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When Political Correctness Tops Personal Decency

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The New York Times recently reported on allegations of shameless sexual harassment by Oscar-winning movie mogul Harvey Weinstein from dozens of young women, with expensive settlements paid out to at least eight of them.

In his bizarre response, Weinstein acknowledged that he “caused a lot of pain” and planned to temporarily step back from corporate power in order to concentrate on therapy. He also promised to compensate for his wrong-doing and “channel that anger” by launching a major campaign against the NRA, while pledging “to make a movie about our president” in order to force Trump’s retirement.

In other words, the guilt-ridden executive hoped for redemption by bashing political opponents rather than improving himself, implying that however badly he behaved, conservatives are worse. He thereby embraced the classic leftist fantasy: that political correctness matters more than destructive personal behavior, no matter how loathsome.

Emphasizing public posturing above private conduct can’t deliver either personal happiness or societal decency.

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  1. Ty  •  Oct 11, 2017 at 12:33 am

    The bigger lesson here is that people in positions of power that have direct influence over people with much less of it can and do often abuse their power.

    -Bill Clinton
    -Bill Oreilly
    -Roger Ailes
    -This insane lady that shall not be named –

    Power dynamics, influence, people on the receiving end with less wealth and influence agency to easily say no lest their future be put in jeopardy. With the exception of Bill Clinton on my little list above, none of those (at least at the time in the case of Trump) had any relationship to being involved with government.

    Example number 872 for "short bus" conservatives who want to lay all the problems and flaws of the universe as being sourced from government. This failure is not a function of government, it's a function of flawed human beings.

    The left was not wrong to be concerned over power dynamics, even if they have at times gone too far.

    • Rizzo  •  Oct 11, 2017 at 8:18 pm

      Yes Ty, "flawed humans", that need to be LIMITED, not given TOTAL, CONSOLIDATED POWER.

      Perhaps, one day, your synapses will start firing off, and you will FINALLY GET IT!

    • Mike  •  Oct 13, 2017 at 10:46 pm


      As soon as humans assume power they are tempted to abuse it; often with good intentions mixed with lust for power. After all it's not for them but for others that they exercise their power. Power and it's inevitable abuse, is how some people see their calling, how they can right the wrongs of this world.

      Power holders find it is almost impossible to resist the desire to help some people by abusing/coercing other people.

      That goes for private sector and government.

      Both the government and private sector are intended to be limited by the constitution (law) and citizenry which is knowledgeable about and committed to principles of individual freedom and liberty as spelled out in The Constitution, as clearly stated in The Declaration of Independence.
      Law can't do it all.

      Government (the people who run it) by its nature assumes more and more power unto itself, gathering momentum, increasing power, consolidating it as Rizzo states, by appeal to those who vote by offering them more from the government.

      The government has nothing to give but what it takes from citizens.

      Thus the traditional American/conservative distrust of government and the determination to limit government power.

      It really comes down to how much you believe in freedom/liberty.

      • Rizzo  •  Oct 14, 2017 at 7:49 am

        Amen Mike!

      • Ty  •  Oct 14, 2017 at 1:26 pm

        "Power holders find it is almost impossible to resist the desire to help some people by abusing/coercing other people.
        That goes for private sector and government."

        And this here is where conservatives fall down. You say it goes for the private sector and government, but conservatives direct most of their fears to government. Worse than that, if there is evidence of private sector abuse and they weight that against a public sector government intervention that could help fix that particular abuse, they ignore ANY harm caused by the private sector abuse, and view the government intervention as this Holy Evil to be avoided at all cost.

        You talk about conservative distrust of government, if ONLY that was all we had to deal with. It comes across more like a hatred for government. I see government as a tool (often a coercive tool) that can be used for good or ill. Sometimes, it is a GOOD THING to use STATE coercion to mold the behavior of flawed men, restrict their freedoms, punish them for stepping outside the lines. Conservatives implicitly understand this for things like restrictions on drunk driving, it's not JUST getting into an accident that is the issue, because we KNOW the deleterious effects of being intoxicated on driving ability and the downstream harms it can cause, we RESTRICT the freedom of men using the power of the state, and most conservatives are OK with using state power, but for some reason, you make a credible case in any other sphere, like healthcare policy or economic policy, and conservatives go into this trench warfare defense mode where government is not merely a tool that can be wielded for good or ill, it's a Prime EVIL×800-movie-wallpaper.jpg

        that will lead to enslavement and the inevitable descent into some gulag by giving an inch. Totally deranged and unbalanced reaction. It comes to a point where too many conservatives don't even NEED to hear the pros and cons of some government intervention, like they might have in the past for implementing restrictions on drunk driving, oh no. They hear the tool of government is involved and shut down all thought. This is a broken reaction, an unhealthy reaction. It elevates what one is opposed to, more government, above all other concerns. And the worst part of all, SOMETIMES wielding that coercive tool of government makes society BETTER. Always? Of course not, but no one ever SAID it always does, aside from Rizzo that needs to LIE about liberals to make a point.

        When a liberal makes a perfectly credible point about private markets for healthcare not being as viable as other goods, they shut down. They will point to plastic surgery costs being relatively low (it's elective, not mandatory), or Vet costs (first, those are rising as the ability to save animals is increasing and their value to families grows, but letting Fido die instead of paying several thousand dollars to save his life is MUCH more tolerable than allowing Aunt May to die because you want to save even 10 grand or more.)

        None of these points matter, in one ear and out the other, more freedom, more markets, let's sell across state lines, let's do tort reform. Their entire UNIVERSE of policy tools is a crippled mess because they have SHUT OFF one of the levers to craft solutions they have to pull.

      • Rizzo  •  Oct 14, 2017 at 3:55 pm

        Moron, "state coercion to mold flawed men"? Are you insane? The very state, in which you place 100% of your undying faith" are FLAWED MEN, with UNLIMITED POWER. Private business is held to much higher standards, and are FAR MORE ACCOUNTABLE than politicians. Example, and there are literally 1000's: Bernie Madoff… Jail. Social Security… Still Ponzi Schemeing all day, every day!

  2. Jim Bird  •  Oct 11, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Ref: Speaking of scumbags
    Not you Ty, you're an illiterate boob

    So I turn on the car radio and catch the last couple of minutes of Michael's show, something I rarely do anymore. An author saying his new book explains why the new heated rhetoric by the White House has caused every day folks to no longer talk or even associate any longer divided by Party lines. His book is reaching-across-the-aisle stuff to create a new harmony of bipartisanship for all Americans. Michael's in total agreement. So to my utter amazement, the author is Van Jones. The same Van Jones (Obama's "Green Czar") whose vile and vicious harangue about all Republicans are racist and love murdering poor people, etc., got him fired by Obama(!!!!!!) late one Saturday night. He's an avowed Communist I think, definitely an anarchist thug that Michael's making nice with.

    McCain, Murkowsky, Collins, Senate leadership and now Corker and might as well add Michael's name to the list. You guys will overthrow Trump and screw the little guy, the tax payer whose been devistated by your ilk.

    I guess you call this winning. Do you really think the American people are totally stupid – keep reading your Gallup polls Michael, and Oh I almost forgot, please reach across the aisle to Pelosi and discuss the new and progressive Sanctuary State of California for 2.3 million who are not subject to felonies but get to vote several times every Election Day which they've been doing for years. Get McConnell, Schumer and Ryan on too for a real chucklefest of bipartisan talking heads. That's what I call progressive compromise.

  3. Rachel Robinson  •  Oct 13, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    So he is going t cure his sexual harassment with political harassment!
    I prefer his old sickness to the "cure".

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