Why Do We Favor the Candidates We Hate Most?

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Major polls seem to agree that the two most unpopular politicians in the country are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but (unless something changes quickly) the public may be forced to choose between these reviled figures in the November election.

The latest Wall Street Journal poll shows 49 percent of Americans holding “strongly negative” views of Mr. Trump—with only 11 percent who felt “strongly positive.” In other words, by a ratio of nearly five to one, more people hate him than love him.

Secretary Clinton did only slightly better—with 17 percent strongly positive, and 39 percent strongly negative. The lesson is that the current system of primaries and caucuses does a lousy job of picking candidates who can unite the country and restore public confidence. After this nasty and exhausting campaign, leaders of both parties should come together to rethink the entire process—making it shorter, more focused on issues, and less dominated by polarization, showmanship and boisterous brawling in the style of professional wrestling.

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  1. Ted  •  Feb 26, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    It's tragic and mythological for the GOP this year… If anyone understands Greek mythology, Trump is "nemesis" come to exact revenge for the years of "hubris" under the presidency of George W, as well as drunk John Boener's congress. From the start of Goldwater's campaign, the dream was to have conservatives take not only the presidency, but the Congress as well. After years of fighting, grass roots conservatives handed that dream to George W Bush and he squandered it through overspending, Medicare part D, No Child Left Behind, banker bailouts and bonuses aka socialism for the rich, and betting the entire conservative project to enact a lasting difference in America on an utterly stupid and naive neocon pipe dream that if we overthrew a secular dictatorship in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 (aka Iraq), shoots of democracy would ultimately spread like wildfire across the the middle east and the region would ultimately choose the liberty they longed for over 7th century religious extremism or terrorism… oh, and by the way, oil revenues would pay for it all and cost us nothing, so just keep on shopping and running up those credit cards boys and girls. Never once in the last 12 years had they heeded the warnings. It's easy to be a liberal because all you have to to is promise people free stuff on other people's dime. So just keep blaming Obama for being a scorpion acting like he supposed to be. Never ask if we're called to be different. The Dems give handouts, the Republicans give banker bailouts, and the middle class gets the bill. If we run out of money, just print more, but never, never ask what that little man behind the curtain at the Fed is doing to help his buddies on Wall Street.

    It wasn't enough that an amateur idiot like Obama got elected, the brain trust of the GOP kept right on ignoring middle America's concerns, a middle America that is now financially distressed, war weary from seeing their sons come home to cr@ppy care and no jobs while the think tank Rambos in their comfortable DC offices plot more wars in Libya, Syria (which the people fought back against a couple years ago, stopping Obama's bombing) and now even Russia.. cause we all know even though Napoleon and Hitler could not conquer Russia, the Blanche Dubois of the US Senate, screeching Lindsey Graham, would plant a NATO flag in Moscow if senile, Insane McCain didn't push the button first… No, not stagnating or falling wages , not seeing its factories being siphoned off to third world countries while the third world floods their schools and turns them into a tower of babel (which concerns American born Hispanics as well to the shock of the GOP as 46% of Hispanics went to Trump in NV), not tradtional, localized ways of life giving way to corporate bottom line results, a culture of the lowest common denominator mentality, an economy of production lost to mere consumption financed by debt, manufacturing lost to Wall street paper trading as the economic engine of growth, not two failed presidential campaigns by McCain and Romney or using the Tea Party to get some power back only to ignore the people's concerns once again. Flyover country would turn on talk radio, Fox News, the Weekly Standard and the National Review, right? They did, establishment. They don't trust you anymore. Heed them or scold them, ultimately its their choice and your reaction that matters now.

    So what do they do prior to this election after so many warning signs? Same old same old… raise a bunch of inside money for Jeb Bush and Rubio (basically a latino George W with the ability to string better sentences together, albeit in a practiced, junior high fashion) so they can win the "new American Century." Gee… where did I hear that line before Mr Rubio, did Mr. Kristol make that part of your algorithm? When you lose multiple elections and you see people getting increasingly frustrated, you would think those in charge would look within themselves and ask, "what am I doing wrong?" But they won't. The GOP and all its apparatuses of information are in full denial. 12 years ago, they used middle America's anger at "out of touch elites" to vault themselves to power. Now, just like the elites they are, they scoff at populists as dumb for turning on them.

    Nemesis is here GOP, he just did a Red Wedding slaughter on the House of Bush Game of Thrones style… while a confused Jeb called out for his mommy on the debate stage watching his "birthright" slip away. We may not like Trump, but we must acknowledge him and look within and ask why, what can we do better, what was our role in this mess, and maybe we should come clean and make things anew and right again, with full understanding we must change with the changing times. But alas, me fears those same power brokers will hunker in the bunker and plan a new strategy to maintain some thin veneer of power until the pitchforks get even closer.

    • Stan  •  Mar 2, 2016 at 9:18 pm

      I agree. The alienated party establishment, that cannot pinpoint ONE single conservative thing done by them in the past 8+ years is now screaming at the (growing) base saying "please do not do this to us (we have a good thing going on here)"…

      At this moment – every potential outcome of the current "anti-trump" movement by RNC is detrimental, in a big way, to the Republican party. If they're dead set on stopping trump, they can try – but QUIETLY and AWAY from the media circus – and not advertise party's (structure) disarray. However, I see a big media push for tomorrow's Romney speach circus and few other 2nd string (R) players coming out with righteous whining on CNN and so… So, no good news.

      • Nani  •  Mar 3, 2016 at 8:33 pm

        Why are you commenting when you obviously don't listen to Medved's show. He has constantly challenged the falsehood that Republicans have done nothing. Ask yourself honestly, who has made promises to you? Who has lied? It wasn't the politicians. It was the talk show mafia who told you who to support and how THEIR advice will result in getting this and that done. Michael and many others have flat out told you guys that the promises cannot be kept, that there are certain methods and rules that need to be followed in government but you guys heard what you wanted to hear–then got angry when proven wrong. Geez, haven't you had enough of feeding childish anger? I am sorry but the adults in the GOP, the REAL REPUBLICANS are ready to walk and let you hold your breath forever. This is the presidency, this is serious. It's time to grow up.

      • Jeff  •  Mar 4, 2016 at 12:02 pm

        Ted Cruz and the "talk show mafia" to which Nani refers teamed up on the ridiculous shut down, selling impossible outcomes and breeding inevitable "anger" that Trump, with a new set of impossible promises, is riding now. The facts of vetoes and limitations of the legislative branch all seem to be lost on the "angry" voters, who are the GOP version of "low information voters". Maybe they should watch School House Rock ("I'm Just a Bill").

        The anger is misdirected. The problem is that America re-elected Obama. End of story. And nothing significant is going to happen until a Republican is back in the White House. Nominating Trump will render this goal highly unlikely.

  2. Jim Bird  •  Feb 27, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    Ted, well stated.
    This is exactly what every Republican has been saying for decades but not one inside-the-beltway GOP'er has or will give an inch, let alone listen to a desperate constituency who now has given them the House and Senate. Their gratitude is to squander every voters support for the law, constitution and just common decency by the GOP's incredulous disregard for liberty and their agonizingly never ending support for statism and corruption of the country which is now on it last legs. I'm sure we will be blamed for end of the Republic.

  3. Jim Bird  •  Feb 28, 2016 at 8:45 am

    Ref: PC Apologies
    I'm sorry you had to scrub my original comments about Madame Secretary Clinton, President Obama and the Republican Party. Clearly the lady from Clearwater and I are racists since we are in that rather large red-neck "segment of white America." And it's obviously true that Trump is a direct red headed descendent of Benito. And the Republican Party is not one of cowards, crony capitalists or confused clowns. Most of all Barach and Hillary have only the highest regard for all citizens of the world and stand as shing beacons of Light for hope and change, rule of law, the constitution and the American way.

  4. John Baird  •  Feb 28, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    I was somewhat appalled by your Trump comments on your Friday show. "He looks like Mussolini." Inference that Trump is a fascist. And then follow up with a talk show guest that infers that those who support him are racists. You have been beating the anti-Trump drum for weeks now. Up until recently, I didn't realize what an "establishment" conservative you are. Fear mongering that the Republican Party will come to an end if Trump is the nominee and that Trump can't and won't beat Hillary. Trump is beating every Republican candidate by double digits. I don't see any reason why he won't do the same to Hillary in the general election. He likely have her for breakfast in a head to head debate. It's likely he has so much dirt on her that he will bring out that I'm fairly sure most independents and many centrist Dems will cross over in favor of Trump. I hadn't taken Trump all that seriously until talk show hosts such as you have come out so strongly against Trump. I was a Cruz supporter who has now switched to Trump, thanks to you and Dennis Prager. If you are that threatened by Trump then he must be the right candidate. Thanks again for keeping him so prevalently on everyone's front page. Keep beating that drum.

    • Jason  •  Feb 28, 2016 at 4:04 pm

      Trump will be beat. Badly. The worst part is he's not even moderately conservative. This whole establishment baloney will be what puts Hillary Clinton in the White House. What the hell is the establishment anyway? Anyone who doesn't agree with you 100 percent of the time. Ted Cruz cannot be considered establishment by any stretch and yet conservatives and even evangelicals are going for Trump over him? A man who supports eminent domain, tax increases, and socialized medicine. A man whose lifestyle makes a mockery out of Christianity. Not to mention making promises he can't possibly expect to keep. Are we really going to elect someone because we enjoy watching him insult people??

      • Bruce  •  Mar 1, 2016 at 12:27 pm

        Okay, Jason, let's hear it: Who does the GOP have that CAN beat Hillary? Cruz? Immensely unlikable and possibly a sleaze, given what his campaign's been doing to undercut opponents. Rubio? Too young and inexperienced without a strong track record. Carson or Kasich? Puh-leeeeze. Romney? As dry and inspiring as Adlai Stevenson.

        No surprise that Michael is one of the GOP status quo types going nuts over Trump, who I'm not going to vote for, BTW. I remember when Maria Cantwell unseated Slade Gorton for the U.S. Senate in Washington State and Michael was blaming the Libertarians for siphoning off votes from Gorton instead of affixing the blame where it really belonged: State Pary chair Don Benton held back late funds for Gorton's campaign so the money could be used to buy a building for the party instead. There's something to be said as well for a party that regularly trots out candidates who'll say whatever they feel they have to to get elected, then fail to even try fulfilling their campaign promises because as long as they've got their own power and perks, who cares what the base thinks?

        Blame Trump all you want for what's happening to your party, but he's only a symptom…it's the GOP itself that's causing their own slide into the history books along with the Whigs (ironic when you think of it).

      • Jason  •  Mar 3, 2016 at 10:29 pm

        Who cares if Cruz is unlikeable? Isn't Bozo showing that doesn't matter? He had even higher unfavorables than Hillary and that's saying something. Maybe he can't beat Hillary but at least we'd lose on principle. I'm not a big Rubio fan, but he's certainly more accomplished than Hillary. He at least gives lip service to securing the border. When Hillary beats Trump and takes office, aided by her new Democratic majority in Congress (thanks to the clowns drag on the ticket) and with the full support of the Supreme Court and the new Sonya Sotomayor clone justice she will appoint and the now democratic senate will confirm, it will be open borders for decades.

        BTW I'm not blaming Trump. He's an ass and people shouldn't expect an ass not to act like one. I'm blaming the Trump constituency for embracing him when they had a truly conservative alternative; I'm blaming so called conservative stalwarts such as Limbaugh (who seems to be trying to back away from Trump but can't figure out how to do it without looking like a fool for celebrating him for months) and no talent hack Hannity (who is still trying to make the argument that this sham artist is conservative). I think Limbaugh expected Trump to flame out on his own and was enjoying watching the media and whoever the hell the establishment is, not to mention providing him more ammunition to hurl at the establishment should the GOP lose. Hannity just follows Rush's lead (minus the talent and intellect). I used to be a big Rush fan but this blame the GOP game which he and others spend more time on than blaming the liberals is bad for the party and greatly exaggerated. Not a single Republican supported Obamacare or the Iran deal. The GOP had nothing to do with Obama's illegal executive orders and with a corrupt and liberal Attorney General they were powerless to stop them. The Court did so to some extent but is an unreliable ally with on the fence Kennedy and disappointing Roberts and is even more compromised now with Scalia's passing.
        The bottom line is we don't have a veto proof majority or even a cloture proof level in the senate. We can't shut down the government over everything especially if it is only going to result in a veto. I like and support Senator Cruz but I think this strategy was ill advised. Nothing that liberals care about (welfare, food stamps, education services l, etc.) actually closes. Obama can afford to wait out Republicans and he would, just as a hypothetical (hopefully not hypothetical for long though Trump has almost certainly killed any chance of GOP victory this cycle) President Cruz would and should if democrats pulled the same thing. Yes, I understand Harry Reid blew up senate rules to pass Obanacare through reconciliation but he did so knowing it would succeed with a Democrat president ready to sign it into law. People wanting Republicans to do likewise should understand it would face certain failure with the same democrat president eager to veto, which is in fact what happened recently. I'm not a Boenner fan (too many tears) but the idea that Republicans could have stopped those things is unrealistic and disingenuous.
        I will agree that the GOP is greatly responsible for its own demise. The reason is that the various coalitions within the party are more worried about attacking people with whom they mostly agree with than democrats who they rarely ever agree. And now a segment of the party has decided to throw a tantrum and try to nominate someone who can't win and is closer to a democrat than a republican and who it appears was lying all along about his commitment to immigration. Whether they succeed or not at this point we are all losers and I'm not just talking about the Republican Party.

  5. Jay Clark  •  Feb 28, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    I contend that there is no candidate that can unite the population of the U.S. at this time due to the polarized nature of the populace's mindsets. We are deep in the debt mindset and the only way to truly change for the better is to bite the bullet and cut federal spending and probably keep taxes the same or possibly increase them if we cannot rev up the economy. It will take many years to make it work, probably two or three presidents and easily 6 or more congresses. This fact alone leaves me with little hope due to the flat out refusal to cut spending that we've seen in the last 15 years. We have one party that absolutely revels in spending more and more and another that says they want to be responsible but can't seem to bring themselves to do it. The end result is the same…more and more debt-fueled spending. This has nothing to do with picking the right candidate. The problem is much deeper than that and requires 60% fiscal conservatives in both houses and I just don't see that happening. Anything short of that will simply be more rhetoric as we speed to the economic disaster that is inevitable on our current path. Then everyone's hurting and anyone with a mind to help their neighbor won't be able to do it with money because they won't have any.

    • Jason  •  Feb 28, 2016 at 6:33 pm

      If we don't stop Hillary we will lose the Supreme Court, and with it significant rights under the first and second amendment. Not to mention even larger deficits and probably open borders and weaker national security. Ironic isn't it? The idiots supports this blowhard Trump will ultimately end up enabling the election of someone who will do the opposite of what they want in these areas. It absolutely matters what candidate we choose. You're right we are in a mess. We can't afford someone who we know will make things worse.

      • Nani  •  Mar 4, 2016 at 2:03 pm

        Jason, the problem is they hate the GOP more than they love America. Truly. They KNOW Trump has zero chance of winning. They KNOW the MSM go after thin skin Trump like he was Hitler, the devil, and the KKK grand wizard all rolled into one if he is the GOP nominee. They KNOW that SCOTUS nominations ride on this elections, not to mention commander of the world's greatest military.

        They don't care. They want to hurt the GOP even if it means hurting America.

        A very good analogy was made the other day about the commander in the movie "Bridge over the River Kwai" who was willing to work with the enemy to build a bridge that would hurt the alliance to PROVE Western SUPERIORITY. These people are willing to watch America burn to prove how morally superior conservatism is.

        Ironic isn't it, this "moral superiority" that allows one to trade one's decency for ideology?

  6. Jim Bird  •  Feb 29, 2016 at 8:45 am

    Ref: It's a Done Deal
    Trump is the nominee and loses 45 to 50 states in the election.
    The Queen of Peace and Prosperity is coronated.
    Day 1 – Since her virtuous husband gave nukes to N. Korea and the intellectual giant in the White House did the same for Iran, her Highness fulfills Jimma Carter's lifelong dream of giving nukes to Cuba by executive order.
    Day 2 – The Republican Party, being totally irrelevant now, disbands. The Old Guard takes their millions and scurry like cockroaches out of DC before someone turns on the light in the kitchen.
    Day 3 – The remnants and refugees of the Grand Old Party crawl out of their bunkers to an unrecognized Brand New World. They immediately put on their "happy warrior" faces and with vim and vigor and new ideas and strategies and new stuff and more new stuff, they develope an 8-year plan (if the civil society still exists by then) to (wait for it!) rename the Party. Hot dog!
    I'm ecstatic right now! How about these offerings: GOP (Gaveup On Principle) or GYP (Gaveup Your Party) or GIMP (Grand ILL Majority Party) or HACUP (Hope And Change United Party) or SOL (Silence Of the Losers) – isn't this fun, we'll have 8 years!
    Bottom line – Any way you calculate it, the GOP is s-o-l.

  7. Harvey Homan  •  Feb 29, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    I agree with Jim: It's time to batten down the hatches and watch the country go down in flames. I cry every night for my children and grandchildren.

  8. Jim Bird  •  Feb 29, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    Ref: Bad Moon Rising

  9. American  •  Mar 1, 2016 at 12:05 am

    I can hardly wait to vote for Trump for president. :). Trump 2016!

    • Jim Bird  •  Mar 1, 2016 at 2:43 pm

      If Trump had the slightest chance of winning I would be happy too, but he doesn't and that is too depressing to even think about.

  10. Nani  •  Mar 2, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    There was a very astute column today about the Bridge over the River Kwai and how the British commander was so intent on making the "moral" point of British civility and discipline that he had his men help the enemy rebuild a bridge that would help the enemy win the war. His point was that conservative pundits have spent years trying to push the "moral" points of conservatism that they have created the bridge that will help the enemy win.

    A long time ago, after back and forth discussion on illegal immigration and no real answer as to why "border security" meant only one border and why "law of the land" only applied to Mexicans and not Laura Ingraham who constantly broke traffic laws and didn't feel paying speeding tickets was amnesty, I remember asking a fellow Republican, "It's about race isn't it?"

    I didn't want to accept that. It honestly broke my heart because after 9/11, I embraced the Republican party like an American in a foreign land that had come across people who spoke English: with relief and giddy comradery. Finally! People who got what I was saying and people I could share and learn from.

    Because not all, especially people like Michael Medved, still spoke sense, I tried to tell myself that it was just a few people. Libertarians, who tired of being irrelevant, joined the only viable party and were now PRETENDING to be Republicans, the "base".

    But Trump has made me look again at an unsavory possibility: that the people who claimed to be the "good guys", who believed in God and country, and justice and rights, and BELIEVED in the ability of humanity to build and grow was really nothing more than petty people sitting on their sanctimonious perches. How else does one explain their support of a man that is an unapologetic BULLY?

    They are like that commander who is more intent on showing THEIR SUPERIORITY even if it means giving the other side the ability to destroy everything. The writer wondered if they would ever get their "What have I done?" moment?

    Well, for me, that isn't enough. They can't just walk away. They need to actively fight against the poison that has created the hate and ugliness known as Trump. In order to get any kind of credibility, they need to REJECT the bully, the racism, the destruction that wants so much to destroy the only other viable party that governs. Want a revolution? Remember that not all Revolutions change things for the better. Ask the Russian people. And China. And Cuba.

  11. Nani  •  Mar 2, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    Wow, I went to bed depressed and woke up to TWO great thought changing articles. Another article, written by another friend of Michael's, brought up the idea that it may be time to leave the GOP and create our own party! After years of trying to get out the poisonous nativists and "real" conservatives to leave a party they are constantly unhappy with and want to destroy, WE, the "real" Republicans, should leave and create a party WE can be proud of!

    The "base" can have the party they hate and have no respect for. They can continue to bash "RINOS" and all those they feel are not "conservative enough". The real Republicans can create a party where the base actually likes them; who gets how things are done and what can be done in a country where there are various opinions and ideas and where unity and compromise is NOT a dirty name.

    How simple. If they won't leave, we should.

    • Jim Bird  •  Mar 2, 2016 at 3:07 pm

      There is nothing simple about your convoluted and meandering thoughts about third parties. Maybe you can start the Nani-state Party.

  12. Stan  •  Mar 2, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    Michael, I've heard your (I have to say) rant about Trump today and I'm truly appalled. Trump might be one way or the other, but for me conservatism is impossible without decency and civility. I think that is possible that, just like in the RNC RINOS case, the "establishment" idea has gotten the best of you. As long as you talk like a conservative – you will be heard and listened to, but as you move to furious-pro-establishment-ranting you'll become more and more irrelevant to true conservatives.
    Last note – true conservatives should be and are thankful to Trump for at least exposing the truth about "their own" party and a sad state of GOP. Its out in the open – and it's time we choose: "party" or conservatism.

    • Nani  •  Mar 3, 2016 at 8:19 pm

      The great thing Trump has done is shown us the necessity of Republicans leaving and creating their own party. They should name it the Centralist Party so those who hate and disrespect the GOP can't claim to be their base. And Hannity, Ingraham, Coulter, Tantaros can't pretend to speak for them. They will have to find the revenue from ads and books from REAL conservatives and have influence with REAL conservative politicians that will honestly run under their banner instead of the electable Centralist Party.

      Everyone will then be happy.

  13. Jim Bird  •  Mar 3, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Ref: Tuesday
    Michael is depressed and telling Texans to vote Cruz. The world will sink into some medieval tyrannical state with Hillary. Finally, we think, he understands why the 72% of America is worried about the direction of the country, abuse of power and shredding the constitution daily.
    Ref: Wednesday
    "Why is everyone so angry? Is anger justified? We're better off than our grandparents," says Michael. Warren Buffet will give my grandkids goose eggs made of gold. Really, they won't be fighting jihadists in Western Europe door to door in 9 years when three of them turn 18. Iran won't incinerate Israel. There are a few dozen more concerns the WHO (White House Occupant), who Lords over his Whoville subjects, with iron fist after iron fist with total disregard for anyone except, well WHO do you think. But there's nothing to worry about. The GOP is not the slightest bit concerned – another election without a platform, policy or even a plan. "Raince has a
    Convention to prepare for". Seriously who's in charge of the GOP, the WHO?
    Ref: Last Gasp
    A few questions Michael will never discuss: Why did B. Clinton give the bomb to N. Korea? Why did B. Obama give the bomb to Iran. Why will H. Clinton give the bomb to Cuba? Why is a 30,000 and counting collector of felonies not in prison? Why is the WHO not in prison? And last, but far,far from least, by what authority grants the WHO the right to break the law? Who knows? One thing for sure though, there's absolutely nothing to worry about.

  14. Jim Bird  •  Mar 3, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Ref: RNC Convention
    Just had a brilliant idea for the convention format. Since the Presidential ones are so long and incredibly boring, let us all get this over with in one glorious day. Make it a Monday. 1) Compress all energizer speeches to 10 minutes starting at 6am. 2) Caucus for 15 minutes – I don't know why either? 3) Pick the nominee by drawing straws or rock-paper-scissors. Do this over lunch. 4) Craft period (for making signs – three hours). 5) 4:35pm EST – Nominee gives rousing broken-promises speech – 15 minutes max. 6) Shake hands, wave and ….. that's enough. 7) Everyone is home in time for Monday Night preseason football. It doesn't get any better than that!

  15. Jim Bird  •  Mar 4, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    Ref: The Lost Generation
    So the GOP Party cowards push Romney out the front door into the light and locked it behind him. He tries to apologize (we guess?) for being feckless mice scurrying around in circles inside the Beltway. His plea: "please, please, please vote for us again, you can trust us this time. Stabbing you in the back ten times was a mistake, now we get it, you were worried, right? We thought you were angry or something! We're all good now, OK?"
    We angry worried stupid people, who continued to vote for you, are obviously stupid and don't understand the GOP leadership, that bastion of intellectual prowess and compassion.
    We have given you the easiest election in the history of America to win, but we can't really understand you. It must be our double digit IQ's. We are completely lost and confused. And you guys and gals have just had your ass handed to you on a plate?
    Michael, please apologize to the establishment people, whoever they are, for destroying the GOP. We are simply clueless when it comes to Republican politics. We are truly stupid. We are truly the lost generation.

    • Curt  •  Mar 4, 2016 at 5:04 pm

      They say recognition is the first step to recovery.

  16. Jim Bird  •  Mar 4, 2016 at 10:05 pm

    Ref: End Times
    This is not working out, huh Michael. Forest Gump could beat Hillary but not the GOP. I think I speak for a large segment of Republican voters who for reasons too numerous to list, can no longer take the daily downward spiral of an impotent silent party. Today you blamed talk radio for the anger and continuing frustration we have with the GOP. Words like frustration, anger, worry do not adequately describe my internal demeanor when I'm with my kids, grandkids, family and friends. What are the chances my grandsons will come back from the war maimed or at all. I look in their eyes, talk with them, read to them and play ball. They are totally innocent without the slightest clue as to what awaits them, what a bizarre world that has been created for them.
    The clueless GOP and the indescribable expletives in the other party go about their daily routines chuckling to one another about the "useful idiots" out here in the wastelands who vote for them over and over again. But now it's talk radio's fault that attracks troglodytes by the millions is the cause of all our problems.
    There is no answer for the clueless and the corrupt. They never change. Our last best hope now is for benevolent leaders (I won't use the other word) who will take care of us from cradle to (won't use that word either – you never know what and when the IRS is monitoring).

  17. Clay Kemper  •  Mar 5, 2016 at 10:20 am

    What happens to the money when a candidate withdraws or when there is a surplus at the end of the campaign?

  18. Carmen grosse  •  Apr 28, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Trump is confused yet again.When he bad mouth NATO he is must be thinking of the UN.Now ,that is a useless organization.Anyone suprised he does not Know the difference?

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