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Why Not Separate the Immigration Issues?

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Conservatives who remain dubious over immigration reform often want to separate the issues, emphasizing border security first, with consideration of legalization later. But the political problem is obvious: Democrats won’t agree to reform without a path to legalization, any more than conservatives would agree without enhanced security.

In policy terms, the most effective way to discourage illegal immigration is to make it impossible for unauthorized entrants to get jobs —requiring tougher workplace enforcement and e-verify. But if that means millions who are currently working suddenly leave the workforce, the results would devastate the economy.

We should make it impossible for illegals to hold jobs, but we then need some way the undocumented can earn some sort of legal status to continue working. Separating out any one element of balanced reform would only make the situation worse.

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  1. American  •  Jun 25, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Our politicians don’t care about American jobs or its citizens anymore. Citizenship used to be meaningful and politicians used to work to create jobs. Now they just try to immigrate in 33 million more foreign workers in the worst domestic labor market since the Great Depression solely for voting power. It’s all about special interests, globalism, remaking the U.S. away from the American way, etc… with them. They appear to really hate America.

  2. e  •  Jun 25, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Being a parent of a recently graduated high school student, I find the future for my now adult child bleak. The competition for work is grossly saturated with people. People as in the senior citizens looking to augment their retirement moneys. People as in middle age persons who have been displaced during the recession who will work three jobs to support their families. People, as in college grads looking to begin their careers with huge debt weighing them and their families with a huge mill stone tightly wrapped around their necks. People, as in high school educated, no trade no hope of finding meaningful self sustaining work, and then there’s my daughter freshly graduated from high school with little to no work experience whatsoever. Tell me Michel how wouldn’t the complete expulsion of illegal immigrants not create a vacuum that these people wouldn’t be happy to fill? Tell me how do I explain to my daughter that my generation simply threw away their future so our bosses could make more money while stabbing their employees in the back. That we sold our future so we could help our frenemies across the boarder. Looking the other way while we facilitated their every need while the slipped from farm worker to accounting clerk at the civic level. How do I tell my daughter she will not get that much needed scholarship to pay for school or that she might not even have a job when she graduates. I sorry baby I know you worked your ass off all your life but you might get a job at whole foods. Bring the military home. Set them patrolling the boarder. That’s why we have a military in the first place. Tax the shit out of all money leaving the United States to fund it and fire all those worthless boarder patrol and ins hacks period!!!!!

  3. alfonso rodriguez  •  Jul 10, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    I think that the “Re-Conquest” is well under way and that even if Mexicans cannot ever get their lands back that the U.S. basically stole from them, then at least they will still come here and live and work in the land that was formerly Mexico. If you Gringos do not like it, then you could always go back to where your forefathers came from. Speaking of forefathers, did they come here legally? Did they have “papers” to present to the Native Americans to legally enter this country? Hell no, they did not!! And, what did the gringos do to the Native Americans? They lied to them, killed them, infected them with disease, took their lands, and damn near wiped out the buffalo! You gringos have no right to be here. Why don’t you go back to Europe, or whereever it is that you came from? Either that, or just shut the hell up! I am currently unemployed right now, but am looking for work just like many other Americans. There are jobs out there to be had, but to better the economy, WE, THE PEOPLE, must vote out of office the current losers (Liers) in Washington. The democrat “Libs” are the ones ruining this country!
    I think that the borders (both of them) need to be secured and then an effort should be made to welcome the brightest minds of the whole planet to come and work in this country. A quicker way needs to be adopted. That is why people, “jump the fence.” They do not want to wait years and years to come and earn some dollars in this, “Greatest country on God’s green earth,” as Michael so aptly puts it. Yes I am American, but my parents came from Mexico. They taught me that the U.S. basically took (stole) California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas from Mexico. This I will never forget. The mistreatment of the Native Americans I will never forget either. But, that is water under the bridge, I guess. What I would like to see is the U.S. and Canada and Mexico combining into one huge country someday.

    • John D. Fiat  •  Jul 15, 2013 at 4:50 am

      Apparently you’ve never heard of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexico lost the Mexican-American war and sold the land. It’s as simple as that! And contrary to popular opinion, California was only owned by Mexico for 25 or so years anyway (The Spanish owned it before that). And I’m sorry to tell you this, but your parents lied to you (although they probably didn’t know it). Illegal aliens are coming here because it’s not Mexico, not because it once was. If the U.S. states that used to be parts of Mexico were still Mexico, the aliens wouldn’t be coming here because it would just be a sh*thole like the rest of Mexico (no jobs, Third World diseases, horrid murder and rape rates, poorly constructed buildings, roads, and bridges, garbage everywhere, throwing feces in buckets, etc.).

      And I see that you are still here enjoying all of the great inventions of the Gringo. Trains, planes, automobiles, and that computer that you wank on. For without us, most of the world would still be living in mud huts and there wouldn’t even be electricity! And being that we paid Mexico handsomely for the land (that we supposedly stole), give billions of dollars to them in aid every year, and take all of their rejects too, I’d say that the only bill that should be produced on immigration should be a bill for repayment to the United States of America. Furthermore, the NWO will eradicate the Aztecs once they serve their purpose to them (their only using them in an attempt to Divide and Conquer the U.S.). And once they fail, we are taking our country and free world back, and the Beaner gravy train will be over!

      • alfonso rodriguez  •  Aug 23, 2013 at 5:43 pm

        Go back to Europe, gringo!

  4. John D. Fiat  •  Jul 15, 2013 at 5:57 am

    Oh boy, another article of hogwash from our resident Neocon. We should all just cave in to the Aztecs, huh, Medved? Well, that may be easy for you because you are not a real conservative. (Neocons come from the Jewish-Communist wing. Of course you already know that, you just deny it!). But the real conservatives (I’m a Paleo-Conservative myself) will never support amnesty no matter what crap you and the rest of the corporate-controlled media spew out. But we need these Third World rejects to pick our fruit, mow our lawns, and wash our cars, you cry. Uh, no we don’t! Illegal aliens weren’t coming to the U.S. in significant numbers until the 1960’s. And guess what? Before the invasion, the produce still got picked, the cars still got washed, and the lawns still got mowed (and were done better too, I might add). They basically took away our kids’ jobs (You are not supposed to pick fruit until your 65 years old. You are supposed to use it as a stepping stone until you get a real career). I mean, who do you think picked the produce before the industry was taken over by illegal aliens, robots? No, Caucasians. Do we really need slave wage earners who speak bastardized Spanish to do our work? Do we really need to further suppress the wages of formerly good jobs (like construction)? Why do you support such nonsense?

    And the best way to secure the border is not to build a fence or turn into a big brother police state (e-verify), but rather staff it with soldiers on shoot to kill orders. Oh, that’s inhumane, you cry. Really? How? After the first few are shot (and yes, we need to warn them in Spanish first), no more will come. Once we demonstrate that we have the gonads to guard our own country (like any other nation would and your beloved Israel does) we will actually become humanitarians because hundreds of thousands of would-be illegal aliens will no longer die while trying to immigrate here illegally. They often die of heat stroke, starvation, dehydration, rape, and murder. In fact, even a pro-amnestly group stated that 100% of females trying to immigrate here illegally from Mexico are raped (and it’s usually by their own coyotes).

    Have you heard about the illegal alien in California that sold his daughter for beer and steak? Well, look it up because it is absolutely real! Did you know that Mexico has separate buses for men and women? Do you know why? It’s because the women (including female children) were complaining about getting molested and raped everyday on the bus. And if you don’t believe this, then I dare you to look it up, because it was all over the Mexican newspapers (about 10 years ago) and it was even hailed as a crowing achievement for women there. But of course, it’s only available in the heavily populated cities in Mexico. So I guess all of the other poor Mexican women just have to endure the sexual assaults as part of life in Mexico.

    Is this really the culture that you want to welcome in to America? Is the entire American culture worth ruining in order to pick up a (very) few Aztec votes in our next presidential election? And FYI, the votes aren’t counted anyway, they’re only manipulated.

    “Presidents are selected, not elected” – FDR

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