Trouble with the Youth Vote

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Republicans have begun to pay serious attention to the party’s problems with black, Latino and Asian voters, but the GOP also performs miserably with young Americans.

Recent polling shows Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump by nearly three-to-one among voters under 35, but this youth vote preference for Democrats is nothing new. Obama crushed both Romney and McCain by similar margins; in fact, without his lopsided victory among under 35’s, Obama would have lost his bid for re-election.

It’s crucial to the party’s survival and future success that Republicans begin fighting more effectively for young people, emphasizing issues and attitudes that can appeal to them. Younger candidates might actually help: in six out of the last seven presidential contests, the GOP nominee has been older than his Democratic rival. The only exception came in 2004, with George W. Bush two years younger than John Kerry. Coincidentally, that was the only race since 1988 in which the Republican actually won a popular vote majority.

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  1. Robert kessin  •  Aug 26, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    Thanx for calling out trump unfit for the oval office jews are like canaries in the coal mines.we can smell a Persian Hayden way in advanced

  2. Jim Bird  •  Aug 27, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Just give them more free stuff and double the youth and millennial welfare checks.
    That's a good start. Then do TED Talks on how to scam workman's comp claims in order to get on that money train. Oh, since illegals don't cause crime now and have 99% of blue collar jobs, open all borders and move another 40 million into the white collar jobs. Pay them $10 per hour. No vetting, no taxes, off the grid, is that cool or what.

    Had not listened to Michael in weeks but only took about 12 minutes to hear him say "….. I don't think America will be in dire trouble if Clinton is elected…" Something about we always bounce back, no specifics that I could understand. I literally have not seen one Republican on cable anywhere in weeks!!! Did Ryan do a platform speech? Did he resign or something? Is it recess time? Even the good ones are silent! Maybe they've already abandoned DC?

    So we will be OK with Killary? Will 4 new Supreme Court justices be strong constitutionalists? Of course, be happy, don't worry. We lose the Senate too in a couple of months. Do you think think the GOP will come back inside from recess? We have a deficit that will never be fixed because the GOP won't shut down govt. for a day because of not wanting to look bad. So Michael, how long does it take when your bouncing checks/printing paper, before the economy collapses? Just wondering when do my welfare checks, social security checks et al, stop coming?

    • Rick  •  Aug 28, 2016 at 2:42 pm

      I hear ya, Jim! All we have to do to win the youth vote is put up a Democrat for a candidate (which we just did)!
      Maybe it is denial, but I don't just can't see this election happening between Trump and The Whore…

  3. Don  •  Sep 2, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    The issue is we have a nation of pajama boys and millenials who have been shielded from reality into their tweens, yet they can vote at 18.
    So for 6 to 10 years these uninformed, unworldly children with zero life experience and no like skills and no skin in the game can vote for whomever sounds the coolest.
    Once they start having to work for a living and feed a kid or two, then my oh my do their eyes open.

  4. Pat Allen  •  Sep 5, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    The republican message of opportunity, work hard, get married, live ethically, save your money, etc. doesn't sit well with those who expect government to give them everything. The young are a product of an education system that is all democrat all the time. Minority communities want free stuff from government and illegal's want free education, welfare and then citizenship. If you watched one of the democrat party debates you know they can't give away other people's money fast enough and don't care about the deficit, taxes, or any other fiscally prudent approach to governing.

    I honestly don't think the majority of the electorate that supports the democrats are smart enough to realize that the democrat give away program will destroy this country eventually – or alternatively they do understand and don't care or want to destroy our country. It is so easy to be a democrat, just promise everything to everybody, don't worry about how to pay for it and then once you are elected do whatever you want for the first year or two, then revert back to your give everybody everything campaign approach, and by the time of the election everybody will have forgotten the first 2 years.

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