in an impoverished situation if they are willing to strive for a better place in life….BUT they should not be
    afforded all of the benefits of those who have paid into the system for a lifetime…we need King Solomon….

  4. Paul Hackett  •  Feb 6, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    Michael has been taking the low road on illegal immigration since at least 2003, and it’s especially unbecoming of a “conservative” talk show host to completely sell-out on the Rule of Law.

    Michael, if we made eVerify the law, 75% of the problem would be solved. Yes, a wall on the Messican/American border would be nice, but actually proactively enforcing the existing immigration laws would even be better. I know that’s hard to do when politicians, celebrities and now “conservative” talk show hosts corrupt the immigration laws and pressure law enforcement to leave the problem alone and to let grow and fester to the point where everybody throws up their hands every 25 years and says, “OK, give the millions of them an amnesty” and maybe a few more of these poor, Latino immigrants will vote Republican, despite the fact that they never did since 1986, the first great amnesty. And at least 1/2 the nation seems to take an uneducated and illogical stance that the illegals are basically good people, except for the fact that they broke at least 3 federal laws by being here w/o a visa, working w/o authorization and stealing somebody’s Social Security number to do so, and they completely disrespect our otherwise orderly and law-abiding society.

    Let me ask y’all about the “right thing to do”. If “undocumented” immigrants don’t really need to follow the law, and don’t need passports, visas, American consulates, ports of entry, borders, etc. Then why does anybody else need to follow those traditions and customs? Why do we even need those institutions at all? What is the point in requesting that American citizens follow the Rule of Law when 11 million illegal aliens do NOT? Why do Consulates bother interviewing foreign national visa applicants to see who is “qualified” to enter the US with a visa, when after xx number of years, all the illegals will be granted residency and later citizenship anyway?

    I know these are tough questions for such an intelligent, fair and compassionate “conservative” person like yourself, Michael, but please give me the honor of trying to take a stab at an answer to a few of these questions, because as you can tell, I’m a little perplexed at your position on this issue.

  5. Esus  •  Apr 22, 2013 at 2:35 am

    11 millions will be 44 millions or more on few years when they ask for theirs relatives if they got residence or citizen.
    And will increase crime on boarder with Mexico.
    Good message for illegal emigration is no way to get citizen if cross boarder, illegal
    If They wants to works! ok,, give them permit card to work only and able to come back visiting theirs families. With regulations
    Increase facilities to actual citizen families to bring relatives to USA. Legal that’s a good vote.

    No more immigration reform needed.

  6. John D. Fiat  •  Jun 2, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    Medved, like most Israel-firsters, is a fake conservative and a die-hard Neocon. And he was put in this position in order to trick real American conservatives into buying the globalist agenda. And the proof of this is in this article’s second sentence. Let’s see if any of you can spot it. “First, it’s questionable that support for a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants will automatically win support from Hispanic voters, though it’s undeniably true that past anti-immigrant rhetoric from some conservatives has damaged the party with Latinos. ” Did you catch it? Well, in case you didn’t, here are the three words of concern, “anti-immigrant rhetoric.” Now I ask you people, does this sound like an independent minded conservative speaking or a common MSM headline that insinuates (lies) Republicans are all anti-immigrant when most of them are merely anti-illegal immigrant? (If your IQ is above 80, you’ve no doubt chosen the latter). Medved’s quote also insinuates that the opponents of comprehensive immigration reform (i.e. immigration transform) are just spewing rhetoric while its proponents are speaking logically. Nice try, Deadhead. I’m not buying it!

  7. Caleb Rawls  •  Feb 4, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    I wonder what Michael thinks of the new study by Phyllis Schlafly. Does Michael care that immigration is going to destroy the conservative movement unless we cut it back significantly and soon? Race is irrelevant. Asians are more liberal than Latinos. The study shows ALL immigrants bring the liberal views of their native country with them. Immigration in general is going to make the nanny state permanently larger than the private sector, and the Democrats will run everything. The Supreme Court will be full of ultra liberals. Unlimited abortion on demand will be the law everywhere. Gays will be legally married in every state with polygamy close behind. The top tax rates will be 70% and up. The EPA will shut down the coal industry. Single payer will quickly follow the collapse of the health insurance industry. I could go on and on, of course, but I just wonder if any of this makes the righteous Michael think twice about what is actually “the right thing.”

  8. Zoe  •  Jun 29, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    Don’t forget the 11 million number is a gross UNDER estimate from over a decade ago. It is likely 2-3 times that now. Amnesty will give Democrats a permanent hold on all 3 branches. Some of the worst decisions in history are made by people thinking they are “being nice” or “doing the right thing” with no thought to unintended consequences.
    Our country will be altered and economically crippled.
    Robert Rector and Jeff Sessions should be on the news and conservative talk radio educating people.

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